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Tommy Chong's Prosecutor Says He Should Have Gotten More Jail Time

Mary Beth Buchanan, easily the nastiest federal prosecutor in the nation, has finally resigned her post. Yet, even as lovers of justice across the country celebrate her long-overdue departure (and pray she won't run for elected office), Buchanan has managed to turn our stomachs for what will hopefully be the last time:

On her last day in office, Buchanan says her only regret during her tenure was accepting a plea from Tommy Chong. []

Such pure arrogance is really something to behold. Every legal textbook in the country should display her picture beside the term "malicious prosecution," as the railroading of Tommy Chong is a mere footnote within a career defined by gratuitous excesses.

Of course, Tommy was amused to hear that Buchanan still holds a grudge against him. The feeling is mutual:

"I'm honored to be Mary Beth's only regret. Now does she regret going after me? Or does she regret that I never got enough time? I tend to think she wishes she'd never heard my name. I have become her legacy. Mary Beth Loose Cannon is now looking for a job. She blew her last job busting me. Karma is so sweet! She's looking for a work while Cheech and I start our second multi-million dollar tour thanks to the publicity she created for us! Thank you Mary Beth - may you find peace and happiness in your search for your soul." [CelebStoner

I dunno, Tommy. You might wanna keep the floodlights on at night, just in case. If we know one thing about Mary Beth Buchanan, it’s that she never ever stops. She could be lurking in your bushes at this very moment, drunk with fury and looking to finish what she started.
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That's, Tommy Chong's Persecutor Says He Should Have Gotten More Jail Time.

TOMMY CHONG: Whatcha in for, man?

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Dealing in drugs and being an addict. I bought synthetic opiate painkillers illegally and became addicted to them.

CHONG: Really? Rush Limbaugh an addict? Wow!

LIMBAUGH: What are you in for?

CHONG: Selling glass.


CHONG: No, glass. With an 'L.'
Conservative Addiction Good, Liberal Addiction Bad! 12/02/03

Out with the bad

So long Mary beth, bye bye, and fairwell, maybe the prison system is hiring.


What is wrong with her,who saids things like that?


check out these books for further examples of sadistic sick prosecutors in the u.s. criminal (in)justice system:

MEAN JUSTICE by edward hume

ACTUAL INNOCENCE by several authors

it makes me wonder if our species isn't insane or inherently evil, that power is used for such nefarious purposes. if there's such a thing as reincarnation, perhaps many of the same souls who are now american prosecutors were spanish inquisitors centuries ago. they seem to be cut from the same cloth.

im more than happy to pick

im more than happy to pick up where my brother in arms fell [disgruntled vet] we Vietnam vets will not shut up till marijuana is leagl .and if it takes a war against our suppressors so be it .were old but can still fight

manipulation of family for fun and ?

Tommy was actually not involved at all save for the use of his name.I t was his son's business and there is nothing easier than making a parent take a bullet for their offspring.Prosecutors know this and use the kids to get to the parents all the time.It's akin to forcing a best friend to rat out their entire social circle,which I have seen first hand.Some people have no class and others would rather go away for life than rat out anyone.It's a character thing.The police,having no character to speak of,are trained to use a person's love for another against them,often with deadly consequences.That a prosecutor could use a man's family to bust him and then express regret about the amount of time the person got shows a total lack of character,humanity or reality.I believe this woman is from California?

Mary Beth, Mary Beth, Quite Contrary,

How does your garden grow?
With church bells, and jail cells,
And petty convictions all in a row.


Cheech and Chong

I owe my drug free life all to Cheech and Chong. I enjoyed the heck out of all their movies. It did however make me realize I did not want to be like that. They came out about the same time I was in my teens and actually kept me from doing drugs. I thought all these idiots that want everyone to believe that Chong promotes drug use know it kept me from it. I don't drink either.

As odd as this may seem... I think it needs to be legal.

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