Outrage: Drug Warrior Congressman Tries to Prohibit Discussion of Legalization

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) has introduced legislation calling for a thorough evaluation of the U.S. criminal justice system, namely for the purpose of exploring ways to reduce our world-record prison population. As you might guess, simply discussing whether we should keep millions of American behind bars is enough to terrify the drug war's most committed champions.

They can’t handle the tough questions, so they're trying to make it illegal to even ask. Drug war hall-of-famer Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) today introduced an amendment to Webb's bill that would literally prohibit the commission from talking about legalization or even decriminalization:

AMENDMENT intended to be proposed by Mr. GRASSLEY
The Commission shall have no authority to make findings related to current Federal, State, and local criminal justice policies and practices or reform recommendations that involve, support, or otherwise discuss the decriminalization of any offense under the Controlled Substances Act or the legalization of any controlled substance listed under the Controlled Substances Act.

These words are a legal blueprint for silencing all criticism of the war on drugs before the experts even get a chance to discuss it. The whole thing flagrantly violates the spirit of the entire inquiry and renders meaningless everything Webb is trying to do. And yes, that's exactly the point.

No one has done more than Charles Grassley to make the drug war into the horrible mess that it's become, so you can bet he'll do anything to protect his shameful legacy. If he succeeds, the bill will almost certainly end up protecting bad policies instead of exposing them. We can’t let that happen. Click here to tell your Senators to oppose this misguided amendment and let the experts do their job without political interference.

A serious evaluation of criminal justice and drug policies is long overdue and that effort means nothing unless all options are debated openly.
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Not only have I

Followed up with the link above, but I also sent a personal message to Senator Grassley expressing my disdain for his ignorance, and attempt to perpetuate a failed 'War on Drugs.'


If he is never told how wrong he is, he will never understand. In fact, even if he has his nose rubbed i the science, he probably still won't admit his errors, but at least we can say we tried!


As one of Mr. Grassley's constituents, I have written to him this evening to express my disdain for his proposed amendment. I only hope that he will withdraw the amendment before it is voted down.

To paint Mr. Grassley as Jim Jones or Charles Mansion seems a bit extreme.

He has represented the people of Iowa for many years. Though I do not agree with many of his ideas I do respect his political clout within the state. He will continue to represent the people of Iowa until such time that he is voted out, choses not to run, resigns or dies. At this time I do not see any plausible candidate coming forward to challenge him in his next election. Many would welcome a viable challenger.

Get the Name Right

Isn't it CRASSley?

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