If Pure THC Pills are FDA-Approved, What's the Big Deal About Marijuana Potency?

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NY Daily News reports that incoming CDC Chief Thomas Freidman is "in favor of developing a synthetic marijuana spray to be used for medicinal purposes." That's good news, I suppose, but what really caught my attention about the story was its repetition of the bizarre and wildly false assertion that synthetic THC doesn’t get you high:

Marinol is prescribed for treating vomiting in chemotherapy patients and other uses. It provides relief, not a high.

Says who? The first thing anyone who's ever taken Marinol will tell you is that the stuff gets you blasted for several hours. In fact, that's one of the primary reason patients prefer the herbal alternative. With marijuana, you can control your dose more effectively to achieve the desired effect. The spray was developed for the exact same reason, thus by suggesting that Marinol doesn’t get you high, the NY Daily News completely misses the point of why a spray even exists. It's ridiculous.

We've heard this crap before and I just don’t understand why anyone would struggle with the concept that a pure THC pill would make you high as hell. I suppose it's a convenient claim for pharmaceutical execs trying to separate their product from its controversial context and it's certainly convenient for drug warriors desperately endeavoring to explain why one is medicine and the other is poison. But it's bullshit and it shouldn’t take a scientist to deduce that you will not remain sober after swallowing concentrated THC. That's like saying heroin gets you high but synthetic opiates don't.

Hilariously, there's a side column of "relevant articles" on the page with the top item titled Marijuana Potency Higher Than Ever. We're actually supposed to be intrigued and perhaps alarmed by the fact that domestic marijuana potency now averages 10% THC, meanwhile the FDA has long approved a 100% THC pill that's proven to be completely safe in every way, except that some people think it's a little too strong and want weed instead.

It's amazing the lengths some people will take to rationalize the mindless paradox of arresting medical marijuana patients while simultaneously trying to sell them potent THC pills.
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You are a bit wrong here

To say that marinol "gets you blasted for several hours" is not a very accurate statement. It does provide a high, though, so you are correct in contradicting the propaganda. Of course, if you did a enough marinol to stone an elephant you might get "blasted for several hours" but most people have no interest in downing a bottle of the stuff. Dosage, Dosage, Dosage---The three truths of pharmacology.

I am a cancer patient who is

I am a cancer patient who is prescribed Marinol to increase my appetite. From personal experience, a single 4mg pill actually makes me feel very high for about 8 hours. Pharmacology will also tell you that any chemical will have a general effect that varies for each person. You cant just say that its going to only get someone high if they take the whole bottle because that isnt true.

You sir are very delusional

So you think dosage is the most important thing when it comes to pharmacology? Explain to me how prescription drug deaths have surpassed auto accident deaths then. Lemme guess, you work for a drug company and you're just spreading more HORSESHIT lies and propaganda? Don't wanna sound like a stoner hippy hellbent on blaming the government maaaaaaaaannnnnn but for fucks sake will you open your god damn eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how you scumbags sleep at night.

not that many i no i dont

not that many i no i dont

Silly Behavior

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I also enjoy powdered onions.  

confused and intrigued.

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WHOA DUDE... We share the


We share the same opinions generally on this subject but you stepped in a pile of it here...

The quote was: "Marinol is prescribed for treating vomiting in CHEMOTHERAPY PATIENTS and other uses. It provides relief, not a high"

Chemotherapy patients are NOT GETTING HIGH from taking this. They are in a state of such discomfort and ultimate, soul/body crushing pain that they DO NOT experience the effects as a 'high' per-se. It's really quite a different experience for someone who is actively fighting cancer.

It's hard to describe without going into a lot of detail, but I would strongly encourage you to visit a cancer ward or speak to patients who are using Marinol as a therapy and they will explain the nuances.

Essentially it's like the feeling you would have during the stomach flu, times 1,000 (or more) and someone comes along and gives you some kind of anonymous medicine in a bottle that makes your stomach feel better over the next hour, to the point that you're almost back to normal. Before you had been seized by soul rending vomit sprays, life extinguishing pain and a billion shards of tempered glass shooting through your body at a trillion miles an hour... NOW you feel like a normal human being.

