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A Victory in the House of Representatives

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Update: Souder concession speech -- "... I was probably going to lose today." It's an interesting glimpse into the prohibitionist mindset. Today the US House of Representatives passed a student loan bill that includes language limiting the infamous "Aid Elimination Penalty" -- a law stripping students of financial aid because of drug convictions -- to include only sales convictions, not possession. The law was previously limited to offenses committed while attending school and receiving federal financial aid. If the Senate follows suit, on this reform or something similar, it will be limited yet again. Yesterday we alerted our members that Rep. Mark Souder, the author of the law, was planning to offer an amendment on the House floor to strip out the language and keep his law the way it is now. Souder withdrew the amendment before it came to a vote. Check back at Drug War Chronicle for further info tonight or tomorrow. It's not a done deal until it passes the Senate, until it survives the conference committee, and then until the larger bill it is part of passes both chambers of Congress in its final form. But things are looking good. We including me personally have been working on this for 11 years, and this is a big day for us. Thank you to everyone who took action, this week or before, to help make this possible.
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I emailed and called my House Representitive

That makes me feel like the barking dog that never bites, (until his tail stops wiggling) and my tail's a wigglin'' Just call me Old Dog Trey :::-)

Trey Haltom

Medical Marijuana Policy Project

drug possession is such a dubious crime to begin with

(and a downright ludicrous crime in the case of marijuana possession) and is so selectively (race/income) enforced, that piling on educational disqualifications only adds to the injustice and to the likelihood of people becoming unemployable with all the problems that causes, like drug abuse. My understanding is that drunk drivers, child molesters, and murderers are not subject to such disqualification. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that!

the grammar police duly notes

that the "and" in "and is so selectively enforced" should have been a "that".

SSDP did a great job and were very high after the results were i

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada I signed a petition and was surprised to receive an e mail and a video from SSDP.They are very motivated and deserve a lot of credit for this result.This shows that petitions and phone campaigns,if well directed,work.All people need is an e main address,a phone number or a petition ready made to sign and they will help.There are lessons here for everyone involved in drug reform.

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