When is enough enough?

The America we once were would have been enraged by the lack of attention our country pays to itself. America is watching every where but here; we looked the other way in 9/11 because we were told to, we look the other way during the ongoing gulf situation. We've even looked away while a law (Patriot Act) was passed that took away liberties we were awarded when our fore fathers gave their lives to defend them. I am sad to say we are going to lose the right to call our selves Americans; we the real American people, the people that keep this country alive, the people that fight and die for the freedoms the bureaucrats are trying daily t take from us are being slowly pushed into submission. Our heart is dieing and the world at large cares not for the dust we leave behind. Eventually things like this blog will no longer be allowed, keep the people, keep the strength! STOP THE DRUG WAR!!!
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Sad country alright

It really is sad to see so many Americans locking up their own citizens in a war that can't be won. Trying to stop people from using drugs is like trying to stop people from having sex. As long as the drug flow continues, people will use various drugs based on their personal preference.

Their is only one way to stop drug use and that is to stop it at the source. If law enforcement can't stop the flow, and they know they can't, or won't, what is the point? What have they taught the young people of today?

Kicking the can down the road yet again...

The cops didnt do any investigation, so they didnt know that it was the eighth time since `1968 that LEO has searched my property, and by Oct 9, 2008, I had a pretty good idea of how it should be done. But this is not about my right to medical marijuana, altho I've told the court, in my petition to dismiss, that is one of the things I'll tell the jury. No, its about the property rights of rural landowners, and how, now, because of the new dwarf strains of cannibis, it can be grown on their property without the owner ever noticing.

That is, until someone tips off the cops and they arrive with a search warrant, and then seize the property for the 'manufacture of marijuana'. It may well be that the land owner gets to keep his property. But that wont be til after he pays a lawyer to defend his ownership. Which is what the drugwar is all about. Money for lawyers.

And I've also said, that since I will go to trial pro se, that I will say so in the Van Buren County courthouse in front of a jury, which in this neck of Ozark woods, will have plenty of landowners.

SO, you wanna stop the war on drugs? forget the cities. Go after the way it abuses the property rights of landowners in the Red states. Show how the government is using drug law as a form of TAX, seizing property, then dumping it on the market, so that even if your land is not seized, this dumping drops the value of all other similar property.

I go to yet another hearing tomorrow, Tues Oct 20, 2009, where I've been told the trial date has been set ahead, yet again, to Dec. 20. (as if anyone will really try to empanel a jury just before Xmas? so it will be postponed again.) My website will include a report and also includes how anyone can show a jury how the drug law is not being enforced or applied properly. It wont take very many more defendants asking for jury trials rather than just copping a plea for the whole court system to bog down and grind to a halt. Which will make them change policy.


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