That's what a chemo patient gets from Marinol. Someone coming back from the brink of existence due to huge pain is not going "Whoa, this Marinol is the SHIT!". They're gripping the edge of their bed with a death grip and trying to make it through another second, minute, hour, day, etc...

Every brain in every situation is a totally different chemical factory and will respond accordingly.

Yes, yes, yes. Chemo

Yes, yes, yes. Chemo patients don't really get "high" from THC. That's not the point. ANYONE in severe pain doesn't really get "high" from THC, or morphine, or any other painkiller. It's the underlining claim that Marinol does not induce euphoria ("getting high") that the article makes that Scott is debunking. He clearly isn't suggesting patients just use THC-based medicines to get high. And, even if they did, who could blame them? They're going through some pretty heavy shit.

Not what he's saying

What he's saying is that generally Marinol will get you high (or 'higher') than natural marijuana. Yes, you can't tell someone experiencing massive amounts of pain that they're getting 'high,' whether it be from natural THC or Marinol. But when some claim that Marinol doesn't get you 'high,' that's just B-S. Completely different subject when talking about legitimate medical usage, that's not getting high at all.

And I do believe that the medical marijuana movement is largely just for stoners to use it recreationally. Not saying there aren't people who absolutely need it for medical purposes, I'm just saying 90% of the support for it and 90% of the use of it is for recreational.

The REAL issue here is...

The real issue here is that it is ludacris to say that Marinol (100% pure synthetic THC) is somehow safer (as in less dangerous) than using the natural plant which only has on average 10% THC and the dosage can be far more easily tailored to a person or patients individual needs.

Who cares if a person gets "high" or not off of either form of THC introduction? Remember, the feds are claiming that "its not your fathers or grandfathers pot anymore" due to the increase of THC to on average 10%, while simultaniously claiming patients are completely safe using a product that is 100% pure THC. The active ingredient in marijuana.

By this logic, marijuana is not safe because it is not as strong as Marinol. I mean seriously, 10% THC is more harmful than 100% TCH? Who are they kidding?

Sounds Like Marinol Should Be Called 'Hashinol'?

Isn't that why we make hash? To get pure THC... errr... marinol?

Sounds like the idiots got it 100% 'back-asswards' again!

And we tolerate them why? And for how much longer?

Truth is Treason in the Kingdom of Lies - Ron Paul

Marinol and Marijuana

I have been doing research for a paper I have to write for my English Class so far I found found side effect results from UN-acknowledged case studies done by Universities across the USA. In this marijuana is a much healthier way by far than Marinol. Check out justice.gov look for Marinol and Marijuana both it has a lot of things on it but also Marinol is something you really do not want to mess with. My grandparents died from cancer I loved them dearly and I would not have given it to them, much less a rat. It is a very dangerous drug. Marijuana is categorized as a Schedule 1 Drug based on side effects such as Laughter come on people this is a joke. DEA is trying to keep not only Marijuana from people but the reason behind it all. SO WHAT IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!

The truth is... u can grow

The truth is... u can grow marijuana lmao... its full of seeds anyone can grow it... being that simple it's gonna be very difficult for the gov. To tax...thereby making it illegal to sell,grow,or be in possession of... as many ppl have stated b4 it is no more harmful than these pills... the pills may be even more harmful, bt u can't just make these pills...u have to purchase or buy them...I.e. ( a taxable product) therefore they are legal...just more revenue for the gov. In my opinion this is the only reason I see for marijuana not to be legalized... proof has shown alcohol even to be more dangerous and even cause more health problems bt because not everyone can make beer and liquor it has to be purchased in most cases... it is taxed it creates revenue so it is allowed to be legal in this country...point blank period there is no legit reason...just greed

