Obama Isn't Plotting to Legalize Marijuana. But Everyone Else Is.

Whenever matters of marijuana policy make their way into the national spotlight, you can count on coming across some really ridiculous analysis from folks who haven’t exactly been paying attention. There are many ways to misunderstand the marijuana debate, my favorite of which might be the theory that -- even though it's all over the news -- it's actually part of a secret conspiracy.

Here, we have the editorial board of The Washington Post speculating that Obama's recent medical marijuana announcement could be part of a plan to legalize marijuana without anyone noticing:

Yet this policy shift leaves significant questions unaddressed, including whether the Justice Department's decision essentially constitutes a first step toward legalizing marijuana. Such an immense policy decision should not be ushered in surreptitiously, but should be tackled head-on, with a full-throated public debate about the possible benefits and consequences.

This is just completely delusional on multiple levels:

1. The administration leaked the story to the AP on a Sunday night, which is the opposite of secretive. That's what you do when you want a week's worth of intensive media coverage.
2. Telling the DEA not to arrest sick people is a far cry from supporting legalization for everyone. It's very possible – and very common – for people to support the former and not the latter. For example…
3. The Obama Administration is opposed to legalization. They've said so before and after last week's medical marijuana announcement. That question is not "unaddressed" even remotely.
4. There's a "full-throated public debate" about marijuana legalization going on right now. And The Washington Post has been participating in it with numerous recent stories and editorials. You want us to send more op-eds?

I can't even begin to fathom how The Post came up with this craziness, but if they want more debate, I'm ready to rock. I'll show up at your office tomorrow morning with 15 awesome ideas for marijuana stories that I guarantee you The New York Times hasn’t thought of yet. And I ask for nothing in return, except some acknowledgement that marijuana legalization is not a secret conspiracy, but rather a defining issue at this moment in American politics.

Update: Pete Guither has more.

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Reefer madness is still going strong...

I cannot believe the amount of wrong information the media is currently writing about marijuana. Get your facts straight. For starters, it does not cause cancer. I agree any type of smoke is not healthy, but you can eat or vaporize it. It is one of the most non-toxic plants you will ever find.

Here are 3 things to understand about this subject.

1.) Under the current system, your kids can get marijuana easier than an adult.

2.) Marijuana is non toxic, and the effect on a person's driving causes them to drive slower and pay more attention. Cell phones cause more accidents.

3.) The only gateway effect is when an underground drug dealer says he is out of weed, but he has some coke if you want to try it. Does 7-11 offer you crack or Meth when they run out of beer?

I have two little girls, the best way to keep marijuana out of their grasp is to legalize it for adult use.

You better watch what you

You better watch what you say, Doc.

Talk like that and the feds will break into your home, beat you with clubs and put you in prison and your two little girls in foster care!
If you burn the American flag, you're a 'patriot displaying your Freedom of Speech', but if you burn a joint, you're a 'long-haired hippie commie faggot who causes urban blight and molest children'!
After all, if the United State government says it bad, it must be, so stop using your brain for thinking and making opinions that counters what Big Brother says.

Dude... That was the last President! And that Jerk Nixon...

Our new President Obama seems to be taking steps to help our government get real and realistic about marijuana. The way the press is covering the pro marijuana issue, I bet we will see legalized marijuana is California within 5 years.

Legalize pot in California

Legalize pot in California in 5 years?

I want legal pot nationwide TODAY!

I recently had to stop kissing maryjane because my place of employment have stepped up their drug testing policy and I can't afford to loose my job, let alone my health care benefits.

And I think Obama is going to do what every other 'progressive' president have done in the past, except Jimmy Carter: WUZZ OUT!

I know, Jimmy didn't legalize it either, but at least he had the balls to tell congress the truth about marijuana:

"Penalties against drug use should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against the possession of marijuana in private for personal use." Jimmy Carter, August 2, 1977.

About the same time, Jimmy also told congress that America should also develope alturnate fuels sources during our first energy crisis to decrease our dependence on Saudi oil.

