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When is enough enough?

Submitted by David Borden on
The America we once were would have been enraged by the lack of attention our country pays to itself. America is watching every where but here; we looked the other way in 9/11 because we were told to, we look the other way during the ongoing gulf situation. We've even looked away while a law (Patriot Act) was passed that took away liberties we were awarded when our fore fathers gave their lives to defend them. I am sad to say we are going to lose the right to call our selves Americans; we the real American people, the people that keep this country alive, the people that fight and die for the freedoms the bureaucrats are trying daily t take from us are being slowly pushed into submission. Our heart is dieing and the world at large cares not for the dust we leave behind. Eventually things like this blog will no longer be allowed, keep the people, keep the strength! STOP THE DRUG WAR!!!

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