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Busy Night on the Medical Marijuana Front

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Some people think that Drug War Chronicle should be called the "Bad News Chronicle" or the "Chronicle of Misfortunes" instead. Though it's been noted that there's a lot more good news these days than there used to be -- this week's issue does have some good news -- so be sure to read it! Two late-breaking items came in after we wrapped up the issue -- neither of them good:
Los Angeles County's district attorney says they're going to start prosecuting dispensaries -- starting with Organica. Their legal basis is a ruling last year by the state supreme court. And, indictments have started in San Diego, after the mass raids last month.
Regarding LA, I don't know a lot of the dispensary operators down there -- there are so many -- but Organica is one of the very few where I do happen to know some of the people involved. They are activists and stalwarts for the cause, and they deserve less than almost anyone for this to happen to them. The luck of the draw is coldly neutral, I guess -- not that I would wish a drug war prosecution on anyone. Let us continue to hope for the best...
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To bad the D.A.s office doesn't have to pay the money it will cost out of their own pocket. No reason not to fight until the very end, as long as the tax payers are paying for it. It's just more of the same merry-go-round. What a country!

A dispensary is wanting to open near Seattle

It was reported on the local Seattle NBC affiliate, on tonite's news:

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

treyhaltom's picture

An Angel's Story Recently Published

The Good News is that God is not on their side this time. So often in the coarse of time this country gas relied on the fact that God was on their side during times of War.

Memories meander through time on a voyage over an ocean of ages. One of them traveled back to the day God said, “Let us make man in our image, and after our likeness”. Remembering the words came easy, because at that time we were talking about how Neanderthals were still dragging their knuckles...

Mother Nature’s course of evolution had done a fine job so far; but God knew He could do a lot better. God did make man in His own image, both male and female; He created them and blessed them. God gave them dominion over every living thing that moved upon the earth, including the evolved species, the cattle of the land, even the fish of the seas and the fowls of the air. Every living thing that moved upon the earth was a gift to humanity whose purpose was to subdue and replenish the earth. God said to be fruitful and multiply; this is His Divine Will.

When God created man, there were already living beings through out the universe, and upon this very planet that had evolved. Among the original beings were 144,000 angels assigned to watch over and serve God’s creation. We did watch in awe and admiration as the beginning of time became manifest before our very eyes. We watched this all week long!

Of course in God’s Kingdom the days are not measured in earth’s 24 hour increments. There are millions of earth years in just one of God’s days, and seven days at God’s house is really quite a long time compared to a week on this little planet.

Trey Haltom

Medical Marijuana Policy Project

If this DA is going after

If this DA is going after the cannabusiness and puts patients and businesses at risk, he will accomplish the exact opposite with more and more people supporting medical and even just marijuana. The struggling California economy in general is happy to have thriving business activity; and with almost a vengeance for pot smokers now the government wants to shut this down and slow down this emerging market? And California has a jump on this industry over the other states, with competition from Colorado.

If this guy goes after LA, cannabis will surly be legal in the state with the 2010 initiatives. I think the general public has accepted medical marijuana; and does not see marijuana as a threat. Spending money going after sick people is hardly going to be seen a just. Nobody could be this stupid?

Maybe this DA guy wants to see marijuana legal in his state? That would explain why he is the only one concerned and alone in his cause that plans to create moral a legal uproar that will drive the majority to support legal marijuana.

Recall L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley

Who does this narcissistic twit Steve Cooley think he is?  The collective wisdom of the people means nothing?  According to Steve Cooley?  Only Steve Cooley can save the day?

Yeah, right.  Only Steve Cooley could be a scientifically illiterate stooge living in La La Land.

But I’m not talking about Steve Cooley as the man who would second-guess hundreds of research studies favoring the benefits of medical marijuana, as well as the professional integrity of the researchers themselves; with the potential consequence being that Cooley could be doing some real harm to people who really need medical cannabis.

I’m not talking about the Steve Cooley who ignores the recommendations of the American College of Physicians, based on his shallow whim that all medical marijuana patients are fakes.

I’m not even talking about the Steve Cooley who hates hippies.

I’m talking about District Attorney Steve Cooley who is so totally nuts that he thinks he can use his specious casuistry to mount an attack on the medical marijuana industry.

Cooley committed these atrocious attacks contrary to well established voter intent and approval that specifically mandated medical marijuana access in California under Prop 215 and common law thereafter.  There is no chance he can win.  He’s crazy to do this.  And the mere fact that he’s crazy makes him unfit to serve as Los Angeles County’s district attorney.

A recall petition against Steve Cooley is the only answer.  There must be enough pot smokers ala petition signers in L.A. to make it happen.  Majority rules.  All anyone has to do is end the political career of just one creep like Cooley and the rest of the swine will scatter in fear.


Very good point, Giordano

That's the tactic the people of LA and San Diego should employ.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Contra Kooley

The previous commentator Giordano was perhaps a bit harsh on the subject of the individual acting here as DA, repeating the name "Cooley" thirteen times, but for just that reason one must note the presence of the syllable "Kool" in the person's name and wonder if, in accordance with freudeschoenegoetherdaemmertheorie (the punned is the deepest form of humidity), it may be no accident that a man born into a family with a certain name pronounced just that way might grow up to find a career in doing the dirty work of Big 2Wackgo* (which inflicted the Kool brandname and "cool it" behavior theory in the first place. Nicotine constricts capillaries and lowers skin temperature, making nervous persons look less nervous in order to conceal troubling, even criminal history or intent).

*i.e. suppressing cannabis to protect tobackgo empire

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