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Confused Drug Warrior Predicts "The End of Medical Marijuana"

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John English at The Examiner has penned an impressive archive of unhinged anti-drug angriness, and although there's a strong case to be made for ignoring him, his piece "The law and the end of medical marijuana" was just too cute to pass up. He really believes medical marijuana is going to go away:

Another issue is that physicians who recommend marijuana as "medicinal" have recently become at risk of lawsuits. This is the issue that will, no doubt, bring doctors' recommendation of "medical marijuana" to an end. It will come as "medical marijuana patients" understand that they have been injured due to marijuana use and seek out lawyers.

Isn't that precious? People "injured" by one of the safest drugs on the planet. I'm afraid if you want someone to get "injured" by medical marijuana and sue their doctor, you might have to do it yourself. In the process, you may inadvertently find a cure for obsessive drug war zealotry.

Medical marijuana makes people healthier and happier, as the massive and growing number of patients will eagerly attest. If it didn't work, they wouldn't use it. You see, medical marijuana laws don't mandate that sick people ingest potent cannabis against their will. The whole point here is that patients want this option and they've fought, sometimes literally from their deathbeds, to get it. The failure of medical marijuana's opponents to understand or care what patients want is their central fault and it explains perfectly why their arguments and calculations have served them so poorly.

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What Devilish Drivel

Hey John English: "What right(s) does 'Joe Six-pack' have that 'Tony the Toker' doesn't?" Remember 'social acceptability' and what the bible/god/or JC thinks' are not rights... be mere opinion!

Hey John English: When you were at those universities fighting drug abuse did you advocate putting the hard drug alcohol on the controlled substance list w/ heroin where many health pros recommend it be?

Hey John English: I somehow doubt you or the boozers are ready to give up that special non-existant right that allows people (yourself included?) to consume harder drugs than marijuana!

Hey John English: When you are ready to look at all the facts about all drugs we'll be ready and eager to listen & debate all facts... until then blow your smoke up someone elses arse mate!

Hey John English: 10's of millions of us obviously don't pay much attention to what SCOTUS says about this clearly criminal drug war. They DO NOT posess the right to alienate any citizen from self-evident rights! Just makes them complicit in the violation of our rights and the rule of law... shame on most of them!

Truth is treason in the kingdom of lies,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. 'The master is as weak as the slave' - Nietzche

John is Silly but still Scary

People like John are particularly scary, because the facts don't matter to them; and they have no problem blatantly lying or just making stuff -- with the intent to scare and to kick up dirt around the facts. But because they are so consistently wrong in their fear mongering, I think dunces like John are helping the medical cannabis movement by highlighting that the opponents are oten ignorant, mean-spirited dunces -- incapable of intelligent discourse, incapable of learning new things, and incapable of honesty.

I am glad the truth was clarified to John in the discussion comments. After one poster pointed out how/why John was wrong on many points, John could not respond intelligently; so, he attacked the character of the poster. Typical.

I hope John continues to regurgitate and parrot the DEA &ONDCP's "talking points" because he is so clearly ill-informed and irrational. Maybe if more people realize people like John are driving our drug policies, they'd get more involved and stop the madness.

Blind Leading the Blind

John English should wait for a marijuana malpractice lawsuit to exist before he predicts the end of the California medical marijuana industry through litigation.  To date, more than a decade since Prop 215 passed by majority vote, no such animal has made its appearance.  None is likely.  In his analysis, Mr. English misconstrues the entire medical marijuana evaluation process, as well as what constitutes medical malpractice.

Typically, medical marijuana patients in California must bring solid evidence of a medical condition currently under treatment by a primary physician to a separate caregiver physician specializing in medical marijuana treatment who evaluates and records the documentation to authorize the patient’s access to medical marijuana dispensaries.  More than likely, the patient already knows marijuana helps their symptoms because they’ve used marijuana illegally up until the time of the application.  No additional harm is done by a medical professional in allowing such a patient to function legally under California law.

The use of marijuana as an herbal medicine is really a choice made by the patient, not the caregiver physician.  The caregiver physician is not liable for malpractice for choices made by a patient, whether it involves the patient’s choice to use medical marijuana, or to use potentially deadly over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers such as common aspirin.  That is what a medical marijuana card achieves.  It makes medical marijuana an OTC drug.



If my freind dies from having used an anti-statin drug for his cholestorol does the family sue the doctor, the drug maker or both. If a doctor prescribes zoloft and the patient decides to go driving who do we sue? The Drug maker or Doctor? I'm sure both warned patient not to drive yet they did so. So is it not the person who then took the drug then failed to follow orders? If I take too much Zoloft or Marijuana or Profophol (O.K. I can't use the last one by myself) the point is if I O.D. or cause injury is it not the individual using RX who is responsible for his actions. Pot cannot otherwise cause injury or overdose so I really don't know who this guy thinks hé is fooling. Maybe he really is that guillible and belives marijuana is bad for you. Cures cancer if you ask me, but then again I am no Doctor. I just like to feel good. That in itself reduces the stress that can cause some cancers. Bye Ya'll. J. Velasco

Drug WarRant's picture

You did it.

I've been agonizing over this one for awhile. He's such a delightful idiot, a rich, but almost too easy target...

I'm glad you went ahead with it.

Re: You did it.

Cheers, Pete.

john English

Its to bad a newspaper will actually print this garbage. you'd think that they would at least FACT CHECK along side spell check ;) But then again this paper has an agenda (can we say advertising dollars from big pharma and many others that dont want this?). It to is a shame that our "fair and balanced" "news" casters have no morals or ethincs and have not for a very long time. Such garbage (read factless baseless drivel) should never make it to print and "authors" like "John" should NEVER be allowed close to a keyboard. As usual john, pure factless garbage (was once called lies.....hmmm) Well done :)

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