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Attorney General Promises Aggressive Marijuana Enforcement

I know, I've been getting a little smug lately about all the progress that's been made this year, so let me just burst my own bubble here with an ugly reminder that the drug warriors in Washington, D.C. are still suffering from severe hysteria:

I don't know which is worse, Sen. Colburn's claim that marijuana is "the #1 risk for our kids," or Attorney General Holder's reply that the Feds "will be vociferous in our enforcement efforts." It's the sort of unhinged drug war lunacy that remains easy to obtain in the Nation's Capital, even as supplies are drying up elsewhere.

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As we gain more foothold on

As we gain more foothold on the state level, the scales will become stuck-fast in our favor. With more states drawing tax revenue from cannabis, the likelyhood of backsliding shrinks.

90% of those prescribed

90% of those prescribed medical marijuana in this country do not have a real illness? I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a reference for this "fact" to no avail. Hey I can make up statistics too! 100% of people named Sen. Coburn like to have sex with small children. Fact.

Holder seems to be dancing

Holder seems to be dancing about and saying what needs to be said for Coburn, but I didn't really hear anything that gave me the impression that he gave much of a crap as to what Coburn thought. "Vociferous in our enforcement efforts"? That sounds to me like a non-answer mollification for the senator.

Coburn's just pissed because...

his home state just let Will Foster walk out of his prison cell. I'm sure anything less than 93 years for Mr. Foster would be not enough for Coburn.

Holder and Coburn should just give each other the double dutch rudder while talking about how evil pot is and get over with it.

Illicit Marijuana is the #1 threat to America's children

And it could be,and will continue to be as long as prohibition remains in place. Only by legalization will retail outlets with people checking ID's and refusing to sell to minors,
will they actually have drug control,instead of dealers selling to anyone with the cash.
I wish Holder had said that,but he can't,not yet.
When and if they approve of the Committee on the Justice System,I'm sure that Barney Frank or Ron Paul will make that very point.
The mans protest actually falls right into an advocates pocket,,,,think about it.

It's not just Republicans

it's also Democrats, all three (liberal Dems) of my supposed "representatives" in Congress are clinging to their hidebound prohibitionist mentality on cannabis, too.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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