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You lazy ass pot heads don't do anything but complain and cower behind your cheesy ideals!! Get off your ASSES and do something real! Stop wasting your seeds and take back the Earth. Give them back to the earth that gives them to us. Hemp has been food, fuel, and pharmaceutical - it's time for it to be a weapon. Take it to the rivers, lakes, and streams... leave seeds in puddles and storm drains... press them into some soft bread and feed them to the ducks and geese... press them into some cheese fish bait and go fishing... put them into bird feeders... drop them into storm drains and puddles... press them into some ground meat and leave them for the foxes and coyotes to eat and distribute, feed seeds to your outdoor cat or your dog that you take to shit in the park or neighbors yard... FREE the WEED! SO WHAT if the result is ditch weed... it's NOT about THC content anymore, or profits... it's about freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of weed! Stop wasting your money on OVER PRICED and OVER RATED kinds! Spread the word and your seeds. Enlist you relatives, bud buddies, and neighbors. The D.E.A. CANNOT eradicate marijuana if it grows EVERYWHERE! Your government cannot possibly tear out every wild weed if we all work together... it's time to stop crying about prices and busts and free your weed! Don't throw away the gift of life that is in each seed and don't hoard them... give them all a chance to live. Toss them anywhere there is water- irrigation ditches, lakes, rivers, gardens and parks... anywhere they can haver a chance to grow. If one tenth of all smokers did so there would eventually be too much of our favorite plant to eradicate. Prices for market weed would have to be competitive because there would be free ditch weed for all. And the best part- no more having to bum smoke from a Budd and no more having to bum them some... just send them to the nearest wild crop. It's Time For Revolution! Free weed is just a seed's throw away. So what if the result is ditch weed... it's not about THC content anymore, or profits... it's about freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of weed! Spread the word and your seeds. Get every friend, neighbor, and relative to help fight the war on the war on drugs. Reforest what man has cleared in the name of progress... reclaim earth for our plants. With enough plants we could fight Global Warming! Your government cannot possibly tear out every wild weed if we all work together. In just a few years we could see it overwhelm them to a point where they will have to legalize low THC content cannabis... and that's a move in the right direction. Drop your seeds in every flower pot, planter and garden at your local courthouse, police station, library, and park. Let them know they cannot stop our plant! Repost this message anywhere you can or print it out to pass around.
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no seeds here. none. not

no seeds here. none. not for years.

None here either

Good smokable weed is generally sensimilla (seedless) and what few seeds might be found in it are sterile, unfertilized because growers kill all the male plants before fertilization can take place. Anyone wanting to grow their own in my neck of the woods must buy started "clones" (rooted cuttings) from someone else, no one around here grows from seed anymore and haven't for a number of years, perhaps a decade or more.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Seedless weed is a

Seedless weed is a descendant from the same shit you idiots claim was represented in the bible when you cite that passage where God gave you all the SEED BERAING PLANTS! The shit you smoke is an abomination. The THC content is UNNECESSARILY HIGH, the buzz you get only last 15-30 minutes before you need to smoke more, people are developing allergies to your seedless shit at an increasing rate, and it's OVER PRICED and OVER RATED! ANY good grower may kill off all the males, but anybody who KNOWS WHAT the FUCK their doing will keep the best male or two and ALLOW them to breed with at least a few females to intentionally produce seeds because anyone who KNOWS how to grow is familiar with the difficulty getting clones to continue growing after rooting and transplant. Seeds are Plan B to growing clones and any knowledgable grower knows the value of such an insurance. Too many of you potheads talk out your ass about what you think you know but when your content is evaluated it's clear how much BULLSHIT you spout. You claim a medical need but turn to a system of MMJ that is more expensive than buying it illegally EVEN if you get caught and have to pay the piper for posession. You also claim it isn't addictive and yet so many are using MMJ for ANXIETY and HEADACHES? It's used to relieve stress the way people use alcohol. I've seen too many potheads driving around toking a pipe or joint and there is plenty of reason so many get the added charge of posession when pulled over for routine traffic - YOU fuckheads are driving around with it! Why are so many robbing dispenseries and screwing eachother for weed? You can't buy a sack without it getting pinched and you can't grow it without some jackass trying to break in and steal your shit OR bragging about it and getting you busted. You idiots would rather give control of growing it and distribution to the FEDs and are sitting by while your weed gets legislated away. When the DEA goes bout eradicating the plant you give them control over, and you have no seeds left to grow... WHAT THEN? When there were still seeds you had an opportunity to provide FREE MARIJUANA for many generations to come. Every man, woman, and child could've tossed their freedom to the the animals of the land, water, and sky. Nature would have rewarded your efforts but you have relied on the Americans to form your pots future? You have smoked too much and slouched around too long! Where were you when Alex Whiteplume was fighting the good fight? Hardly any of you know who he is and he has suffered many years over marijuana prohibition... and he was just trying to grow HEMP! Your America has a hole through which thousands of potheads can obtain marijuana for use as a drug, but few are even speaking about or pushing the issue regarding HEMP! IDIOTS!

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