Congress didn't listen to him on either subject and look where we are now.

Thank you, Congress, for making America a better place to live.

"I recently had to stop

"I recently had to stop kissing maryjane because my place of employment have stepped up their drug testing policy and I can't afford to loose my job, let alone my health care benefits."

Are you a potential medical marijuana patient? In California, a medical card is easy to obtain for any number of illnesses or injuries. There, along with the other 13 medical states, one can 'legally' smoke marijuana. Your problem is that you are too dependent on your current job.

I see a major trend of medical marijuana patients migrating to free states. My advice to you: start getting out of debt and start selling your assets. Have a plan to dump your job and get a new one in a compassionate state. I guess it all depends on what is important to you.

Good luck!!!

Trust me, I've been planning

Trust me, I've been planning to dump my job since I started it 18 years ago. I've been trying to become a writer and even wrote and published a (so far, unsuccessful) novel.
As far as my medical needs go, I'm a diabetic. As far as I know, that's not treatable with with marijuana, and don't think I haven't tried to convince my doctor that it is.

And in case you're interested, I do have a Deviant Art site with samples of my writing, including excerts from my novel and an original fan fic I did as practice called 'Velma Dinkley goes to Hell: todshi.deviantart.com.

Rick Simpson's Oil

The thing a lot of people don't understand is that smoking herb is one of the least medicinal ways to use. Rick simpson has been making hash/hemp oil and CURING people! look him up on youtube

marijuana legalization

Has anyone actually brought up the issue as to WHY marijuana was made illegal in the first place?

Does pot cause insanity?Does it kill people?Is it bad for your health?

No. Marijuana was made illegal due to racism and corperate greed!

Back in the 1920's, when Americans were getting drunk in speakeasys and making two-bit thugs into millionares, workers from Mexico were welcomed into our country to build our roads, bridges, buildings, etc.

Then the Great Depression hit. Suddenly, there were two many people and not enough jobs, so the Mexicans had to go. One of the ways America encouraged them to go back to Mexico was to criminalize one of their few sources of recreation this side of the boarder, marijuana.

And then there's William Randoff Hurst and DuPont Chemicals. Hurst, a newspapaer publisher who used his newspaper to influence the ignorent, saw industrial hemp, which at the time was being considered as a substitute for trees as a source of paper (and contains little THC), as a threat to his interests in the timber industry, so naturally he attacked marijuana to countered this threat.

The result as we see today is deforrestization which has aided global warming.

Like Hurst, DuPont saw hemp, which could also be used for making clothes, as a threat to their new, chemical-based product Nylon, which was patended in 1938, a year after marijuana and hemp were made illegal.

With these facts now public knowledge, and the fact that enforcing a law that waste tax payer money that could be used in fighting more dangerous illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, or could be used in Health Care, why is marijuana still illegal?

great points but "hurst" is hearst

great comments more people should know about

Hurst is Hearst

His name should be 'Mud'.

Can WaPo editorial board justify current policy on weed v. booze

If they have a clear explanation of why they think alcohol supremacism over cannabis is justified, in spite of the connection of alcohol, but not cannabis, to violence, when are they going to provide it? If they don't, they should admit it, and understand that if you can't justify a law, you gotta junk it.

It is about time that the

It is about time that the billions wasted on the drug war against marijuana be put elsewhere. Marijuana is not a gateway drug. It can be used for more than just recreational purposes and by legalization, can become an additional legitimate revenue stream for the government.

In Canada, we have traditionally "sin taxed" alcohol and tobacco. This has proven a great source of revenue to fund our universal health-care, our low-cost post-secondary education system with enough left over for clean cities and decent roads. Legalization, cultivation and sale of marijuana will enhance numerous industries such as textiles, and chemicals to say nothing of improving the economy of the farm belt. The government needs to wrap their heads around the glaring fact that this previously demonized weed may more likely be an economic pot of gold.

Isn't Democrocy great?

