Colorado Announces Plan to Tax Medical Marijuana

The wave of sanity rolls on:

In an opinion that could generate more revenue for cash-strapped governments and give additional legitimacy to a fledgling industry, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said Monday that the state can collect sales tax on medical marijuana.

"Medical marijuana is tangible property that is generally subject to state sales tax," Suthers, a Republican, wrote in response to a query from Gov. Bill Ritter, a Democrat.

The opinion also said medical-marijuana dispensaries must obtain retail-sales licenses from the state to do business. [Denver Post]

It sucks that it took an economic crisis to advance the idea that it makes more sense to generate revenue from the marijuana economy than waste billions trying in vain to destroy it. Of course, we'd have gladly paid the government millions many years ago to stop arresting patients.
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So it's okay to tax people

So it's okay to tax people who use medical mj but not people who uses pharmacuticals. I'm sure glad people who are dosing their kids with ritalin, or the guy who can't get it up gets tax free viagra. That makes sense, especially the people who want to alleviate pain from chronic diseases, or chemo, or aids. Yeah perfect sense.

I totally agree

If other prescription medications are not taxed in a state then neither should mmj be taxed.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

So tax it already

Who are we to argue with this Attorney General ? If he wants to tax it, it's OK with me.

do it already white ppl.

do it already white ppl.

Tax the same as other prescriptions

Taxing for medical use should not be more than other prescriptions. Taxing at a higher rate than other prescriptions would be seen as a "sin tax."

Over-taxation will raise the probability that the existing illegal distribution system will continue to exist outside of government oversight. The consumer will buy from the lowest cost provider.

If I am producing only for my own medication, I should not have to pay taxes on my produce.

do it already

do it already


Even people who do not smoke marijuana have realized for many years now that there would be a much better economy if it was legalized and taxed. They tax cigarette smokers and any type of prescription drug is taxed so why not? casino online

Prescription drugs are taxed in your state?

They are not taxed in my state, nor is food. Prescription drugs are damned expensive, adding a sales tax on top of that price would be just outrageous and only add to the hardships poor people suffer.

But then, I'm basically against most taxes, I prefer user fees (the gasoline tax is essentially a user fee). Right now in my town the local bus service is wanting either a tax increase to help it fund itself out of overspending on non-essentials (decorated busses, and big fancy depots -- two of them), or it will cut service on certain days and at certain times and to certain destinations. It is already subsidized 90% by taxes, and only charges $250 for a whole year bus pass. I think the transit authority should increase the cost of those passes closer to what it actually costs to run a bus all year, and perhaps even raise fares to people who pay by the trip (because they only ride occasionally and do not purchase a pass), too. I never ride the bus, the nearest stop is over a mile away from my home. Judging by how empty the busses appear to be as I see them around town, neither do most residents of my fair city; but I and all my fellow residents are still paying ninety cents out of every dollar of the operating costs of that form of transit; it'd quickly go out of business for lack of income (farepayers) if we taxpayers weren't subsidizing it.

I do NOT favor taxing marijuana, not the growers, not the distributors -- unless they are big business distributors, then tax the hell out of every point of their production, so users refuse to buy from them, to drive them out of business -- distribution should be handled locally on a small scale (so as to avoid any form of manipulation or adulteration of product as is done with the tobacco used in cigarettes) kind of like selling/trading/gifting produce from the family or small farm's vegetable garden .

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

How about we legalize and...

don't tax?

I understand that allowing for a tax is a big incentive to get the current policies to change. However, taxes are simply a way of providing for more government intrusion into your lives and a way for the government to commit theft without any of the same legal repercussions as you or I would face.

Remember, once a tax is in place, it never goes away.

Jean Boyd's picture


I believe that half or more real people want to legalize drugs. We do have the power to do it if we just use our power. I mean legalize it. People come out of the closet on this one. Speak up to everyone. You may be surprised how many people are thinking. And they will agree with you most of the time. They will even share their horror drug war stories about themselves or loved one. Then after it is legal, we need to grow it everywhere to save this earth.

Taxing Medicine is Unethical

Taxing medicine is unethical. So is Cannabis prohibition.

Legalize it, and tax the RECREATIONAL use, while granting a tax exemption to the ill.


To keep Cannabis illegal while tobacco and alcohol are dispensed freely is *MURDEROUSLY STUPID*.

-Richard Steeb, San Jose California

I agree completely It should

I agree completely

It should be taxed as well other medical prescriptions, i'm asthmatic person and i pay taxes on my medication too so why not ?
I mean i beleive in equality....

Best Regards,

Ralph Thomson

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