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New Drug Czar Doesn't Care About Medical Marijuana

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In an interview with National Journal, Gil Kerlikowske didn't have much to say about medical pot:

NJ: Do you have plans to review potential changes to the country's medical marijuana policies?

Kerlikowske: I have not had my meeting with the attorney general, who had made some statements, but I plan on following up with that pretty closely.

NJ: Will you at least be conducting a study on the topic?

Kerlikowske: I don't know. I think it is a little premature, and frankly, looking at the overdose deaths -- there is such a huge increase in people dying from prescription drug overdoses -- is a little higher on my priorities right now than the medical marijuana issue....

Well that makes sense, but considering that there's a raging controversy in America right now over the federal government's war on medical marijuana, maybe the drug czar should at least be able to provide a little insight instead of changing the subject. Of course, it's likely that Kerlikowske's attempts to downplay the issue are actually intended to dismiss potential controversy surrounding the new administration's positive statements on the issue, i.e. medical marijuana isn't a top concern, so don't give us a hard time for not raiding dispensaries.

This 'medical marijuana isn't a priority' stuff is fine for now if it means they won't be interfering with state laws, but it's a pretty weak cop-out in the long run. Eventually, Washington will have to come to terms with the deep unpopularity of the war on medical marijuana. That means declaring an end to federal raids based on firm moral and scientific grounds, rather than vague policy statements.

They seem to understand that public opinion requires a new direction with regards to medical marijuana policy, but if that much is understood, why tiptoe around it? If the goal is to avoid controversy, then tell us exactly what we want to hear, follow through on it, and the matter will be closed.

For starters, why not look into rescheduling marijuana so it isn't any more illegal than these FDA-approved pharmaceuticals that are killing so many people?

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Kerlikowske, Quoted

"Whether it's the Drug Enforcement Agency or the Seattle Police Department, you use your resources to go after the most violent offenders. Medical marijuana doesn't pose that threat."

Kerlikowske Quoted

Wouldn't you suppose...based

Wouldn't you suppose...based on political history.......that the Administration is hoping that the States change the medical marijuana climate so that the Congress is forced to accept it as reality? I mean its much easier to recognize the will of the people when 38 states make it OK rather than try to lead the charge.....This battle will be won by the States if it is to be won. Obama's new approach to letting the States work it out is the way it should be and it gives political cover to those that think they need it...I figure that when the number of states hits about 19-20 there will be a flood of congressional activity at the state level to go along with everybody else...Except in the South where we still have "dry" counties and no alcohol sales on Sunday...

An open letter from the

An open letter from the Inventor of the Transdermal Cannabis Patch

Right now, all across America, and throughout the world, people are suffering from numerous disabling conditions that could be relieved with Cannabis based medications. Ranging from acute pain to congenital illnesses, these individuals suffer without relief. Why? Because government regulations prevent scientists and doctors from developing and administering the medications that could help these individuals.
For over seventy years a system of laws and regulations have criminalized people for using a natural pharmaceutical that has been commonly available and used for thousands of years. Seeds of prejudice sown in the fertile soils of intolerance and irrigated with laws written by people who have a special agenda, to deny the constitutional rights Americans are promised of ‘life, liberty, and happiness’ have created a criminal class from ordinary citizens. Over time a bloated establishment of law enforcement and prison complexes have evolved, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and criminalizing nonviolent individuals for their personal choices.

I developed the Transdermal Patch, not as a replacement for smoked or vaporized cannabis, the fastest and most effective way to apply full spectrum Cannabinoids, preferred by Dr. Donald Abrams at University of California Medical Center, but as a compliment to the inhaled form of administration. Many individuals prefer not to inhale cannabis so for them the Transdermal Patch is an ideal way to administer medication. Many physicians prefer the standardized and dose-predictable pharmaceutical that is achieved by the Cannabinoid Patch. Unique to the Transdermal Patch is its ability to provide long-term controlled application of the many specific Cannabinoids that can be extracted from Cannabis.

Lawrence Brooke – Co-inventor of the Cannabinoid Patch

U.S. Patents 6,113,940 and 6,328,992
European Patent - EP 1186298
Canadian Patent - 2356020
Australian Patent- 785275

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"Drug czar" . . .

What a stupid title. Like all public servants, from the president on down to your local cops, the drug czar cares only about furthering his own career, regardless of the cost in human suffering. What a surprise.

New Course?

As a medical marijuana patient with a highly rare and highly excruciating genetic disorder -- fortunate enough to be in one of the 13-legal states -- I am delighted the ONDCP realizes it is not part of their job description to interfere with Medicine or with States' Rights/Federalism.

