Will Foster is Free! He Walked Out of Prison in Oklahoma Today

Medical marijuana patient Will Foster is a free man. According to a phone call I just received from his partner, Susan Mueller, Foster was released on parole and walked out of prison in Oklahoma today. As you who have followed the Will Foster saga know, he became a poster boy for drug war injustice when he was sentenced to a mind-blowing 93 years in prison in Oklahoma back in the 1990s for growing a closet-full of medical marijuana. Thanks in part to the efforts of Stopthedrugwar.org (then known as DRCNet), Foster eventually got his sentence cut to a mere 20 years--for growing plants!--and was eventually paroled to the care of Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal in California, who had taken up his case. Last year, Foster was raided and charged with an illegal marijuana grow in California, although his grow was perfectly legal under the state's medical marijuana law. He spent a year in jail in Sonoma County before prosecutors dropped all charges, but by then, Oklahoma parole authorities demanded he return to the state to finish his sentence. Foster dropped his fight against extradition and returned in September. A good sign occurred a few weeks ago, when the parole board decided he had not violated his parole and should be released. This week, Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry must have agreed--he had the final say in the matter. Right now, Foster is making his way to parole offices in Oklahoma City to sign the paperwork. He should be back with his loved ones in California in a matter of days. Thanks to everyone who agitated for his release. Every once in awhile, we win one.
Oklahoma City, OK
United States
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Way to go...

to everyone who helped make this happen, including DRCNet, Ed Rosenthal and even governor of the flyover state, Brad Henry. You never know when a politician that has nothing to gain except for knowing he/she did the right thing will actually make a good call.

And congratulations to Will Foster. I can't imagine how excited he must be. While a vast majority of non-violent, government-targeted "criminals" who were in America's very own state-supported gulag system during the past few months will not be with their families over the holidays, at least some (including Mr. Foster) will be.

Safe home Will.

Kudos to the agitators and especially to Mr. Ed Rosenthal, who always kept this issue right under our nose. There is the change we can believe in.

Ahhh.. another non-existent

Ahhh.. another non-existent "unicorn" as the Drug Czar would say. What a waste of judicial resources and taxpayer money.

that's one less teacher they'll have to fire in Oklahoma

to balance their budget. Don't know why they took it as far as they did, but I'm glad they finally showed some sense of priority. I kinda doubt compassion had anything to do with it, but who knows?


I'm so happy to hear this! Congratulations to Mr. Foster; I hope they spend a wonderful Christmas together.

Let's keep working on revoking the injustice in other prisoners' sentences.

Federal policy has influence

Even Oklahoma reads the newspaper,and the policy change of the federal prosecutors is effecting many of the states attitude and actions towards people claiming grows as medical grows,even in states with no medical marijuana laws in place. I am even hearing of increased activity
in Texas,where a bill is in the legislature that will remove the regulations that take a doctors license for prescribing marijuana,not recommending,prescribing. Fingers crossed,already have a doctor here that will prescribe marijuana,when it is legal for him to do so.

Keep On Keeping On!!

I too am damn glad that the wheels of justice(??) turned in his favor..but nows the time to keep shining the light of truth towards everyone! EVERYONE needs to KNOW what has happend to this man (and many others) to show just how CORRUPT our wonderful government is. Its this type of action that serves as FUEL TO THE FIRE!! God Bless Ed and Will & Susan...this really is a HUGE VICTORY!!!

Bout footin time mate

Bout footin time mate

Will Foster Is FREE

So happy to hear that Will is free. I got to know him at the Seattle Hempfest several years ago. He is so friendly and I love his smile. Glad that he will be home for the holidays! The Oklahoma prison he was in is one of the worst in the country! Bless everyone for calling, emailing or writing to get him free! It was so great to be part of such great activism!

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