Now, Now. Nothing is too

Now, Now. Nothing is too difficult for the government to tax. Colorado, Washington... ahh the government gets about apx. $10 in just taxes alone on marijuana sold in dispensaries. So you may not sit and say it will be difficult for the government to tax. and yes you can make your own pills, your own alcohol if you wanted to take the time to make them yourself. But in some peoples cases (addicts) don't want to wait for their fix they would rather just go and buy it. (Moonshiners?) And you don't think that Marijuana would create revenue? You obviously don't know a lot. In the states that have been legalized it is very difficult to get into the "backyard grow" anymore because it's legal and you can go to the store and buy it... ahh TAXES! and when you can go to the store, you will fork over the taxes and enjoy it. if this was to be legalized then the pesticide, fertilizers or other harmful chemicals would sieze. The dispensaries by law have to display the contents (Chemicals used) and the level of THC content as well. they don't wanna legalize at federal level because then the war on a different drug would start. Food for thought. "Why not legalize them all... wait don't flip a top yet... you are only allowed to do these substances in your own home. if you are caught driving, walking, out of your home in public you will be charged with a fine. (driving while intoxicated, driving while under the influence of "insert substance" now no one is crazy enough to have a meth, crack, heroin, etc designated place. now with that all being said, they have put too much money into the drug war to just back out now. The DEA classifies marijuana and meth to be equally dangerous (marijuana being more somehow???) but classifies crack and heroin and prescription pills as safe compared to marijuana... where is the sense? my oh my.... our government is completely lost their tops.. 

higher THC content = safer

It actually is safer insofar as inhaling smoke, from smoked marijuana (or any plant for that matter) has carcinogens, while pure THC does not. Eating something is always healthier than smoking it.

And smoking less of something is always healthier than smoking more of it. That being the case, the "new, modern, more potent pot" with a higher THC content is actually a lot healthier than "your grandfather's pot" because one has to smoke less of it to get the same effects - thus a lessened risk of smoke-related cancers and other health problems (again, due to the smoke and not the THC).

I agree with you, but dont

I agree with you, but dont confuse "more" with "more concentrated". 10% of 1,000 is more than 100% of 10. It is not a very strong argument to say that a 100% THC pill has to be stronger than a 10% THC plant. Doctors will make sure that the patient will get a pill that is 100% of a small enough dose of THC to allow for it to be not as much as the patient would get if they were to get baked out of their mind.

The problem with smoked

The problem with smoked marijuana is that, unlike Marinol, it contains much more than just THC. In fact there are around 480 other cannanbinoids with unknown health effects. Crude marijuana also contains other carcinogenic compounds such as carbon monoxide, vinyl chloride, benz(a)anthacene, benzo(a)pyrene, as well as other carcinogenic compounds. As far as THC goes, the crude plant form of marijuana contains a widely varying amount. Different plants can contain anywhere from 5 to 20% THC. Since Marinol only THC, the dosage can easily be controlled, which is one of the three major requirements of any form of medication.

In general I agree with the

In general I agree with the general viewpoint. Marijuana is much safer than anti-drug pundits make it out to be and it does not make medical sense to not allow doctors to prescribe it in controlled settings. Doctors are allow to prescribe other drugs that are shown to be much more dangerous if abused. In fact, research seems to suggest that marijuana is at least as safe as other drugs we allow to be purchased OTC for recreational use (alcohol & nicotine).

Nonetheless, this argument isn't all that good. First of all, THC is the predominant active substance in marijuana, but one of many cannabinoids found in THC. Even if someone shows THC is safe, it does not mean they have shown other cannabinoids, and therefore marijuana, is safe. Finally, one of the biggest dangers of marijuana is not the active substances, but the tar and crap that is in any smoke coming from burned plant material. Having a pill is likely safer than smoking marijuana (the predominant for of administering the drug) regardless of the safety of THC. If you ignore all the other cannabinoids, it would be hard to argue why marijuana should be allowed for medical use when Marinol exists. BTW, you can control dosages of pills by using different ratios of active and inactive ingredients. The truth is that you cannot ignore other substances in marijuana. They have their own effects and interact with THC. There are arguments that natural cannabis has benefits over Marinol.

The point that Scott brings up is a useful piece of information in trying to educate the public about the safety of marijuana, but it does not quite represent a "mindless paradox." Also, just because the FDA approves something does not make it "proven to be completely safe in every way," it suggests that in certain cases (to be judged by a medical professional) the benefits outweigh the risks.

