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Police Discover World's Most Expensive Marijuana

Police in Texas just made a remarkable discovery that could potentially turn the domestic marijuana industry upside down. Although a recent drug raid only turned up a single marijuana plant, officers determined that it is the most valuable marijuana ever reported. According to Sheriff Thomas Kerss, this type of marijuana has a street value of $6,000 per ounce!

That's some very impressive pot. According to the government's own data, collected by the National Drug Intelligence Center, high-grade marijuana prices top out at around $7,500 per pound in high-value markets. That's around $470 an ounce. Similarly, the marijuana magazine High Times estimates the average price of high-grade marijuana at $428 per ounce in August 2009.

As you can see, the marijuana just discovered in Texas is more than 12 times as valuable as anything currently on the market. Even the hippies at High Times have never heard of anything like this, but maybe that's because the police are doing such a good job keeping it off the streets.

Or maybe the police lied about how much it's worth. After finding only one little pot plant in a big dramatic drug raid, they wildly inflated the value of their drug seizure in order to make newspaper headlines. It's happened before, although this is by far the most laughably outrageous marijuana price ever claimed by police in the three years I've been documenting this behavior.

At $6,000 an ounce, that would mean one little joint costs $200. A dimebag would be invisible to the naked eye. It just doesn’t make sense, which is why I refuse to believe it's an honest mistake when cops say stuff like this. Narcotics investigators buy drugs all the time so they can arrest people for selling to them. They know the market well and if their estimates come out all crazy, it's because they're trying to impress people with the fruits of their filthy labor.

But the stupidity doesn’t end there. Lying about the value of marijuana rather obviously encourages people to grow it. If these guys really gave a damn about "winning" the war on drugs, they wouldn’t be running around in the middle of an economic crisis telling people you can make thousands of dollars from a single marijuana plant. Nonsense like that could quickly blow up in your face.

Unless, of course, the people who get paid a good salary and benefits to bust marijuana growers actually want more people to do it. Say it ain't so.

Update: I just heard back from KRTE9 News and the online version of the story has been corrected to say $6,000 per pound, which makes a lot more sense. I'm told that "the DEA mistakenly told the sheriff 6,th an oz," which is pretty weird. That means multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in disseminating this number and no one noticed how absurd it was?

I'll take their word for it that someone just screwed up here, which is what a couple readers suggested to me as well. But please understand that this is hardly the first time I've encountered police claiming ridiculous marijuana prices that artificially inflated the value of their drug seizures. Whether it's done deliberately or not, this behavior serves to misinform the public and shouldn’t be tolerated.

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Kind Bud or Un-Kind Prices?

Six THOUSAND an oh-zee?

Man, I wish I could afford to smoke some of THAT stuff!

treyhaltom's picture

me too

Me too. it's only $500.00 per puff.

Trey Haltom

Medical Marijuana Policy Project

Pricey Pot

When I asked one cop how he felt taking glory for busting peaceful people, he said in typical nazi fashion, "We're just doing our job." I said, "No, if you were just doing your job, you wouldn't do it with such gusto." When the 'good guys' encourage snitching, lying, and violence, I tend to side with the 'bad' guys who are quietly gardening non-toxic plants. Sign me one grandma who is disgusted with the drug war.

What did you expect?

Of course they're lying. That's what Nazis do. It's ok for cops to engage in fraudulent behaviour because ... um, to catch crooks you have to act like crooks. Right? Everyone knows: it takes one to know one. That's the beauty of prohibition. It allows cops to break any rules they want and step all over people's rights any time they want. No wonder they don't want it to end. If it did, they might just have to earn their paychecks the hard way, by actually serving and protecting their community.

Unless, of course, the

Unless, of course, the people who get paid a good salary and benefits to bust marijuana growers actually want more people to do it. Say it ain't so.

Are you implying they might do it for job security? Surely not!

Suruna's picture

Ya, right...

It is sad that most of the people reading or hearing these fantasimal figures will be inclined to accept them as fact. Breeding fear. But that is changing daily. Like people accepting gay marriage. It's happening, it becomes ever more comfortable and familiar. People are, with increasing frequency, experiencing the opportunity of personal interaction and knowledge. Tends to change previous judgments.

Know your rights and be a positive example of responsible use (medical) and pleasure (social, creative, fun and what have you).

Be magikal and deflect the profiling, stay safe so that you can do the work, education by example.

Ah, Suruna!

Your words are lyric, and wise; your photograph is stunning! I love you!....

etc., etc....

It appears to be a desperate

It appears to be a desperate attempt to attach some kind of fictional, additional harm to Cannabis ( obviously to no avail) validating more troops for the 'war on drugs' "This is even more deadly than before,"....." make no mistake, this stuff is poison...." (cynicism noted). It isn't hard to educate oneself about the multitude of hybrids of Cannabis. Now that the knowledge is collective, they must fabricate leverage via a mysterious mega plant. -Yes, simultaneously adding attractiveness to cannabis, potentially and indirectly forming job security; it is demonstrative of the continual contradictions that these goons will provide as a means of illustrating the need for a modern day NKVD.


I can't imagine that it would be worthwhile to sell at that price, the only person who could afford hedz at that price is Jayz... Please take a hint people and start growing (smart) and outdoors, we need to flood the market with this harmless commodity, so that such claims will be so ridiculous that any police that come up with a number higher than 300 an oz will simply be burning their fingers.

Math Confused...

The police estimate the pot at $470/oz; the High Times estimate is $428/oz. This difference is only $42/oz. That doesn't seem to be that big of a discrepancy...

You are confused- the

You are confused- the article states $6,000 per ounce.
Read more carefully.

Unrelated but important

Anyone think that the cop

Anyone think that the cop mis spoke and meant to say 6000 a pound, which is actually cheaper than the 7500 a pound listed above?

Golden dope

Doesn't anyone remember that dipshit Drug Czar Walters insisting that coke and pot were being traded "straight across value-wise" because the pot was supposedly so strong? I couldn't help thinking that a dealer that dumb was going broke muy rapido! I wonder if some of those Wall Street investors tried to get in on that, and that's what happened to all our money..?

I want to sell my pot to

I want to sell my pot to these guys.

well derr fkn weed

i'm in the UK and pay £120 an ounce...fkn wtf
are u mental fkn $6000 yanky nut jobs...more
money than sense well no wonder US is bankrupt
all the weed dealers caused econimic crysis all the weed
dealers have your cash.

Right First of all say

Right First of all say marijuana is kept illegal for 100 more years and the artificially inflated market price keeps rising it will never reach $6000 an oz.

Even if this was the strongest marijuana possible spending trillions on genetic modifications itl never reach that price.

Use your common sense for crying out loud.

The feds always lie.

There "street price" might as well be made up by Pee-wee Herman its that damn ridiculous.

Don't believe the cops don't believe the news, just use your common sense.


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