Has Anyone Seen Former Drug Czar John Walters Lately?

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A post at the LEAP blog points out that John Walters has been conspicuously quiet recently. After beginning his new position as executive vice president at the Hudson Institute in January, Walters was producing pro-drug war editorials on a monthly basis, but we haven't seen anything from him since spring.

LEAP speculates:

Perhaps, toward the end of 2008, Hudson thought it a brilliant notion to bring on Walters to spearhead prohibitionist drug policy thought leadership for the conservative apparatus.

But after witnessing the amazingly anti-prohibitionist shift that the public discourse on drug policy has taken throughout 2009, it seems that Hudson and the larger conservative establishment -- or anyone, for that matter -- just don't have all that much use for what John Walters has to say right about now.

I'd love to think that Hudson told him to stop, or better yet, that he's been writing feverishly this whole time and newspapers just won’t print him anymore. Still, my first guess is that it's just a coincidence and Walters will resurface any day now to once again stink up the drug policy debate with his familiar brand of unhinged prohibitionist propaganda.

And you know what? I hope he does. John Walters's tenure as drug czar ushered in an unprecedented period of progress for the reform movement, as he traveled the nation alienating the media and terrifying small children. I swear, every time he opens his mouth, thousands of new people start questioning the validity of his beliefs. So please John, don't leave us now. Things are just starting to get interesting.
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I got to say that i always

I got to say that i always love reading what you write, Scott Morgan.It's always right to the point, smart, thought through, and written with an attitude, and sarcasm.
Keep up the good work and THANKS!


I appreciate your kind feedback. Thank you for reading.

Drug War Changes in the Wind?

Scott, are you saying that we can dare to believe that drastic changes are in the near future? Do you think President Obama and Atty Gen Eric Holder are genuinely wanting to make these long overdue barbaric laws 'GO AWAY'?

cottage industry.

Too manypeople who work for the war on drugs do it only to pay their country club dues and fill their swimming pools.

Why bother with crack, herion, speed and all the unhealthy addictive drugs when it is much easier to bust a stoned pothead for smoking an herb which is not a drug, which is not addictive, and is good for you?

They used to seize your vehicle if they found a pot seed and
Candy Barr spent years in prison for marijuana possesion.

I remember back in the sixties when they would bust into your homes when they smelled pot smoke.

I got to admit it's getting better. Better all the time, oh!

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