Oh dear... Listen, cannabis

Oh dear...

Listen, cannabis is safe. It's a fact. All the other cannabinoids (the only other really important being Cannabidiol which actually helps to reduce any anxiety/paranoia caused by straight THC) found in the cannabis are safe. Really, look it up.

(I define "safe" as being non-toxic and non-lethal at even high doses)

As for smoking. Well, I have to say is one word: Vaporizer. No tar, no smoke, just vapor.

Synthetic Verses Natural THC Products

If CDC Chief Thomas Friedman is in favor of developing a “synthetic” marijuana spray for medicinal purposes, he should visit medical marijuana dispensaries in California where a marijuana spray extracted from cannabis is already available to patients.

Synthesizing THC is both complicated and prohibitively expensive, and you end up with the very same chemical in the end.  One difference is that a synthesis is likely to be performed in a sophisticated pharmaceutical manufacturing facility or laboratory, while an extraction of THC from cannabis can be done with relatively inexpensive chemical apparatus by anyone with a minimal knowledge of chemistry and the procedures.

Also, a pure THC preparation may not be sufficient for the needs of a medical patient.  Medical cannabis patients often choose their medicine based on the relative concentrations of THC and cannabidiol, with THC-predominant pot (sativa) being chosen for ailments such as depression, and with cannabidiol-predominant pot (indica) chosen as a sleep aid, etc.  Inhaling the drug makes it very easy to regulate the needed dosage, making initial concentrations irrelevant.

Since there are roughly sixty other cannabinol compounds in marijuana, there is speculation that these compounds can act synergistically or in league with THC to treat specific or rare medical symptoms.  Researching this synergy makes the research exponentially more labor intensive with each cannabinol that is added to the mix, especially if different ratios of combinations are necessary for a desired medical result.

Marijuana bypasses this problem by offering the patient a complete spectrum of cannabinol compounds whose overall effects can be quickly determined simply by smoking the plant material and observing the results.  With natural cannabis there is no need to wait forever for the feds to start doing serious medical research on cannabinols, something they appear to have little or no desire to do anyway.


Of course they want to synthesize it... they own the patent!

Of course they want to synthesize it... they own the patent!

Most folks are aware that the U.S. Government continues to maintain the old drug war refrain that marijuana has no accepted medical value... yet the same U.S. Governmet holds the patent for... are you ready for this... "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants".

That's right kiddies, your government currently holds U.S. Patent # 6,630,507, since 2003, claiming: "Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties... cannabinoids are found to have particular applications as neuroprotectants... limiting neurological damage following... stroke and trauma... or in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases... such as Alzheimer's... Parkinson's... and HIV dementia".

Please, someone tell me how a christian gov't that kills or incarcerates those that dare to disagree while claiming one thing then positions itself to profit from the exact opposite can be legal or moral... even in this scoundrel ridden christian nation.

It's not the THC that scares the crap out of uncle scam and the religious... it's the BSBs... the 'Bullshit Blockers'!

And nobody loves 'baffling us with bullshit' more then god and gov't... because it's it's much easier then 'blinding us with brilliance'!

What I really want to know is how did the gov't aquire the patent to marijuana without FDA approval... or was the science approved illegally w/o our knowledge!

Remember, Crimes Don't Commit Themselves. And behind every great crime you'll find the purveyors of gods and gov'ts!

synthetic vs. natural, Giordano calls it right

Thank you Giordano. You offer some of the best explanations I've read, but I'll have to do more research (maybe you have a good link?) on the respective levels of Cannabinoids in Sativa vs. Indica.

I'm a medical user, but defer to my wife's request for traveling to use the prescribed pills, rather than risk arrest by traveling with my natural blend. The high is similar, but I don't know what I'm putting into my body with those pills, which I'm taking primarily as an antiseizure. Curiously, the warning is to inform your doctor if you've ever had a seizure disorder before beginning Marinol. This damned prohibition is once again making matters worse. Bottom line, I checked a bag that included some brownies and a couple of joints that apparently weren't discovered (the bag had a note from the TSA that it had been chosen for inspection). On the return trip, I had a joint in my shorts pocket, even a Bic lighter (stupidly), that I carried through the scanner without incident. All's well that ends well.

