Christian Science Monitor Thinks Arresting Cancer Patients Will Stop Marijuana Legalization

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It's awfully hard to find anyone complaining about this week's big medical marijuana news, but the editorial board at the Christian Science Monitor has done an admirable job of summing up the case against medical marijuana in all its bitter incoherence:
The federal government has limited resources to fight drugs, and funds should not be wasted on prosecuting users and providers of medical marijuana who comply with state laws, the Obama administration said this week.

While this argument may indeed seem a sensible prioritizing of federal effort and dollars, the White House and the public should realize it comes with a cost.

That cost is Washington's tacit approval of state-sanctioned medical marijuana, which the drug's proponents will take as a green light to push even harder for their ultimate goal: full legalization of marijuana use and distribution.
That, right there, is everything you'll ever need to know about why anyone still opposes medical marijuana. It is not any more or less complicated than the fact that they're afraid of legalization and they won’t hesitate to throw seriously ill patients under the bus if they think it will curb our momentum. It's a motivation so selfish and shameful, we've rarely seen it acknowledged and its emergence now is really a remarkable testament to the vacancy of credible objections presently available to those seeking to undermine patient access.

What perfect irony that those who advocate arresting patients as a necessary means to prevent broader legalization would dare accuse us of exploiting the sick and dying for political ends.
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How to put pressure on politicians

Even yesterday's memo called marijuana a "dangerous drug".

Why would Obama allow that when he's smoked it himself and he knows it's anything but dangerous?

It's got to be a political thing, something like people he needs to work with him will refuse unless he sticks with the "dangerous" rhetoric. I think that's how they get rid of people they don't like in politics, everybody refuses to work with them until they just quit.

this is how they ended their rant

"For the sake of a clear-thinking and healthy America, that [cannabis legalization] must not be allowed to happen."

Yep, they're right, we need more clear thinking folks like the drunks who drink themselves to death in a day, or who take 20 years or more to drink themselves to death, or the clear thinking pregnant women who gift their children with permanent fetal alcohol syndrome, or the clear thinking drunks who molest and rape children (a specialty of alcohol abusers), or the clear thinking drunks who commit murders, maimings and suicide on and off the highways in such large numbers, or the clear thinking drunks who commit so much domestic violence, urinate in public, smash beer bottles when they're not smashing people. Yep, that's what we need more of all right. How could any serious person want there to be a legal alternative to a drug that causes such mayhem?

Well, "Christian" "Science" Monitor, Jesus HATED hypocrites, so that means he'd have a problem with you. And one can only imagine the righteous fury with which he would respond to the argument that serious, critical, and terminally ill patients deserve to be treated as pawns in the war against recreational cannabis. And the science is clear that alcohol is far,far,far more deadly and dangerous than cannabis. Nice job of living up to your name, folks.

Pushing Harder Minus the Mood Lighting

Medical marijuana clinics and green lights aren’t necessary for people to push harder to legalize cannabis.  Nor are positive-sounding memos from Obama.  Before the clinics, Californians had easy access to pot.  It’s California, after all.

In the real world, cannabis legalization is happening so fast the editorial board of the Christian Science Monitor appears unable to keep track of it.

The clock is in countdown mode as four different marijuana legalization initiatives are vying to be listed among the 2010 California ballot measures.  Once Californians choose legalization, the ‘push’ will be the one that pushes prohibs like the editorial board of the Christian Science Monitor off the edge of their flat earth.


No Comments please!?

Has anyone noticed that "The Christian Science Monitor" cares not what you think? It's really just more preaching, which is a one way conversation. Any online publisher of information that doesn't allow comments or feedback, in my mind, is untrustworthy.

Neither "Christian" nor "Science"

It is neither "Christian" or "Science"- and these are the people that would have the govt track our moves via GPS road taxes (rather then simply raising the gasoline tax).

"Christian Science" is just more masonic rot.

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Hi, Doug. A round of web site work is underway, including an upgrade to a newer edition of the content management system that we use. This problem should hopefully retreat into history when that happens. Sorry to any who are inconvenienced by it in the meanwhile.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Woodstock supports Legalization

Valid medicinal value, it’s a victimless crime, the War on Drugs WAY too costly, too many arrests for simple possession, tax it and use the money to pay for health insurance and to reduce the deficit. Need I say more?

Woodstock Universe supports legalization. Check them out and vote in our poll "Should marijuana be legalized?" at

Current poll results: 96% for legalization and 4% opposed.

Add your vote. Poll runs through October.

Peace, love, music, one world,

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