The Marijuana Ads That ABC, FOX, and CBS Refused to Show You

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New York City is the marijuana arrest capital of the world, which makes it harsh terrain for seriously ill patients who rely on medical marijuana for relief. An effort is under way to legalize medical marijuana in New York and remove sick people from the drug war battlefield.

Unfortunately, three of the biggest TV stations in New York City don't want you to know about it. ABC, FOX, and CBS affiliates all refused to run ads in support of protecting medical marijuana patients. This is the message they don't want you to hear:

These are seriously ill patients fighting for compassion and equality. To silence them is an act of appalling cruelty and ignorance. Whatever petty political considerations might motivate these TV stations to censor the medical marijuana debate are trivial compared to the real human suffering that will continue if patients are denied the opportunity to speak up.

Medical marijuana is supported by 76% of New Yorkers, so to suggest that there's anything inherently offensive about airing that viewpoint is just pure fiction. According to MPP's Bruce Mirken, CBS stated that they rejected the ad because they're "concerned about viewer reaction." Really, CBS? Is there anything objectionable about the idea of not arresting people with auto-immune disease? The most likely "viewer reaction" is that people will agree to support legislation that protects patients from arrest.

Please help us show these TV stations that their censorship is what's offensive, not the effort to protect seriously ill patients. Click to contact ABC, FOX, and CBS and let them know that silencing patients is both politically and morally wrong.

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Sad to hide the truth.

Sad all these companies where their heart is in their image not in the truth, and the people their supposed to be representing.

Applaud all of you who spread peace and the truth, lets make sure these get out there. Why they hate the internet too, truth comes out. You can't hide the crowd here, and truth easily spreads like wildfire!

If MJ where legal cops would lose their jobs

"marijuana arrest capital of the world" (NYC)

Looks to me that for the cops, judges, attorneys, etc., business is good. It is obvious that the drug war is allowed to go on, even at the expense of human lives and real science, to maintain this huge economy created for drug war professionals. These professionals are making a living on the backs of people who just happen to fall into a drug war legal trap. This has become business and these people don't want to lose their jobs. This is the new slavery in America.

People have a right to hear the truth. Law must be based on a majority and real science. This is an outrage that drug users are 'harvested' from the greater drug using population and used to create a paycheck for government personnel.

We're past peak ABC, FOX, and CBS

This kind of childish suppression of free speech will only hasten the demise of ABC, FOX, and CBS, etc with respect to being a credible source of "news" or anything else besides a source of infotainment similar to The Young & The Restless, etc.

It is interesting to note that more and more, people are turning to exactly such venues as this one in order to have thair say, with the expectation that they will be listened to.

The Age of Dinosaurs is over.

Well, if these big TV

Well, if these big TV stations are against airing the truth about the sufferings of these patients, something or someone bigger might be behind all these. I just wish people are discerning enough to know who are they - the wolves in sheeps' clothings.

A public "Outing"

Maybe what we should do is start digging the dirt on the people in these companies, from the janitors on up....You know there are great number of them all who use marijuana, or other drugs! The same goes for our congress and senate and every other organization who withholds the facts or is against legalization!...maybe compile a list and post it all over the internet! Screw these companies and asshole politicians I think we should just start playing hardball, enough with the slow pitch softball crap already!

Good Business

The Big 3,make too much money from the pharmaceutical companies to even consider running ads for an industry that the pharmaceutical companies
are spending ???$$$$??? lobbying against in capitol hill. They are one of the largest most powerful lobbies and oppose any form of legalization of marijuana.
Count the number of ads for them a day versus 2 ads,how many times.

I Don't Get It

Fox has Stossel and Beck. Both legalizers. They just ran today the Family Guy episode "A Bag of Weed". And yet they won't run these commercials? What is wrong with them?

Maybe Letterman&Ferguson will make CBS make this right?

Maybe Dave Letterman and Craig Ferguson could encourage CBS to air these adds to get these folks effective cannabis treatment testimonials into public awareness for the common good. Maybe a monologue about who is behind the scenes sponsoring all the unjust wars and unjust prohibitions and why. Peace Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. You are greatly admired and appreciated.


One of these days one of your family members will need to use mj for an illness and I wish it would happen to these perverts, that are living in the dark ages. What are they gonna do when their loved one is suffering unbelieveably and won't have access to medicinal Marijuana and then you can watch them or yourselves suffer cause you are a stiff necked group of heartless human beings! How shameful can a person be? Think about it! The Almighty God will make sure that you pay for your unsympathetic minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heartless and evil people. Remember what you read, when it happens to you!!!!!!!


Buncha heartless dogs, how shameful can you get?!


Quit watching their pathetic stations! Their Programs are a disgrace to TV!

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