I don't believe 100% THC is an accurate description of the pharmaceutical blend. It's a synthetic, laboratory prepared substitute that doesn't provide all the healthful benefits of cannabis. What's worse, they don't know which cannabinoids, or combinations of cannabinoids, it doesn't or isn't able to mimic. End this ridiculous prohibition.


...means PATENTABLE, therefore PROFITABLE. AS usual, it's all about the money. I prefer bake and eat form.


I believe the patent for synthetic THC has expired. There is now generic Marinol, or dronabinol. Of course it still doesn't have all those extra cannabinoids you get in your bake and eat variety, and it's a lot more expensive, but patents aren't everything. Drugs made in pharmacuetical company labs and sold through pharmacies are always going to be more expensive than something you grow yourself, or even something mass produced by companies other than pharmacuetical companies.

I would say it is expensive

Generic Marinol at the lowest priced pharmacy in this town costs $8.12 per 10mg pill. I take it for the nausea that the chemo drug Hydrea gives me, I need the Hydrea for a condition that while non-cancerous, is potentially life threatening if not treated.  However when it comes to the side effects like nausea the Hydrea could care less if you have cancer or not, only the damn insurance companies care about that, I'm still fighting them, for now I have to pay for it out-of-pocket. I get a laugh from all the posts stating Marinol "makes you high as hell", aside from keeping the nausea under control, and making my analgesics work a little more efficiently I barely notice I'm taking it.


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Marinole Effective??

"Marinol is prescribed for treating vomiting in chemotherapy patients and other uses."

SO if it is used to treat nausia how are patients supposed to GET AND KEEP the pill down???

Sorry, but it sounds to me like in inadequate prescription. "You keep throwing up because of the Chemo?" "Here's a few pills that will help with that"... of coarse if you don't throw them up too!!

Marinol is NOT 100% THC

The synthetic THC [dronabinol] contained in Marinol is dissolved in sesame oil. A 10mg Marinol contains 1/100th of a gram THC, and the rest of the ~200mg pill is sesame oil and the gelatin encapsulant.

At $2200 a gram, Marinol's synthetic THC is MUCH more profitable than that which comes in $15/gram herb containing 10%THC... [you do the math]

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Why would someone think Marinol is 100% THC? A Marinol pill is almost all inert substances.

gov't patents cannabinoids, big pharma wanna sell you pure THC

While it's a felony to grow the plant. If it was just a movie, it would be pretty funny. Real life, not so much.

Lot of good replies to this post, my favorite is "whoa dude ...", for the passion it brought to explaining that getting high is usually the last thing on a pain wrecked patients mind. But as another post pointed out, so what if they were getting high? Do people really want to begrudge and deny someone undergoing chemotherapy the right to get high from weed if that is the only way they feel well enough to eat? Sounds pretty sadistic to me.

Side effects of Cannabis and Marinol look pretty similiar

This is under the side effects for Marinol on rxlist.com (http://www.rxlist.com/marinol-drug.htm)

"A cannabinoid dose-related "high" (easy laughing, elation and heightened awareness) has been reported by patients receiving MARINOL Capsules in both the antiemetic (24%) and the lower dose appetite stimulant clinical trials (8%). "

Looks pretty similiar to what people who smoke cannabis report feeling like...go figure.



why should it be considered

why should it be considered ok to use a sysnteic version that can be harmful instead of natural version,that not harmful at all,and if you think it is, show us the proof,because i know you can not.Think about this like a glass of orange juice would you really drink a made in a lab version of it that could be harmful,or the real thing that is actually good for you just like pot.

Synthetic THC is no more

Synthetic THC is no more harmful than THC from a natural origin. It's the same chemical compound. The difference in injesting Marinol and an equal dose of THC in pot brownies is that the pot brownies would contain other cannabinoids besides just THC. These extra cannabinoids might provide some additional medical benefit, but the THC is the same stuff whether it's made in a lab or in nature.

