Will Foster is Almost Free. You Can Help Open That Prison Door By Acting Now

The Drug War Chronicle has written several times about the trials and tribulations of medical marijuana patient Will Foster, who is currently sitting in once again in an Oklahoma prison, jerked back from the new life he had made in California by a vindictive and corner-cutting Oklahoma parole bureaucracy. But while Foster certainly appears to have been the victim of vengeful parole department employees, who charged him with ficticious parole violations--causing him to be locked up in a California jail for 16 months before being extradited back to Oklahoma--the parole board itself has done the right thing. In a hearing last week, the board rejected the charges against Foster and recommended he be released. But there's one more step. Under Oklahoma law, the governor signs off on all parole board decisions. This is where you can help. There is still time to write or call the governor to encourage him to follow the parole system's recommendation and FREE WILL FOSTER. Please ask that Will be given time served and set free to return to his family in California. Please call Gov. Brad Henry's office at 405-521-2342 Or fax a letter to 405-521-3353. Make sure you identify Will as Will Foster, #25271. The argument is simple: Will Foster is a non-violent offender who has served enough time and plans to leave the state to settle in California. Keeping him in prison or on parole in Oklahoma serves neither justice nor public safety and is not worth Oklahoma taxpayers' money. Read the link above to get informed before you call or write if you need to. Be polite and to the point. Will Foster, who never did anything to anybody, has been in the clutches of Oklahoma justice for 15 years for growing some plants to ease his pains. He's almost free. You can help open that prison door. Do it.
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Govenor signing

My son was recommended for parole in 07. We were so excited and the whole family planned to be here for the celebration. The pardon and parole board had recommended him after 23 years served. We were devastated to learn that the Gov did not sign for his release. So it is important to contact the Gov and remember us when you do also.

Jeff Parnell 160966
Thank you,

23 years?

If he's been in jail for 23 years he probably doesn't even -deserve- parole because of what he did. Correct me if his crime wasn't terrible?.

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As you requested. He grew some marijuana in his basement, for medical use: http://reason.com/archives/1997/05/01/pot-of-trouble

David Borden, Executive Director
StoptheDrugWar.org: the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

free will foster now

I called Governor Brad Henry's office re: sending will foster back to california, and his assistant seemed sympathetic enough, I hope that carries over to the gov. and finds compassion for will who does not deserve to be incarcerated any longer. Such injustice needs to be fought and changed asap. will is a husband. father and a law abiding citizen who needed to use marijuana for medical reasons. 20 years in prison is superfluous.
please call or write the gov of oklahoma to free will.


Will Foster is still (?again) not free !??? This is unbelievable; no it's OUTRAGEOUS ! What happened to the land of the -once- free ? -- Sent a fax to OK's Gov. asking to FREE WILL FOSTER NOW !!!

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