Now, it appears I'll be able to use and possibly cultivate my own medicine (which my state law permits me to do), with significantly less fear that the DEA (or local law enforcement subverting their own state law) will kick my door in and kill me, my family and my pets (killing the family pet has been the frequent M.O. for drug raids over the last 20+years)..

While talk can be cheap, I am ecstatic with what the new Drug Czar has had to say so far, especially that he is pushing a "treatment model", rather than an "incarcerate them all/sort 'em out later" mentality. We'll be watching carefully.

With 5-percent of the world's population and approx. 25-percent of the world's incarcerated population, the U.S. law enforcement/prison/probation/drug rehab SCAM is viewed by the rest of the world with horror. We talk about how countries like Syria regularly torture people; but we don't see that our prison figures illustrate that we have become a very scary country with very little real freedom and way too much cruel and unjust punishment.

Thanks for not blatantly lying to us, Drug Czar Kerlikowske. Now really, let's get rid of that scary sounding, silly title.
Treatment does work, especially when the person has the skills and resources to succeed. Jail only makes smarter criminals. And people definitely shouldn't be locked up for following their doctors' recommendations!

Glad he has higher priorities than marijuana...

Having higher priorities than persecuting marijuana users is a no brainer... especially for those of us that understand the true political/criminal nature of the Control (of Some) Substances Act.

By the Czars own words the drug alcohol should constitute a 'higher' priority due to alcohols higher death and disease rate... especially among the young. Hard to SAVE the Children... with Alcohol poisoning young minds. I honestly think alcohol should be put on the CSA - for the shear entertainment value it would provide - not to mention the 'fuck you' payback!

Imagine christian drug addicts (they call themselves alcoholics) scurrying about wondering where their next alcoholic fix will come from after we shut down their drug dens (they call them bars)!

I would of course ignore this illegal law and continue to brew my own great ale - tax free - of course! Fuck uncle scam... there's just too much irony in allowing a sinful gov't to profit from sin taxes!

On the other hand 800,000 people are still getting arrested annually... that requires serious re-prioritization me thinks!

This issue only needs seven

This issue only needs seven more votes to become the #1 topic in its category:

Yes we cannabis!

Drug Czar propaganda condemned

The latest report from the Drug Czar's office implying that drug users are violent criminals or thieves is a reprehensible piece of fecal matter. Listen to me and libertarian Greg Raffetto rant about it in detail.

JUNE 3rd Deadline

Voting is open until June 3rd when Ideas get moved to the next discussion phase:

This is currently the #5 issue on the site (out of over 1200 ideas)while an issue for Full Legalization is all the way to #3. Signing up takes minutes, so go do your part so we can keep our ideas in front of the President.

Re:Dr. Lawrence Brooke's letter

"I developed the Transdermal Patch, not as a replacement for smoked or vaporized cannabis, ... but as a complement to the inhaled form of administration."

Here hidden in Dr. Brooke's letter is a point richly deserving emphasis: several relatively safe methods of administering cannabinoids are now available which render scare warnings (and drug war) obsolete. One need only further mention the e-cigarette-- but with cannabinol in the cartridge instead of nicotine-- and the long-stemmed one-hitter made by 14-year-old nearsighted nuns in a garage near you.

And as Brooke points out, what is to stop us from diversifying the serving method and using several modalities simultaneously instead of abusing just one? (Meanwhile the "joint", invented by Big 2wackgo to get cannabis-interested youngsters used to hot-burning-overdose cigarettes, is obsolete!)

Price (above) has it right: Obama is letting the states fight it out. Don't worry what the Drug Czar says, get busy locally.

I'm glad he doesn't care about medical marijuana....

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. We don't want the feds to pass any medical marijuana laws. Things are fine the way they are when it comes to medical marijuana, at least in states like California. When the feds get involved medical marijuana as we know it will dissappear. The feds wouldn't allow people to grow their own. They wouldn't allow for medical marijuana cooperatives or dispensaries. They'd license one or two companies to grow it and have it be sold from pharmacies only. It would be substandard product. There would be no variety. It would be more expensive.

It's better that the states make their own medical marijuana laws and the feds just ignore it. We don't want them "federalizing" medical marijuana. Hopefully in the not too distant future they'll just open things up and let states completely legalize it. Maybe we'll see states legalize without the feds opening things up and the feds will just ignore it like they are doing with medical marijuana. That would be alright too, for a while. Eventually it will become so entrenched they'll just have to change their laws to allow for it.

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