Synthetic THC is no more

WRONG! The butter fat only absorbs THC molecules. Baked cannabis goods only contain THC.


smoking pot is more dangerous because you never know whats really in it. People use pesticides that are deadly the THC pills are safer (unless you growe your own). Ive taken THC pills befor they get you high but it takes alot if you popping them. Personaly I think its better just to chop the pill up and smoke the pill, And I personal think the government should leglize pot, grow there own, and sell it cheaper than street prices. Every bodys happy. ps. Its fucked up that pot is illegal. you can overdose on OTC meds even water, but (if you grow your own like me) pot you can smoke as much as you want you'll only smoke your self sober. It has been proven that you can overdose smoking pot, but its physically impossible to smoke 150,000 pounds of pot in 5 minutes (the lowest level possible to overdose on THC with typical 10% THC pot).

wait, WHAT!!!!!!!!

Pills are not safe! I've taken enough to know that. And why do you smoke? Is it becuase there are things you want to cover up, or take away the pain from cancer/desease, or are you a stoner. Maybe you're just couping with something. But pills don't do shit. keep smoken man keep smoken. I sa-fuckin-lute you

the reason why ganja is illegal:

Its the healing of the nation

I find it ridiculous that

I find it ridiculous that our government will allow a man-made chemical to be sold as medicine that is constantly claimed to be ineffective compared to the natural occuring one, and at the same time the god-made one is a scheduled 1 drug. It's true that when considering using medical marijuana, you also have to acknowledge the 200 other cannabinoids within the plant. This is why the government should allow marijuana to be tested within a lab. There has been testing, but not enough because even the other side of the argument uses no facts on most of the other cannabinoids.
To the Christians who just thinks that the use of drugs is morally wrong, boy do I have a quote for you.
"Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man "
-Jesus Christ (Matthew 15:11)

ALSO to all Christians

ALSO to all Christians opposed......

Genesis 1 11-12
Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so. The land produced vegetaion: plants bearing seed according to their kind and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.


oh my god

the thing is... 

your stance is so gay.  You obviously use thc in some way, but who fuckin cares,.   I am agnostic, and think that I am a total idot for even being on this forum.  Dude, do you really want to be so gay that you quote the bible and take a stance like that,.  so retarded hoss.  You kinda give the whole movement a sour vibe.  Really, we both have no business being on here.  but you are SUPER GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost as gay as you...now

Almost as gay as you...now get back under your bridge, billy goats have been crossing it unimpeded all day...

legalize it

legalize it

there is not a dame thing rong with thc i know people all over the world use it to just get high but there are people all over the world that use it because there in pain or cant sleep if they have a hard tme sleeping it in not bad i think that they schould make it legal


Maybe if you didn't  smoke your spelling would be better.

i would also like to bring

i would also like to bring up the fact that marijuana wasn't made illegal because of any other reason than racism, thus the DEA and our lovely government have no reason to claim it has no benefits. i have severe rheumatoid arthritis and, well let's just say i know it has benefits. i was on 80mg of methadone a day for pain and felt like a zombie and went into a VERY deep depression as well as burning a lot of bridges due to apathy and exhaustion. i really can't understand how the government came up with their "evidence" if they don't even test it themselves because that would be against the law (as well as hypocritical). i believe that the opioid medications they allow doctors to over-prescribe so willingly are FAR more dangerous than marinol and inhaled thc. we need someone in our government that can look back at why certain beneficial drugs were banned and make a better decision on whether or not they were banned for the right reasons.

I ran out of time writing my last post so....................

I ran out of time writing my last post so...................

