Colonel Peppers Going Viral

I declare the entire "Colonel Pepper's Channel" on youtube is going to go viral. With Colonel Pepper's masterpiece the "Thought of 049"", and such songs as "Sailors Destiny", "Angel's Wings", and Southern Justice, a song I wrote about Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpio. I gave him the original copy with just me on the guitar playing "Southern Justice". (and shortly after that he kicked me off the posse.) Best Regards from the Honorary Colonel Oliver Wimbleton Pepper IV Esq. BMI, owner and publisher of Falling Figs Music, BMI in Phoenix, Arizona Colonel Pepper's Channel Keep in Touch _________________ Colonel Oliver Wimbleton Pepper IV Medical Marijuana Policy Project Blog
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Do you really mean you will stop the drug war

Or you just using this as a platform to get elected, obama said the same thing and he is just a puppet for the rich, do you actually believe that 9-11 was done by terrorist and not by our own government,.Why would a president just keep reading a book unless he had prior knowledge, using the opium as a cause to fight a war on foreign soil is ridiclous and absolutely insane, but I do like the idea of sending all government agencies that are currently fighting this so called drug war here over there, but don't forget the prisions keep some people in there, not all people who were covicted of marijuana offenses are good people, most are but some are parasites and they pray on the weak and defenseless, and my last question is what is your stance on gun control, do you think that taking away the guns will reduce crime, it won't in fact it will increase crime, look at all the other countries that had outlawed firearms and what happen to the ones that turned in there firearms rounded up and exterminated, and will you make it legal to grow your own(true victory garden for own personal use not for sale) or do you want the government to have the right to sell it and profit off it?

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