Police Kill Church Pastor in Botched Drug Raid. No Drugs Found.

Via Radley Balko, here's another grave tragedy that we can all thank the drug war for making possible. The victim clearly freaked out when police confronted him, but I'm not at all convinced that he understood who they were. They were in plain clothes in an unmarked vehicle jumping out on a guy who'd just drawn money from an ATM. Why would he knowingly try to evade police when he didn’t have anything illegal on him?

It's one more dreadful tragedy that just didn't have to happen. Police pulling guns on harmless people should be a rare event, but it's not. And when it happens, it's almost always the result of some crazy drug investigation with more questions than answers.

When experts like Mark Kleiman say that legalization doesn’t add up, are they factoring events like this into the equation?

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I'll bet my back hairs that these undercover cops will be acquitted of any wrong doing.

Dangerous criminals apparently not a priority

It seems the only thing in short supply to police officers, are REAL criminals.

Lack of Faith

It doesn’t look as if 29-year-old Pastor Ayres had any faith in the plain clothes officers when they said they were cops.  Few would in the pastor's situation.

The pastor knew he was innocent of any wrongdoing.  In his mind, no reason existed for plain clothes cops to be descending upon him like a pack of feral dogs.  He didn’t even believe his attackers were cops after one shot him.  He drove off, away from the possibility of medical treatment, in an attempt to save his own life.

Chalk it up to another botched drug raid.


Pastor killing

This absolutely ridiculous, and you're right, these scumbags probably will be acquitted of all charges despite being recklessly irresponsible. There was a case that just went to trial recently in West Virginia where a pastor was shot by a two army deserters, and the man who didn't even pull the trigger is serving a life sentence. Yet these worthless cops who commited the same act will only get a slap on the wrist and a push out the door, maybe a paid vacation. Our country is so bass-ackwards sometimes that it sickens me.

Undercover Cops

When is someone going to blow the lid off the notion that the plainclothes, plain-car cops "identified themselves." Anybody can shout "police, stop!" and that doesn't assure you that they are police. Undercover cops should be forbidden from apprehending anyone except in the event that such person is posing and imminent threat to someone else's life.

COPS = Criminals on Patrols

I'm sure the murderer(s) will get a pat on the back, a 'Job Well Done', and perhaps a promotion... while the community is told this is what happens when CITIZENS MAKE THE MISTAKE OF DEFENDING THEMSELVES!

Hope the peckerwood(s) the pulled the trigger lives a miserable life of guilt, regret, and despair... dream on right... probably grinning in his beer as we speak!

Where's a special prosecutor when you need one? I trust the murderers name will be released as soon as it's known?

End Prohibition or Perish
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. Taking someone elses soul, outside of self-defense, will cause you to lose some of your own soul... unless of course you are already soulless!

I feel sick...

I really do -- when will people take this seriously! Thank you Stop the Drug War for producing your video (http://stopthedrugwar.org/videos/swat) -- I hope Scott's post is seen far and wide...

- George

License to Kill!

Absolutely nothing bad will happen to the cop! All a cop ever needs to say to be totally cleared of MURDER is: “I thought that he had drugs”. The cop’s name is not even given (this was done to protect the MURDERER), but if a citizen had killed a cop then their name would be plastered all over the article!

If Cannabis were legal (I’m sure that Cannabis was the “drug” that the cops were thinking that the Pastor had) then maybe cops would be chasing real criminals instead of killing good citizens that they think “may” consume Cannabis. These people are NOT criminals, but are shot down by the police nevertheless.


Then they go home and have a beer…
Drink one for the Pastor, A--hole!

Legalize Cannabis Now!


The "suspected drug" was cocaine, you apparently didn't go read the piece or comments at Radley's site or you would know the whole sordid story. Just another sickening cops-covering-their-asses-with-lies-unconfirmed-suspicions-and-excuses imbroglio.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


To protect and serve the interests of prohibitionists against people who commit victimless crimes. As long as we give law enforcement the power to harass us under the guise of keeping us safe from drugs then these horrors are sure to continue. Who then protects us from out of control drug warriors? When at WAR death is inevitable. Thanks Obama for doing nothing contrary to your campaign promises. More will die or go to prison who are not gulty. J. Velasco

The news report says that

The news report says that the cop fired because he thought his life was in danger, but what I see in the video is the cop firing while the car is backing AWAY from him. The report also said that the cops "had their badges around their necks"; presumably in plain sight. Funny; in all my run-ins with drug cops, I've never ever even SEEN a police badge. Maybe they only wear them when they're undercover.

The cops supposedly had bought drugs from a woman who was riding in Ayers' car. They killed this man because THEY had bought drugs. They break the law, thereby creating "drug-related" crime. Then they stand in front of a moving vehicle, putting their own stupid lives in danger, and create yet another victim of "drug-related" violence. Then they compile statistics of all the drug-related crime and drug-related violence that they protect us from. Self-perpetuating job security for those without courage or integrity.


They saw a young man with a nice car getting money from a ATM machine and decided to have some fun. It will be interesting to find out more about the mystery lady?

Film at eleven

The main stream press should start sending film crews out with the DEA, SWAT and drug units when they do these drug bust. Nothing like showing the people what they are paying for.

Most people have no idea how screwed up many kops are...

Most people have no idea how screwed up many kops are... unless they've cruised with them which is enlightening... in the most terrifying sense of the word.

Still have a bud, barely, that's a Lt. in the local PD... extremely religious and a fan of off the wall comedy that he often employess while questioning anybody he feels deserves a pull-over. Imagine a kop entertaining himself by doing a 3 stooges routine with himself during your inquisition... by bozo the clown himself... then giving you the bill for his entertainment in the form of a bogus ticket.... usually a 'failure to signal' or 'failure to come to a complete stop' type of bs. Before dash cams and video anything kops said was the truth... so help us god!

I saw the that funny kop movie 'Super Troopers' years after this experience and no shit it was damn near like watching a documentary! Reno 911... closer to the truth then we know!


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