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Washington Post Punches Marijuana Prohibition in the Teeth

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Wow, if the drug czar was annoyed with The Washington Post last week, I wish I could see the look on his face when he reads this:

Cartels Face an Economic Battle
U.S. Marijuana Growers Cutting Into Profits of Mexican Traffickers

ARCATA, Calif. -- Stiff competition from thousands of mom-and-pop marijuana farmers in the United States threatens the bottom line for powerful Mexican drug organizations in a way that decades of arrests and seizures have not, according to law enforcement officials and pot growers in the United States and Mexico. 

Medical marijuana laws have legitimized enough of the marijuana economy to begin vividly illustrating the long-term impact of regulated distribution. The hypothesis has been proven: people don't buy from drug cartels if they don’t have to.

This simple and obvious fact demolishes any attempt to argue that legalization won't work. It's already working. Just watch.
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Awhile back,(Bush era) the

Awhile back,(Bush era) the DEA claimed that buying drugs was supporting terrorism.
So... If I grow pot I am actually fighting terrorism AND the drug war? WOW! And mom thought I was just laying on the couch!

fight terriorism

grow your own marijuana its the patriotic thing to do

Pleasant surprises from WaPo, hope they punch 'em harder soon...

with an editorial coming out for marijuana legalization, for all the reasons their online readers have been telling them, in near unanimous voice, anytime they are open for comment. No pretense of fair coverage from the NY Times yet unfortunately. What's with those bad boys? Their online readers have been giving them the same message, in the blogs they have that allow comment, but neither their reporting nor their editorial comment have had anything to say in reply. Unless their reply to the pressure for a fairer appraisal of cannabis is their new regular feature reporting on various aspects of alcohol culture.

marijuana "reporting"

The New York Times is nothing more than a propaganda tool for Obama and the democratic party. They will report whatever Washington tells them to report without regard to the truth. They have a mayor violating federal laws by hiring private investigators to cross state lines to buy guns for him. That's called a "straw purchase" and it's against federal law. Those laws apply to all Americans, even mayors trying to justify the destruction of the Constitution. Blomberg should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Bloomberg and Obama are both operating under the notion that they can break whatever laws they want to. That's what Nixon thought. Marijuana hasn't killed anyone, yet alcohol and tobacco kill many Americans every day. The number of people who have overdosed on marijuana can be counted on zero fingers, it's never happened. People die due to alcohol use every day. The NY Times doesn't care about the actual "news" and neither does any of the other "mainstream" media. I'm simply amazed that the Washington Post even reported on it.


I agree with the guy who said, "grow your own marijuana it's the patriotic thing to do".

Scarred Too

I would grow my own but I'm afraid I won't be able to find the propper fretilizer , is there a shortage or am I just naive.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA ( legalize it at the federal level, please)

I sure wish our president would get involved in the medical marijuana legalization process! I and everyone else has heard that nice speech he gave on his thoughts about sick patients being able to use this medicine. I know he has a busy schedule and he's trying to pass health care reform, but if we can't pass this Med. Mar. at the federal level it will never get passed at all! I'm always reading about how completely legal marijuana dipenseries are always getting busted even in states that have passed the law because the federal government has not done what I feel should be at the forefront of things that need taking care of at the highest level. Many of us are suffering terribly because everything is about the other issues. Pain is an awful thing to live with, not just for the patient but for everyone around the patient. Would it not be an appropriate start to reforming health care. If we can't even get that passed which in some states people that are for Medical Marijuana is up to 85%. Please take this into consideration Mr. President Obama? Even sick people go out and vote for presidents. You the Man to help the sick, please help us!

Obama is NOT going to help

EVERYTHING he said while campaigning was a lie, proven by the fact that he has done the exact opposite of everything he promised. Hanging your hopes (for any improvement of the federal government, especially in the drug war) on Obama is an exercise in futility.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


The government will not legalize marijuana for one simple fact, they will lose a valuable tool in arresting minorities. It is a fact that they use marijuana possession as a reason to arrest minorities when they don't have the evidence needed to charge them with more serious crimes they are suspected of. It is an easy way for Law enforcement to get undesireables off the streets. If a few innocent white kids get caught up in this scheme, that is acceptable to them. If it means that marijuana goes unregulated and makes it easier for you're children to buy, that is also acceptible to them. You really don't believe the government spends billions a year on the marijuana prohibition because they think it is harmful do you??

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