I think that the main reason the DEA is against legalizing Mary Jane is money. Every bust they seize money in goes to their operations fund and they would also lose agents due to not needing them for weed busts. So they have a large stake in the fight. Although, they could put those people on the really dangerous drugs. in my opinion they'd help the nation, and the world, by doing so as they are always complaining about manpower. Maybe they would finally make an impact on the cartels, afghan warlords, and most importantly the so-called narco-terrorists.
Back to my racism comment in the previous post...............for those that don't know the story, here it is in it's watered down version. Harry J. Anslinger, in the early 20th century, went on a campaign, crusade, or a racist filled agenda to ban drugs in the U.S. or die trying. He started by making a move against opium epidemic by lying to congress and the American people saying that the Chinese men were luring "unsuspecting" white women and then raping them or pimping them out. He also used the China's opium pandemic it was dealing with as an example. His next venture was tackling the cocaine problem which was mainly an issue in the south at that time. African Americans used it to give them the energy they needed while working long hours at the dock and in the fields. They weren't the only ones using it, as it was a recreational drug as well to the white people including one Sigmund Freud. Anslinger's tactic for cocaine was again lying to congress by saying that the, and i'm quoting this so i apologize if it offends anyone, "cocaine crazed Negroes" were raping white women and going into a frenzy of madness and destruction. If that's not racist i don't know what is. Anslinger's last obstacle was good old reliable Mary. This time he lied to congress by saying that the predominately Mexican population were once again luring white women into the jazz clubs, getting them high on weed, then raping them. Does anyone see a pattern emerging? African Americans were also named as offenders in the jazz club scenario. He was secretly using all of his bullshit rhetoric to get Mexicans deported because there were too many of them, at least his mind. As well as interracial relationships, which infuriated Anslinger. Well, needless to say, he lied well and was able to get the moronic congress of the time to pass the laws against these drugs. Alcohol would soon follow, though i don't know if he was a player in that or not. One last thing, ALL THREE of these drugs were used to cure a whole slue of ailments, including the Queen's menstrual cramps. Cocaine and opium, which was by then made into heroine, were touted as miracle drugs and later were demonized as the scourge of man.

Though I agree with banning opium, both smoked as well as injected as heroine, and cocaine, which was normally injected as well. They are extremely dangerous and extremely addictive. I strongly disagree about Mary and hope the DEA and government pull their head out their asses and realize that there are more important drugs to due battle with.

I hope this has been informative to everyone. If I'm outside the boundaries of this thread i sincerely apologize. i just want people to know the disturbing details as to how those drugs were made into the Devil himself.

LONG LIVE QUEEN MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They really should just

They really should just legalize pot already. The government and local agencies could make/save money on doing so.

They would save money by not wasting their time and manpower arresting people for pot alone, that way officers will have more time to go after hard-core drug users/dealers and people who are actually hurting others.

They would make money becuase it could be sold and taxed, and the economy could use all the help it needs right now. They could at least try doing a probationary period, like its legal for 2 years in some states or nation wide(dunno how well it would work, but its an idea) and they can see how things work out.

Plus, with it being legal there will be no need to go to drug dealers that more than likely sell other drugs(seriously how many are there that sell pot exclusively?) Which would decrease the chances of some one deciding/being coerced to try cocaine or something worse. So over time pot could possibly lose its stigma of being a "gateway drug", because i think its more of the drug dealers pushing the other drugs instead of someone just going "I wanna try crack" randomly.

Okay for all those who say

Okay for all those who say legalize POT are quote one quote STUPID. If POT is legalized the government will take control of it and make the POT less potent. do you really want that? I mean the only reason why WE some it is to get a hi and chill. NOT only will the government get control of it but put a taxes on it. Maybe double the price or even triple it. not only should you worrier about INFLATION but then there will be a age limit. WE don't want that. LEAVE POT AND ME ALONE

Hi theyre

I am retarded and I wish that Santa Cloz wood bring bagz of weed to me because I have it all figured out...like how the guverment is like killing weed with the mean power that somehow killz weeed.  And like religion says that weed is okay and stuff and then things will cure stuff.  Peeple who think that Marjoram is illegal are totally ingorant and they should pay lots moore attention to the cancer in patience that need it.  i am sick and tired of all the Cops that keep jackin me for resin and sluts in my car.  Gonja is legaly acceptable and is completely safe for all of mandkine. LOAD A HUGE BOAL 5-0!  Sea you on 420~  

keep the dream alive and never let the cops kill it!  Never give up~!



Hell no (Prove it works) don't legalize it yet

I would love to see proof that it actually works for what everyone says it does for.  Because I know for sure (what has been tested) what it works for.  I have pain in a joint that was fused and tried pot and even tried the THC and both are crap didn't even touch the pain, and really shouldn't have touched the pain anyways.  Its not used for joint pain medication. 

