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An Awesome Marijuana Segment on the Today Show

Matt Lauer hosts an interesting discussion of marijuana use among professional women. Seeing marijuana compared favorably to alcohol and coffee on The Today Show is pretty remarkable:

Lauer calls it "the changing face of pot smokers," yet nothing's actually changed except the way the media portrays it. As antiquated "reefer madness" marijuana reporting loses favor in the mainstream press, there emerges a whole world out there of basic facts and simple truths that can suddenly be revealed and discussed. It's progress to be sure, but it's still rather bizarre that marijuana use among intelligent professionals is being treated like breaking news.

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Professional Pot User

I work for an International Airline. I am in Upper Management. I choose cannabis over alcohol. I am a responsible smoker and smoke like one would drink. I only smoke like one would drink, to unwind.
I cannot come out of the closet because I would loose my job of 20 plus years. We are not new Professional Pot Users, its just that with all of the legislation, we are all starting to come out of the closet and make some noise.

Professional Pot User

I would just like to say all the negative about marijuana usually come from people that mostly complain about anything and everything. I am a Life Safety Director for the Fire Alarm industry and been with the same company for over 18yrs, I have been a smoker for just about 20yrs, I've worked on new construction sites for the entire time and never had any confliction with my smoking habits, now I have worked with people that love to drink and their performance after a night in the bar is defiantly lower then if they never went out the night before. To put business people in jail is just wrong they are willing to put a honest man that works, takes care of his family in jail, ruin his life, lose his job, put his family into debt, and not to mention the shame it brings to the rest of his family, then to make it legal like alcohol. We don’t have a government for the people, we have a government that is out for themselves they don’t care what the people have to say and to back up what they do, they drop a couple buildings to the ground, blame a terrorist group, and then blame the Americans for supplying the terrorists by buying marijuana. I think we have our own internal government terrorist organization. It’s funny how every one of the people in this country could stand together for more than a week when great tragedy strikes, but when we all are over run by our own government no one will stand together. This country and government was to be "for the people, by the people, and we the people" but these days we really don’t get to say how we want to live we just let the government tell us how we’re going to live. That’s not the way it was to be. I love my country and would never want to leave it but these days it’s not the land of the free or the U.S.A., it’s more like "the U.S.G." or better known as the united states government, the A. for America or Americans has been taken from us (U.S.). If all the smokers of the United States got together and made a stand the government would have to listen, we are a big percentage of people that actually control how things in our state get done. And as some of the smokers are high up professionals we could actually slow process of everyday life down enough to make the government listen. Look we all know money makes the world go round, so if you think about it, if enough Americans got together and stop the county for just one day don’t you think the government would take such a hit in their pockets that they would want to listen. The only way to get the government to understand is to hit them in the pockets where it hurts. Sorry for writing a book here but I just get so upset to know our great country and our freedom rights have been slowly removed from right in front of us. Things will remain the same though because we can’t bond together for some odd reason. I don’t know if everyone is afraid of what will happen if they come forward, or if we just don’t care enough anymore about how the country turns out. I just hope for our kids, and grandkids sake that somehow some way we take our country back before we loose complete touch with it. One day maybe Americans will stand together and make the government understand we aren’t going to take this lying down no more. Ok well I’m going to leave it at that.
Happy Smokin420

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