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Ooops!! Police Destroy Legal Hemp Field

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Another problem with having laws against certain types of plants is that police don't know anything about plants. The subtleties of botany are inevitably lost on them and the results are amusing, yet tragic:
THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch police who mowed down what they thought were illicit marijuana plants were red-faced today when it emerged they’d ruined a research group’s giant, officially sanctioned field of harmless hemp.Police proudly announced Wednesday that they’d found more than 47,000 cannabis plants, with an estimated street value of nearly €4.5 million ($6.45 million) concealed in a corn field in the Flevoland province east of Amsterdam.They mowed down half the plants only to be informed they were the property of Wageningen University and Research Center, a respected agricultural school. [Boston Herald]
That sucks. Sadly, I suspect that the potential for fiascos like this goes a long way towards explaining why law enforcement continues to incoherently oppose hemp cultivation here in the U.S. Police just don't want to be bothered with distinguishing one from the other. If it looks like weed, they'd rather break out a machete than a field manual. It's understandable if you don’t care about, like, freedom and stuff.

Instead of banning hemp, therefore, I propose we just legalize all forms of cannabis and make things a lot easier for everyone.

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Scott has it right on:

Legalize all forms of cannabis and make things easier for everyone. Giant organically grown high potency medical Sativa plants make the same hemp but with much stronger and smoother fiber. Its about returning our cannabis hemp jobs which global corporations have paid each government to steal. Peace,love,happiness and prosperity to all and may every product and the home you live in be made of stems from medical cannabis grown by dedicated organic farmers. from James

Something so simple... yet so confusing... for simple people!

Can't risk confusing our highly trained law enforcers with something as complex as 'male & female' cannabis plants!

What, no warrants were issued... where's the checks & balances... who will be fired or sanctioned... or is this just gonna be another 'shit happens' moment to be laughed off... over beers at the cop bar tonight?

Hopefully lawsuits will be won and the city will take the 'damages' out of the police dept.budgets? The best, legal, way to get rid of cops is to not fund them in the first place!

Technically these guys were probably too stupid to be 'punishers'... but innocent 'patrons' were punished just the same... that's life in Machiavellian-Amerika

End Prohibition or Perish,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. Since the sixteenth century, generations of politicians remain attracted and repelled by his cynical approach to power. Whatever his personal intentions his surname yielded the modern political word Machiavellianism—the use of cunning and deceitful tactics in politics or in general. - Wiki

Should have said 'Global Machiavellianism'...

I guess since this happened outside the u.s. it's 'Global Machiavellianism'... seeded by amerikan drug laws in our foreign policies? TPIVXX

They better pay for it!

I'll be scanning the news to see how much the Dutch police have to shell out for their mistake!

- George

Price war: reachforth vs. tobackgo

Whether cops know the difference between hemp varieties, the main reason for the urgent rush to destroy cannabis crops remains to keep the price high, thus protecting the tobacco industry which pays a nice percent of their salaries via "taxes" (bribe) (up to 10% as in tobackgostand/Pakistan).


Cannabis prices have no effect whatsoever on my consumption of tobacco. I don't know anyone who's tobacco consumption is in any way correlated the price of cannabis. What are you talking about?

Destruction of cannabis hemp:Response to maxwood&Mr. Stark

Like alcohol prohibition,cannabis/hemp prohibition artificially inflates the prices of all products and services by forcing violence and risk into and in between all markets. Peace

Tobacco Seriously Effects Domestic Policies & Laws...

Tobacco Seriously Effects Domestic Policies & Laws... especially the farther back in time you go. Consider that a big part of amerikas expansion into the native american west (of the miss.) was driven largely by 3 things:

1) expanding tobacco growth for tax revenues to pay for wars & expanding the budget to better protect our interests at home & abroad (against pirates that kept hijacking american flagged vessels for ransom... just ask TP).

2) religious freedom... including the 'sick right' to own slaves.

3) owning the country 'from sea to shining sea' to keep our antagoists & enemies out of N. America.

Despite tobaccos mortality rate it remains a powerful tax generator & lawmakers are conscience of this socio-economic fact.

Choose Reality,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. "The World Health Organization estimate that tobacco caused 5.4 million deaths in 2004 and 100 million deaths over the course of the 20th century. Similarly, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes tobacco use as "the single most important preventable risk to human health in developed countries and an important cause of premature death worldwide." - Wiki

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