Cheech and Chong vs. Bill O'Reilly: Worst Interview Ever

Boy, O'Reilly really knows how to suck the humor out of a room:

This should never have been allowed to take place. Bill O'Reilly shouldn't be allowed anywhere these guys, or anyone else who's ever been remotely funny at any point in modern history.

And if anyone can think of a legal way to make O'Reilly stop saying things like this, please share:
O'REILLY: We found out that in San Francisco, which leads the league in marijuana clinics, medical marijuana clinics, a lot of hard-core drug addicts go in there, buy the pot and sell it to kids so they can buy their heroin and meth and everything else.

CHONG: Sell it to kids?


CHONG: Where did you get that information?

O'REILLY: We got it from our undercover people.
Yeah, right. This is one of those social problems that you'll only hear about on the O'Reilly Factor because it only exists in the twisted mind of Bill O'Reilly.

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Three is a trend...

How is it O'Reilly can say something along the lines of "I don't care if adults smoke pot" but wish to continue the present course? Same with Barry McCaffrey a couple of months ago. They say three is a trend in the news...

DdC's picture

O'Really is a moron.

The only point he has is on the top of his pinhead. Buyers Clubs are more expensive than the streets, or white powders. As loony as growing Ganja in a Hemp field. O'Really can't be expected to be anything but a moron, he's on Faux Newts. Tommy on the other hand blew it when he said Ganja should be a schedule#2. WTF? Nixon lied, end of story. No scheduling is appropriate for Ganja and Tommy should not ConPromise. Cheech blew Bill Oh away.

AMA Calls For Ending Nixon's Lie?

The AMA Medical Industrial Complex has permitted millions of Americans to suffer needless anxiety and physical harm from drug thugs for 40 years. They sat by while their Insurance and Pharmaceutical masters did the bidding for $Trillions in profits. Not once did they ever disclose the thousands of years of safe use. Now they say nothing, not a damn word different. They have no intention of allowing common working US peasants to have something for nothing, not something they can sell. Not Buyers Clubs or Homegrown. They haven't changed the status of smoked pot. Barthwell and Bayer are lurking in the Shadows ready to pounce on a lowering to schedule#2, requiring a triplicate and still outlawing vegetable matter ignitions. They outlaw research but still manage to obtain a patent for cannabinoids? Fool me once shame on you, try fooling me a thousand times and I come to expect it. I hope I'm wrong, but with their track record, I don't think so.


Does anyone really believe that hardcore drug users are traveling to marijuana clinics and somehow coming up with enough money to buy pot and then traveling to where kids are and then selling the pot at a big enough profit to make it all worth while.

I find it hard to believe !

O'Reilly is a lying bag of shit

So according to some O'Reilly investigators, hardcore drug addicts go buy expensive pot from clinics and then sell it to children? Why would an addict waste his money? More likely an addict would score some cheap Mexican ditch weed from the cartels and sell this trash to the kids! A lot more money in it for the criminal; and a lot more dangerous to children! In some cases hardcore drugs are much cheaper than medicinal marijuana. So no need for an addict to become and entrepreneur.

In order for O'Reilly to find addicts going to clinics to market children, he most likely had to set the thing up himself. Instead of honest journalism that would save kids lives, his nonsense only endangers children.


When are they going to go undecover into the Mexican Cartels, and show how they don't do any such thing! The Cartels have so much respect for human life, and the sanctity of being children, they'd never be caught selling dope to your kids without checking their ID first!

Stupid is as stupid does.

Worst interview ever indeed...

O'reiley really loves fear mongoring about drugs! As I watched this interview live it infuriated me. Not O'reiley's bullshit( I expect that) but, the way Tommy and Cheech conducted the interview. They should have never even have gone on. We need people with with an ability to better articulate an argument against prohibition such as: Jack Cole, Aaron Houstan, Ethan Nadelmann, etc. Tommy and Cheech are great but, they are far far from oratorical geniuses. O'reiley has the highest rated "news" progran and this could have been a great opportunity.

O'rieily is pickeeee

Bill is an entertainer,and his line up of interviews wouldn,t include any of the "appropriate" debater's.
Every interview I have seen from FOX has ended,regardless of leader of the debate and sound arguments,ended with a joke or something negative from the commentator to put their spin on it.

Contributing to the Delinquency of the O’Reilly Factor

Legally silencing Big-Mouth O’Reilly would have already happened were it possible.  Fortunately though, Bill O’Reilly’s mutated paternalism gene is killing his brain cells—legally.  Someday the problem may affect his neural speech centers.  On that day a golden silence will spread throughout the land.

In the meantime, we’re forced to put up with O’Reilly’s picture of a society where the only drug customers are kids and junkies.  If pot smoking children turn out to be a sole source of financial support for San Francisco meth and heroin addicts, then maybe O’Reilly’s ‘undercover people’ need to bust the little delinquents and send them up the river for good.  There can be no doubt that for the Bill O’Reillys of the world, extremism in the name of eliminating the evil meth and heroin addict demands that the government eat the little children.



In the meantime, we’re forced to put up with O’Reilly’s picture of a society where the only drug customers are kids and junkies.

I think you've really summed up the essence of the prohibitionist mindset here. 

"Children" and marijuana

First use of marijuana invariably starts in the teen years. NIDA surveys start at age 12. It's quite possible that the THC receptors in the brain are not yet functional in pre-pubescent children. Yet O'Reilly has to raise the specter of selling marijuana to "children". As Tommy Chong said, "I'd rather my teen smoke pot than drink beer."

Beer is intoxicating, fattening, damages the liver, and disturbs the ability of the body's motor functions. Pot is less addictive than coffee, does not cause motor function disturbances, and increases the body's metabolism slightly (this is what causes the "munchies"). While marijuana shares some euphoric properties with alcohol, once the body has processed the THC, the end products don't leave the body in an acid state as alcohol, cocaine, and amphetamines do. Most major diseases of western civilization are connected to an acid state: heart disease, strokes, blood clots, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Marijuana and alcohol both reduce stress, and hence have medicinal properties. However, when all factors are considered, marijuana is the safer, better choice.

Fox=Republican=recieve most in election funds

The republican establishment,until this election cycle ,have repeatedly received more in election funds from the very industries that support the prohibition. It would be best if no activists went into their studios because they will always follow the republican parties money.. And you have to wonder if the information to his "undercover" informants weren't from the DEA,or any other organization that desires that marijuana remain schedule 1. The spreading of propaganda is best done by the experts,and the ONDCP and affiliates are experts.

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