religous and racial bigotry

the elephant in the room regarding anti user (ilicid drugs) legislation (so called war on drugs) nationwide, is religous and racial bigotry, until this issue is confronted head on, no sane approach to aleviating the harm caused to the user and society as a whole, it's affect on the economy and the social fabric ( economic, civil libertys ,prison population and health concerns )just to scratch the surface .It must be noted that the governments approach to the drug problem has created an insurmountable dilema with no solution if the present policys persist , the only sane approach is a harm reduction stragety, we have not learned from the lessons we should have learned from alchol prohibition.
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As I notice by your letter, there are bigots on both sides of the issue. Not all Christians are supporting the war on drugs or are racists. I hope the better educated Christians and more knowledgeable, know that the entire war on drugs (or racism) is not Biblical, at all! There is not mention of illicit drugs noted in the Bible. (But there was an illicit fruit! That did not work out well either!) I don't think there is any fact concerning the race of Adam and Eve, either! But, that is just a technicality to be ignored, by the religious bigots.


as I notice from your reply to my blog regarding racial and religious bigotry I was refering to the harrison act of (1914) if you bother to research the congressional hearings that precipitated the passage of that law you might understand what I was talking about,although I doubt it very much. I don't recall mentioning anything about chritianity,adam and eve or fruit forbidden or otherwise,anyone who is taking so called biblical stories literally is most likely incapable of rational thought .It is mindsets like yours that keep a sane drug policy from being implemented.

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