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The Debate Rages On (And We're Winning it)

CBS is hosting an excellent point-counterpoint discussion about legalizing marijuana, featuring Judge James Gray of LEAP and David Evans of the Drug Free America Foundation. You rarely get to see the debate unfold in this much detail, so it's a very illuminating dialogue, even though Evans has thus far failed to actually address Gray's main arguments. Judge Gray just laid down the law in his last entry, so we'll find out tomorrow if Evans has anything left.

On a side note, my attention was immediately drawn to the pictures of Gray and Evans that appear at the top of the page. Judge Gray appears in full color, while Evans is in black & white. This struck me as the perfect metaphor for the debate that follows.
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go cbs!

go cbs! you are doing great!keep it up!*cheers

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Evans caught me off guard and that is difficult

There came a point when I had to stop reading what Evans was saying because it was so ludicrous. I am so glad what he said was immediately refuted by Gray, because those statements in the mainstream without reply could be harmful to us.

What I didn't expect Evans to do was imply that cannabis users commit crimes to obtain the drug.

We'll be lucky if Evans will respond directly to any question of Gray's.

While I support Judge Gray's

While I support Judge Gray's sentiments, I think he's let his enthusiasm for overall drug policy reform get the best of him. He basically let Evan's turn the forum into a debate about hard drugs when the original question was just about marijuana.

Actually, Evans is infuriating

He simply repeats all of the standard talking point, ignoring any studies that in any way disprove his position. I wonder how many times he's read the 1999 Institute of Medicine Study, and cried himself to sleep at night.

And insisting that the Netherlands has seen an explosion of use, and is seriously disappointed in the results of their legaliztion, simply flies in the fact of logic or truth. How has he not been indicted for committing wire fraud?!

Gray is beating Evans to a pulp

I debated quite a lot in high school and college -- even judged some competitions. Evans is simply no match for Gray. Evans refuses to answer questions put to him and keeps falling back on tired, disproved rhetoric. I almost feel sorry for Evans...almost ;)

- George

Judge Gray vs. the Drug Testing Industry of America

Judge Gray spends each working day evaluating the hack arguments of high-priced attorneys in court proceedings.  The vitae of Mr. David Evans, Esq., by contrast, makes Evans out to be more of a quack than a hack.

Mr. Evans is a Pittstown, NJ, attorney, and a former Chairman of the Alcoholism Committee of the New Jersey Bar Association, and of the Alcoholism and Drug Law Reform committee of the Individual Rights and Responsibilities Section of the American Bar Association.

Today, Mr. Evans acts as a kind of lobbyist for the drug testing industry while camouflaging his activities under the umbrella of non-profit organizations.  He heads the National On Site Testing Association which is an industry-linked group that promotes drug testing by tying drug misinformation to lobbying efforts.

Evans headed the Drug Free Schools Coalition, and is now director of the Drug Free America Foundation (the contaminated fruit from a diseased tree formerly known as Straight, Inc.). He was also one of the participating attorneys on a supreme court case that allows drug testing in schools.

Evans assumes without proof that marijuana use damages work place safety and performance.  He employs additional circular reasoning to promote the idea that marijuana is addictive.  For example: according to Evans, marijuana users are addicted, they just don’t know it….

For CBS to pair a man with Judge Gray’s sagacity with a veiled promoter like Mr. Evans in a debate on cannabis prohibition is like pairing a fox with a chicken.   The outcome is predetermined to favor Judge Gray.


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