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The Best Place in the World to Buy Marijuana

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When it comes to reforming marijuana laws, one of our greatest remaining obstacles is the fact that many people just can’t picture what a sensible marijuana policy would look like. The reformer's utopian view of a regulated marijuana economy operates in stark contrast to the pungent smoldering apocalypse that exists in the nightmares of our opposition. It's like we're not even speaking the same language.

So I'd like to share a vision of what is possible when cannabis is provided by responsible people:

It's a triumphant statement that cannabis, like other valued commodities, can be handled with accountability to the consumer and the public. So much of the ugliness that clouds this issue (drug gangs, violence, environmental harm) is just a symptom of our failure to let the best people supervise it. Through regulation, we encourage responsible business practices and create an environment in which providers will constantly strive to maintain a healthy relationship with their community.

The time has come for opponents of legalization to stop obstructing reform and start actively participating in it. Once it's understood that marijuana laws are changing, we must all begin working together to develop a system that addresses as many different concerns as possible. Instead of trying to block any form of legalization, skeptics should be thinking about what distribution model they'd be most comfortable with. The excellent example depicted above can be replicated elsewhere, but only if everyone works together instead of fighting it out to the bitter end.

This is what real drug control looks like and there's nothing here for anyone to be afraid of.

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THIS IS THE MODEL~~~~ cannabis dispensary~~~~~this is what i want for ILLINOIS!!!! this type of professionalism and compassion is what it is all about!!!!!! great job steve & CREW!!!!

It looks like an Apple Store

It looks like an Apple Store... and has much the same vibe.

The Perfect Place to get Cannabis

The perfect place to get my medicine would be in my own closet or backyard. Real compassion would result in folks being more interested in helping patients grow their own for little to no cost. This medicine, once legalized, should be paid for just as any other medication - for me that means Medicare would either buy my grow lights, etc., or pay my bill at the dispensary. This should not even be a question. As it stands now, patients have to figure out how to pay extremely high prices for cannabis, out of pocket. This is not compassion.

Harborside's model should be commonplace, and hopefully soon it will be. It is sad that the dispensary problems in CA are now being used as propaganda against the medical marijuana movement. Take this warning by the Drug Czar to Iowans as an example:

Compassion, professionalism and high quality should be EXPECTED from medical marijuana dispensaries. I can get overcharged, moldy pot and unprofessional service anytime, as I always have: from the black market. The dispensary issue will iron itself out, as Harborside gains popularity, others will try and copy it. Hopefully someone will come in with an idea of affordability and focus on saving the patients as much money as possible, rather than trying to get rich off of them.

This is my dispensary! I'm

This is my dispensary! I'm so happy to see it featured here-it's just as awesome as it looks.

good to see your setup

Hello from Downtown Denver,

We are also a wellness based dispensary. We aim to be women-friendly and try to approach it with a manner of professionalism as well. I really enjoy your model and ideas. Feel free to come on down and say hi sometime!

1444 Wazee St Suite 115


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