It's Official: The Media is in Love With Marijuana Legalization

It all started last winter when, after decades of spoon-feeding the American public an infinite litany of anti-pot propaganda pieces, the press rather spontaneously discovered that it's better for business to talk about legalization instead. In an industry that was virtually devoid of voices for reform just a couple years ago, one can now scarcely find a prominent political pundit with anything nice to say about our marijuana laws.

This segment from This Week with George Stephanopoulos might be the best example yet:

Here, let's try to paraphrase that:

George Will: Legalizing marijuana will destroy the drug cartels.
John Podesta: It'll be legal once everyone figures out it can pay for health care.
Laura Ingram: Cancer patients, botox, whatever. Gimme some brownies!
Al Hunt: Now that my kids are all grown-up, I suppose I'm cool with it.
Cynthia Tucker: Really, we need to rethink all our drug laws, not just marijuana.

That's about as solid a bipartisan consensus as you'll ever see on a Sunday talk show, and you've gotta wonder how much longer the war on marijuana can survive in a political climate like this.

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Re-legalize weed!

It is now time to re-legalize weed!


do it

Just do it!

Its all but over now, what are we waiting for to arrest another 900,000 this year then they will wake up? No, they will arrest another 900,000 next year too and the next.

This needs to stop, but media is only a small part of making it happen. Every single American should understand by now that they have been lied to miss informed and played like fools. We have wasted more money fighting a plants than we have saving our own citizens by giving them healthcare.

The time is now, even one more arrest will be wrong, medical users in a non medical law states, should face arrrest and should have to be seeking medicine in the streets. How dare a governemtn produce marijuana for 4 Americans every month for the last 25 years yet turn around and deny all the americans that are suffering, its worng.

Our country started based on Hemp production, its the one crop that all states were made to grow, all farmers were made to grow. Hemp built this nation and brought our power overseas. We have forgotten our history we have forgotten our freedoms and our rights.

Everyone stand up, write letters speek out make calls, it take all of us to move the DC bullheaded old farts to relize policy needs changed! Make a positive change for the future, make the right choice and demand and end to the failed War on Drugs!

why are these folks laughing?

One thing that hasn't changed: the news media's sniggering attitude toward marijuana. They always giggle, laugh, smirk or make little side comments about munchies. Ha ha ha! They all apparently smoke it. Everyone normal likes weed. Why can't they just come out and admit it? This has been going on for 40 years now. Sheesh.


I totally agree about the giggling by so called professionals.They can't even do a story about hemp without including a Cheech and Chong joke.You would think that investigative journalists would have caught on by now that you can't get high on hemp.
We still have many enemies left on the "progressive" side.I've seen a couple of totally lopsided pieces on MSNBC,specifically "Morning Meeting" with Dylan Ratigan and even Rachel Maddow.One "democratic strategist" Karen Finney sounds more like a Reagan era drug warrior than any kind of so called progressive and Hillary is just awful on the issue of legalization.
We need to keep the pressure on both the media and the democrats and always call them on their silly snickering on a very serious issue.

Ha, I also found it really

Ha, I also found it really funny when the old guy (I don't know his name) used the word "better" to describe the potency of today's pot.

This is the greatest

This is the greatest thing!!
Now we have to keep marijuana law reform in the news and inform the media of the true facts why marijuana must be legal.


They all look happy to tell the truth after all these years. Why did they continue to support the drug war, if they knew the real story?

I don't know about you, but even though they are starting to sing a different tune, I will never trust the mainstream media again, or law enforcement, or the criminal justice system.


This is all good but wasn't it John Podesta who ran Obama's website the same site that 3 times disregarded the number one question about legalizing marijuana and tried to downplay it and ridiculed anyone who seriously suggested legalization?

I'd love to see the

I'd love to see the politicians wiggle their way out of this one. The average politicians lies are based on biased opinions in order to increase government jobs and spending. The reformist law's are based on factual evidence and promote taxed entrepreneurship instead of criminal enterprise, as well as a greater focus on public safety through the reduction of violence. Guess who gets to elect the politicians to power? The reformist.

The politicians better shape up and share the views and opinions of the average citizen (reformist) or they'll soon find themselves out of work. Who wants a liar as a leader?

Use Reason and Legalize

Look at the science not prejudice.
Cannabis is safer than any other legal drug including caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, aspirin...
It is certainly safer than most prescribed drugs.
Again, look to reason and evidence.

words cannot describe how

words cannot describe how awesome watching this makes me feel. thanks for posting it.

Yeah, I think we should

Yeah, I think we should continue to put all the pot-heads in prison, and we could start with all the judges, lawyers, and politicians who smoke to relieve their end-of-day stress. Excuse me, I just had a sargasm.


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We're trying to keep the language clean here, in order to foster vibrant discussion and increase overall participation. I just deleted a comment that otherwise we would have had no problem with, except for some language. If the writer of that comment or anyone else wants to opine in other fashion, you'll be more than welcome.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC


I agree with many of you who said that the media should not be laughing about the topic because it is very serious. But, why is it such a "serious" topic, because during the early 1900's the media was saying "MARIJUANA KILLS" pushing anti-marijuana propaganda, songs, movies (Reffer Madness) all to stop a "serious problem", plus americans were afraid of mexican immigrants. ANYWAY TO MY POINT. this clip sadly reflects the entire medias perspective on the subject, that marijuana being illegal is a total joke, considering the fact that over 10 states have it legalized for medical use, and two thirds of americans surveyed claim they have tried of used marijuana in their lifetime. Maybe if the media just came out and said HEY AMERICA WHO ISNT SMOKING THESE DAYS, law makers and office holders would have no choice to go with the people and legalize it so we can focus on real issues such as the war overseas and global warming, polar bears, and what have you. haha OR MAYBE if america all together made it legal we could smoke a couple joints the terrorists and we can all just hug each other.

small rant?

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