Marc Emery is in Jail for His Politics, Not His Pot Seeds

We've been over this before, but as Marc Emery begins his journey through the American criminal justice system, I want to make sure everyone understands exactly why this is happening. It isn't because he sold lots of pot seeds and mailed them to customers in the United States. He did that, but it isn't what got him in trouble. Marc Emery was targeted for his marijuana reform advocacy and former DEA Administrator Karen Tandy even bragged about it:

"Today's arrest of Mark (sic) Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine and the founder of a marijuana legalization group, is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement."

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery's illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on." [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

It's important to remember this and not get caught up on the fact that, ya know, Marc Emery sold massive amounts of marijuana seeds to Americans. This is absolutely not about selling seeds. As Paul Armentano helpfully points out, you can still order marijuana seeds from Canada. Easily.

All we've accomplished is carving out a bigger market share for Emery's competitors, so there really isn’t even any debate to be had about whether the substance of the specific criminal charges had anything to do with the decision to extradite him and keep him in an American prison for several years at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

Today, Marc Emery's persecution provides nothing other than an ugly monument to the divisive drug war politics of the Bush era. This is the legacy that John Walters and Karen Tandy leave behind (remember it was Tandy who took down Tommy Chong as well) and it won't soon be possible for us to forget the infinitely vindictive and infantile behavior that characterized the bosses of Bush's drug war.

Yet, I truly believe that the attack on Marc Emery is symptomatic of the very same unhinged, frothing hysteria that has ultimately brought great shame on its authors and irrevocably reframed the drug war debate around the world. Bush's drug warriors destroyed their own credibility by constantly trying to get their names in the paper and, in the process, dealt a tremendous blow to everything they stood for. By the time Marc Emery is released from prison, this will probably be a lot more obvious to everyone than it is today.

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sorry to say, you canadian

sorry to say, you canadian have shown simply that YOU DONT HAVE THE BALLS. full stop. you put your ass 90 degree doggy style in front of america. it is incredible to give away a CO-CITIZEN FOR A FACT THAT IS NOT EVEN A CRIMINAL OFFENCE IN YOUR COUNTRY (Emery has got a fine 10 years ago but he NEVER went to jail in Canada for the seeds). you have SOLD a CO CITIZEN of yours. SHAME IN CANADA

yaya /rolls eyes.

Actually, there's much more than us Canadians "just bending over for America." Do you even know anything from when you did Social studies? you fucking moron. ps - canada is in america dipshit.

The united states is the main country where every fucking country gets their resources from, sadly, the u.s does have a better army, and can control most things that go on here, I'm sure that if we had an army like theirs that we may say something to them about this "pot problem" and many other things for that matter. If you actually go read about the united states and CANADA you might gain a little more insight and might want to re think your rediculous and quite rude comment. ty

We are also supposedly funded by the Chinese government

Amusingly, DEA Watch (a website where DEA agents post) published this screed on September 21:

"My pal Mike picked up some alarming info today that tells us that the marijuana legalization movement in our country may be secretly financed by one or more foreign governments. Mike identifies the Chinese specifically by name. Mike says DEA is not responding to this issue."

Wow. That sounds like the kind of thing DEA would be interested in ... if it had any merit at all. I wonder why they are not investigating this hot tip.

Not actually that new of a scare tactic

The idea that communists were assaulting our children with the evil menace of dope is a pretty old prohibitionist stance.

Have you guys seen anything about this new movie, Evil Weed? I just discovered it by way of a great article on their blog which I've linked to.

he was allowed to be

he was allowed to be arrested because Harper wanted to get in good with Bush. One conservative party seeking to please another. Right now they are trying to pass new drug laws with manditory minimums for pot. 1-5 plants = 6 months in jail. Bill C-15 needs to be stopped. Same with the conservatives.

Odd Timing for the Imprisonment of Marc Emery

The seed business has evolved since 2005 when Marc Emery was placed on the justice department’s hit list.  Today’s qualified medical marijuana users in California can forgo seeds and buy pre-sexed marijuana clones from dispensaries to grow their own sugary buds.

From a marketing perspective, clones make the marijuana seed business look archaic.  From the legal perspective, the Emery case makes some archaic feds appear as if they’re acting out of petty spite to crush first amendment activities, which is exactly what they are doing, as the candid Ms. Tandy reveals.

Emery’s imprisonment will prove nothing other than the cowardly inability of Canadian and U.S. courts to strive for human decency.  For now, however, the drug law reformers have acquired a new martyr, and the prohibs have acquired another brand new shiny nail in their coffin.


One of the biggest sellers of pot seeds goes to jail

The funny thing is that M E did not become wanted because he sold pot seeds becuase you can still buy them from Canada, but he just stepped over the line and pissed a few people off and now is paying for it.

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