Unlike you Canadians, we Americans tend to elect crooks like Tricky Dick Nixon, senile ex-actors like Ronald Reagan and complete morons like George W. Bush as our leaders.

But then again, we're a democratic super-power that puts people in jail for a victim-less crime like smoking weed.

Preaching the epistles to the apostles

All valid comments, and no-one has mentioned that bastard Senator Anslinger (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_J._Anslinger) who got the criminlization law through the house, but obviously from the one-sided comments in this forum we're all preaching to the converted here; and the non-converts are immune to any sort of rational argument.

So America can continue to reign supreme in the statistic of highest per-capita in jail population in the modern worlds (6 times the OECD average).

Preaching to the un-coverted

Funny, everytime I try to talk to 'non-converts' about marijuana legalization, I usually get the 'three monkey' treatment (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil).

After all, I used to smoke pot. What would I know?

The "non-converts" aren't all immune to rational argument

We wouldn't be gaining as much support as we are if that were true. The increased support isn't all coming from old hard heads dying off and being replaced by a new, less hypocritical generation.

Anslinger was the ambitious head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the 30's, and a virulent racist, he wasn't a Senator but Congress laid down and gave him what he wanted in 1937, federal prohibition of cannabis, with no medical exemption. I've read that a lot of doctors refused to comply at first, but arrests and loss of medical licenses soon ended that problem.

Woodstock Universe supports legalization

Valid medicinal value, it’s a victimless crime, the War on Drugs WAY too costly, too many arrests for simple possession, tax it and use the money to pay for health insurance and to reduce the deficit…Need I say more?
Woodstock Universe supports legalization of Marijuana for a variety of reasons.

Check them out and vote in our poll about legalization at http://www.woodstockuniverse.com.

Current polls results…96% for legalization, 4% against.

Peace, love, music, one world,

it is on top of any subject

it is on top of any subject besides the war in afgan, and iraq!! duh right. And thats over the drug trade, lol. After this war I honestly expect drugs to be legalized. All drugs


I spent some time reading "The Truth About Marijuana" documents. I enjoyed it. I laughed since their only real debate was that it made students unfocused. Of course their unfocused, they should just not be high at school. I feel that Marijuana should be legalized, and to help the government have the government support it! If the government distributes licenses to sell, the herb, and restriction laws, then there could be some income. They could be making money through it, and use it to pay debts e.t.c.(This doesn't mean using it for beer to talk about a molecular sized arguement :P) I would not mind following the law and not driving under the influence, in fact being high helps you drive, you feel more focused and don't easily get distracted from the road. But its still dangerous and shouldn't be done if your blazed out your skull. Alcohol is worse then marijuana in my opinion. It ruins your liver, and other organs, and it reduces your ability to think, talk, and text etc. I can function completely normal under the influence, I do homework and chores. In fact my chores are more fun to do while I'm high. If used in moderation, marijuana could be a good thing for this country. I stopped smoking for the whole summer, And it was an easy transition, I decided to be clean. And I've never considered any other drugs, and never considered anything harmful to me while on the herb. I even stop cutting food up if I feel I'm to high and I might be endangered by my mind wandering while chopping food. Marijuana has a few hour long period, which halfway through turns into a cooldown phase where you can act completely normal and focus on what your doing. Overall if pot isn't legalized soon I feel I have lost hope for America. The reason its illegal is because of the forementioned hemp dispute.
Also Todshi, about your comment, think before you speak. You didn't make a statement, you just insulted Doc, and basically blathered nonsense in anger. Think of a valid reason for him to be wrong then reply. You better watch what you say. ;)
By the way, I'm only 15 from that great state of California.

Dude, I'm on your side

Hey insightful, if you had read my other comments, you'll see that I'm on your side on this issue.
I'm a satirist and I was making fun of the 'George W. Bush' mentality that is keeping marijuana illegal and putting hardworking adults in jail and out of a job.
So why don't you read my other comments on this blog and tell me what you think.

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