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John Stossel & Bill O'Reilly Debate Drug Legalization

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Stossel just took a job over at FOX News and if that means we'll be seeing more of this, I'm all for it (the good stuff starts at 2:25):

All it takes is a few words from Stossel to send O'Reilly (who's been known to vaguely support medical marijuana) into a rambling tailspin about how legalizing medical marijuana causes heroin addicts to sell it to children. Yeah, that's pretty much what we've learned to expect from him, but as much as O'Reilly makes me sick, I think he epitomizes the sort of pure drug war lunacy that's done so much to alienate the public.

Apparently, the producers at FOX see it too, which would help to explain why they've brought Stossel in on the conversation.

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CASA Stats Skewed

William Aiken

The statstistics O'Reilly quoted from CASA are skewed in his favor. When O'Reilly claimed that 70% of child abuse is drug related, that figure includes "Endangering the Welfare of a Child" charges where if pot is discovered in a household with a child, the parents can be and usually are charged with that crime, even thou no abuse has taken place.

Stossel rightly points out that most of that drug related abuse is alcohol, but since CASA doesn't distinguish which drug causes what abuse, the stats are almost meaningless. I hope Stossel reads up on this points and calls O'Reilly on them the next time they debate this issue. It was good to see someone like Stossel arguing logical points to O'Reilly's emotional ones. If O'Reilly were truly concerned about the kids, he ought to object to all the orphans the drug war has created whenever social services are brought into the picture after a drug raid.

Stossel Neutralizes O'Reilly

Stossel is such a gentleman, and O'Reilly clearly respects him in his own odd way. His professional relationship with Stossel will likely keep him from referring to drug legalizes as "libertine pinheads".

How the hell are the junkies

How the hell are the junkies suppose to be making a enough profit selling weed to kids in order to buy heroin? The pot in the MMJ dispensaries is insanely expensive, something like $500 an ounce depending on the strain. That's a little under $18 a gram. Say they sell it to the kids at $25 a gram, their only making a $200 profit, which *might* be enough to buy a single gram of heroin. So these hypothetical junkies have to find at least 28 kids with a enough cash to be buying over-priced pot (and are dumb enough to be buying crap from *junkies*) in order to have enough heroin for a few days at the most. So much for being "set for a month".

Woodstock supports Legalization

Valid medicinal value, it’s a victimless crime, the War on Drugs WAY too costly, too many arrests for simple possession, tax it and use the money to pay for health insurance and to reduce the deficit. Need I say more?

Woodstock Universe supports legalization of Marijuana for a number of reasons. Check them out and vote in our poll "Should marijuana be legalized?" at

Current poll results: 96% for legalization and 4% opposed. Add your vote. Poll runs through October.

Peace, love, music, one world,

TRUE Conservatism

Statistics show that liberals are vastly in favor of an end to Prohibition, while only a majority of conservatives want it.

When I say that the government is going to spend 900 billion over the next decade, I'm not talking about health care, I talking about the wasteful spending of the drug war. FOX news is taking a far leftist position of nanny state government intrusion. Thats why I, as a conservative, never watch FOX news.

Stossel vs O'really?

Marijuana causes gov't agents to violate the constitution for prosecutions. I think betraying your country is far worse than any amount of dope smoking.

More of what you might

More of what you might expect out of O'Reilly. "The spin stops here" lol Right.

Nevermind "spin," O'Reilly doesnt even have the basic faculties of common sense with him here. Let me see if I have this right...marijuana dispensaries make it easier for heroin junkies to make money to support their habit by selling club pot to children? And someone can just walk into a marijuana dispensary in a state with medical pot laws and "buy as much as they want?"

No, you cannot "buy as much pot as you want" in a dispensary with a prescription- there are legal limits on the amount of marijuana you can buy at dispensaries or even possess at a time regardless of having a prescription.

Second, even if a "drug addict" wanted to buy as much pot as possible at a sell to make support their harder drug habit (wonder how often this happens), buying pot at a legal dispensary would be out of the question. Not only are you limited as to the quantity you can purchase, but it is much more expensive than it would be on the street. In short, the black market Bill wants to perpetuate will sell this "addict" much more marijuana for a cheaper price.

Do I understand what CASA is doing correctly?

They claim that any marijuana use by parents constitutes child abuse. Then they claim that all the real child abuse caused by alcohol is confirmation that the war on selected drug users, including peaceful cannabis users, but not including alcohol users, must be vigorously fought. What a bunch of jokesters.

O'Reilly Spin

O'Reilly loves to tell his guests "you have the last word" and then he doesn't give him the last word. Stossel should have said "O'Reilly, you don't care that adults are being murdered in drug wars. You just say "so what?" when it is the illegality that leads to the high crime. You don't care that the failed 'War on Drugs' has made corruption rampant."
If drugs weren't illegal, people wouldn't have to resort to getting pot at dispensaries to resell at higher prices. The prices are high because of the illegality. This economics is beyond O"Reilly's grasp.

legaization and what it means

There seems to be this idea that once pot is legalized, all drug cartels will collapse and peace will reign. Not going to happen..there is so much money involved that the cartels will continue with their murders and control of the supply..

if its legalized, do you really think it will be grown by mom and pop growers in their back yards and personal grow rooms to feed the demand? when prohibition ended it was the bootleggers who went legal to start the brewing and distilling on a national scale. During prohibition, you were allowed to brew your own beer or make your own wine. But, most people didn't want to do that, they just wanted to buy it... much easier that way

right now buying pot on the street is a hell of a lot cheaper that going to a medical marijuana store..

Of course it's cheaper to buy

Of course it's cheaper to buy from an "illegal" dealer than a medical store.  Medical establishments have to pay taxes and illegal dealers don't.  Medical establishments have to abide by strict laws and dealers dont.  Normally, it's pretty easy to know where the source of the drug is from, especially with cannabis.  Just don't buy it if you don't know the source.  Even if you're buying it from an "illegal" source, at least you're likely simply supporting someone who grows out of a love for the plant rather than supporting the cartels who grow for money.   You're logic is flawed.  It's a plant, wouldn't you want a multipurposeful plant growing in your home?   Of course people would grow it.  Cannabis shops would open as well just as Liquor stores are open now.  All you would need is to be of age....

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