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Deputy Drug Czar Asks: Why is Everyone Talking About Legalizing Marijuana?

This New Republic interview with deputy drug czar Tom McClellan is truly inspirational. Why? Because it shows, I think, how close we are to completely driving these guys over the edge. His best and only argument against marijuana legalization is that "marijuana’s not good for you," as though that is a sufficient criteria for making something illegal.

By the time McClellan finishes complaining that some people actually get paid to advocate drug policy reform (as though he doesn’t get paid to advocate against it), it's clear, yet again, how isolated and confused the once-proud drug war cheerleaders have become:

It’s almost as though there were a contingent of people out there really eager to keep it at the front of the newspapers. Well, it isn’t us. We don’t want it there.

Dude, there's no almost about it. There absolutely is a massive contingent of people who want to talk about this. Don't you dare try to act surprised by it. You can't criminalize and vilify millions of good, hard-working, intelligent Americans and expect them to just be silent about it. If you don't want to talk about it, that's your problem and maybe "deputy drug czar" was an unfortunate career choice for you.

Watching the drug warriors try to explain the growing popularity of marijuana legalization is a guaranteed laugh-riot every time. 'It just seems so strange to me, I don't understand it. Why do people care so much about this?' Well, if you can't even figure that out, you're going to lose this debate before you know it.

More at NORML and DrugWarRant.

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I couldn't agree more !!

Well said !! That was great !!

What an idiot

Why is everyone talking about it? BECAUSE we want to be able to use it freely without the fear of you fascists coming and ruining our lives.

Pot 4 me

I am a hard-working, educated family man. I have had the same job for ten years. I am your average citizen - and I like pot. Make it legal.


What a waste of government monies.

Let’s get it legal and abolish this failed government agency. We do not need a government agency to fight a war on drugs that is already lost.


The loss of life, family, and community from the drug war far outweighs the loss from the drugs themselves. What would drug dealers deal if drugs were legal?
Ask anybody who doesnt already do drugs if drugs were legalized tomorrow would you do them? I have asked this many times to people who do not use illegal drugs and the answer has always been no! So more people would not use drugs if they were legalized. Prescription drugs kill 300% more people than all illicit drugs combined. Marijuana hasnever killed anyone! EVER!! NOT DIRECTLY NOT ONE TIME!! How can we even call it a DRUG!! I have lost 3 friends to prescription drugs and not one friend to marijuana. I have lost friends to car accidents but not one friend to marijuana. The only way people die from marijuana is A. being shot by the police. B. getting shot by terrorist in afghanistan for destroying a crop. C. life in prison which leads to death

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