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Marijuana Debate! Former Judge vs. Several Complete Idiots

The debate over legalization is heating up in California, and from the looks of things, the two sides aren’t even speaking the same language. Here's Judge James Gray speaking from experience about the advantages of regulating marijuana:

And here's the best response the opposition could put together:

Stay tuned, folks. There will be plenty more stupid crap where that came from, I assure you. But if those tired old clichés were worth anything anymore, legalization wouldn’t be on the tip of every tongue in California and beyond.

This conversation is an inherent victory for us, while our opposition's response is just another embarrassment for them.

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What the Hell? I thought

What the Hell? I thought that was some kinda joke you were pulling. Seems the joke is on them. People wont take that seriously, people will just laugh and say, ahhhh, that was funny... Lets go get high. I like the use of science and doctors. LOL

Right direction...

People are having a hard time believing that the legalization issue is picking up steam in California and all over the country. Hopefully the California legislation will pass next year and the Feds will respect the state laws and stay away from the dispensaries and head shops. The comments from the police at the hearing today were pretty crazy though...these are the people backing the ridiculous war on drugs.

Alan - Glass Pipes artist and activist.

Omg, that is so retarded!

Omg, that is so retarded! The judge is both tactful and appears to know the facts fluently. The opposition to marijuana are apparently all for it, seeing that they act immpossibly idiotic!

Judge Gray brought it.

And it does my heart good. The second video couldn't been less effective had it been taken from Reefer Madness.

Why Do Prohibitionists Make it So Easy for Reformers?

The opposition’s use of multiple caricatures and stereotypes is an insult to people who like cheese puffs, most working adults, peace advocates, and people who know the difference between cigarettes and pot.  Which means there aren’t very many people left whom the prohibs have not insulted.

Prohibs speak to their choir and each day their choir gets smaller.  Clearly the weirdness level will escalate as reformers close in on the end of cannabis prohibition and only crackpots remain who seek to defend eliminationist social policies.

Even if the fools in the

Even if the fools in the opposition make it hard with their aweful lies it still works on part of the population especially because big pharmaceutical companies put so much money in giving natural medicines a bad name. We need to expose the tactics of big pharma and show that they are doing more harm then good like the FDA.

Alan - Glass Pipes artist and marijuana activist.

Pot smokers need to be a protected class!

Pot smokers need to be a protected class! How dare groups promote videos that attack the marijuana user with popular myths. This is the same crap other groups had to deal with until there were laws protecting race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. This opposition is losing again. The Judge nailed it!

I hope we are going to see reform in the USA. Other countries, like the UK and Australia, are currently cracking down on marijuana producers and consumers. Perhaps states like California will set a pace for further reform in the so called free world? What are they so afraid of? Honestly.

I think it is just hate, pure and simple. The government anti-marijuana programing has given the green light for citizens to hate drug users over the years. Now that we are evolving into a society of drug compassion, some people want to hold on to their hate. In the future, the worst may be on trial for hate crimes someday.

cannabis and government

it's the old old story, first they ignore us, then they mock us. eventually they have to take us seriously and start talking.
seems like we're in stage 2 heading quickly towards 3. bring it on.

strange thing - the UK press is completely ignoring the changes the americans are making and the great strides forward made by the californians. thank you people - let's continue to work together for a better world.

The poster who commented

The poster who commented about hate is completely right-we've seen it before on a myriad of issues. I'll stop before comparing marijuana usage rights to something like gay or racism issues, but there was/is a similar cycle of hate begetting fear begetting hate.

Fear is one of the worst collective emotions a population can have. Let's try to distill that fear and promote honesty and understanding.

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