When I am in pain I want something that actually works(I don't care if i am high from it or not, but I prefer to not be high) My choice for drug for my pain is codeine pure 100mg at a time(It works for me for my joint pain, it reliefs the pain).  If you where caught with that drug you would be arrested just like MJ(Unless you have a prescription for them) so if they make MJ legal I want codiene to be legal too.  I see no point to making MJ legal, I think its just a bunch of stoners(dopes) want it legal so its easier to get.  Difference between someone who needs it for medical issues is different then someone smokin it for pleasure(Like drinking beer its a pleasure for some, and they don't even need it or even know what it is doing to them)

The whole point of getting rid of pain is so I don't have to feel it and can feel normal again for as long as the meds last for.  That means even if it makes me high or not high.  That goes the same way with Chemo patients.  They use it for eating pain relief(I doubt that, usually its morphine for pain)and other stuff. Marinol contains only a little THC in it. For someone who has never had MJ of course or even havn't had Marinol they might feel happy etc, but really I felt happy when I take my codiene and then you get use to the meds and you don't get those side effects anymore but the meds still doing the job they need to do.

THC doesn't work for joint pain, muscle pain etc.  Although it has been proven to help Chemo patients and also help the diagnosis and help pain with nurve issues. A friend of mine started on new pills on the market 2 weeks ago before he smoked MJ and nothing(He tried smoking MJ to see if it would help his pain cause nothing was helping him) He actually thaught leff of THC at the time. Doctor put him on a new pill forget the name but it has 40mg of THC slow reacting (1 pill = $750 His prescription 30 pills = 22400 plus tax for 15 day supply).  He said for the first time in his life that it actually helps the pain. He said it doesn't get rid of the pain but it does help dim it down a little bit 8/10 to 5/10.  And his pain is from nerves in his wrist.  The first time he took it he was on a stronger dose and they had to regulate the mg he could take..  But he says they have it regulated where his pain is still 5/10 but he has no high feeling.  To bad MJ isn't made out to be all that, or the THC for that matter. 

I myself, I see no benefit from it.  I have seen a few other people use THC or the smoking method and say its garbage and doesn't work for what they want it to work for.  Reasons is, its already been proven in most area's it won't help anything.  Its like Oxy Cotin for example, it works for only certain things, so does MJ, Only difference is MJ is used by every stoner on the streets to have fun. Medicine isn't sapose to be pleasurable its for the sick and not for the perfect healthy person.  Other thing is in Canada where I am from if you are having nurve pain from an injury and ask for ways of controlling the pain they just might recommend a THC pill for the pain now because of this new pill.  Also the meds come with a big price tag, and still don't get rid of all the pain 100%.  THC is over rated by the public.

The method of smoking compared to a pill, I find a pill more easier to monitor intake amounts, and not have to worry about.  Also smoking you can't control the intake like controlling a pill.  You can't control the mg intake from smoking something(take smokes for example they give you a range of mg of contents inhaled)In a pill form its always the same no matter what, so 40mg of THC I know I get that if thats what is in a pill, but to match that I might have to smoke 5lbs, and someone else smokes 4lbs to get the same amount.  But yet everyone wants MJ legalized I say HELL NO its a prescription drug just like t3, t4, perks, oxy etc.  Also THC is adictive, the reason we have doctors is to go to them for advice on medications that work because they have better education than you or I or else we would be a doctor!  Thats why THC pills are FDA-Aproved and smoking MJ isn't, its the risk factor out ways the pros with MJ and with THC pills the pros out way the risk factor

After all THC is about the active ingredient not about someone going out back afterwork and smoking a blunt they are 2 different things.  Basically this article is comparing Pain VS Pleasure....  Just thing abou tthat

I want you to know that you

I want you to know that you are WRONG. THC has more benefits than your mind can comprehend. You obviously need to smoke a joint to improve your spelling and your means to get a point across. There are only STRONG benefits to the use of THC. It doesn't work for the entire population of the world. One side effect of pot or the pill is no effect at all. Read up on it and get educated.

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