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Drunk Reporter Debates Marijuana Legalization in a Bar

Ok, maybe she's just a little tipsy, but this is surreal either way:

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She sits there in a place

She sits there in a place where she can legally buy AND consume on the spot, the most harmful substance known to man.

Great debate to have in a bar

If I were there debating, I'd end it by asking her to turn around, pick out a few bottles of hard liquor and chug them. In turn I'll smoke an ounce of this supposedly too potent weed we have nowadays. Let's see which one of us causes a bigger scene and ends up in the hospital, or worse, dead. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be me.

Doesn't our right to privacy and our citizenship in a free country entitle women to get abortions? Makes sense to me. So why then can't I grow and smoke a plant? What part of the constitution allows the federal government to regulate this? Interstate commerce my ass- they added an amendment for alcohol because that was about the only way they could constitutionally regulate it. So where's the amendment saying I can't use what substances I want?

Next time have the debate in a cop bar

I would like to see cops state their position on marijuana while unwinding over their booze. In any case, I think its wonderful that FOX News is sparking more conversation over marijuana legally-allowed regulation than any other major news group.

its only illegal because the

its only illegal because the police / goverment smoke alot of it and they make it illegal so they can take it off people and smoke it for themselfs so they dont have to pay same with all other illegal drugs, since when do the goverment care about the people? BONG ON


Happy to help!

The follow up of Senator Cohen (TN)


Want to do a little investigation? Who is Circle Solutions, Inc? What do they do? Does gil kerlikowskes' wife own part of this company? Is the DOJ on of their clients? Sic 'em


I guess you know something I don't Robert/Va. CircleS' is located in VA.after all. And they do rep/advise DOJ. But , cui bono?

This is fine with me

I have no problem with this video. Look, the women has to play devil's advocate and she pointed out the fallacies that Nadelman should easily be able to debunk which he did. It is necessary to point out bunk so as to have it refuted in an intelligent manner. Too often, when the opportunity rises, the person speaking on behalf of ending the war on marijuana users becomes caught like a dear in the headlights and does not hit home the points that need to be made. I am happy that Fox is even debating the issue and having Nadelman on. Yes, it is ironic that the debate takes place in a bar and that she may have had a drink or two (personally, I thought she did alright), but hey that was also a good thing because again it hits home the hyprocrisy of our drug laws. Frankly, I don't think the point was lost on the producers. Image is everything, even if it is self-critical in a supposedly ignorant way. Keep having this discussion CNBC and FOX business. We are at the tipping point and you guys are the legitimacy the movement needs. Besides, we all know that at least half the stock traders smoke marijuana--just ask those that are charging $400 plus an ounce in NYC. I bet they (the dealers) are shaking in the boots.

I agree with your interpretation

and I also agree that, even if she had been drinking (we have no way of knowing for certain), she did just fine up 'til that one slip of the tongue near the end.

I advise every reformer reading this to send the YouTube link for that video, along with a link to this blog, to everyone you know and include some of the better points Anonymous wrote above (there are quite a few from which to choose in that post) with the links. That'll get the discussion to spread even wider, especially if many of your contacts are either not current supporters of reform of our drug laws or are on the fence (like over half of my contacts). Those who are reformers will pass it along to others, and perhaps even some of the on-the-fencers will, too. Ripples, people, ripples. Particularly point up the hypocrisy of the "some drugs prohibition" and the irony of the discussion being held at that location, with a reporter who may have been imbibing the legal liquid drug before the interview.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Welcome to Fox's Christian Drug Den

OH, the hypocricy of those little jesus freaks at Fox!

Imagine a TV anchor high on her drug of choice - alcohol - arguing marijuana smokers don't have a right to their drug of choice.

But the mere fact that they would debate illegal marijuana prohibition from an alcohol drug den is pure christian exceptianism.

Wish they'd get raptured already and leave the rest of us in peace!


Gil Kerlikowskes' wife owns part of the Company, as well as works there.

Totally Cool

I loved this debate! Fox has been airing more and more pieces which include people who want to end prohibition. This is how the cause will gain supporters. Every honest debate brings us closer to re-legalizing cannabis.

legal pot

does anybody remember when arizona did the whole tax stamp thing? cant remember the guys name but he won a battle in court and was able to sell marijuana LEGALLY at the superbowl because he had paid his taxes and arresting him was considered double jeopardy.
the dispensaries in california have been paying income tax on all the pot they sell. at least thats what they said on cnbc's "MARIJANA INC." wouldnt it stand to reason that by accepting income tax from these dispensaries the federal go has unknowingly DEFACTO LEGALIZED marijuana across the board?
you guys in these organizations need to pay more attn. gonzales vs raich... justice thomas GAVE all of yer worthless tails the proper wording in his dissenting opinion to get the stuff legalized and you ALL dropped the ball and moved on to the next pointless bitch session.


not quite

The cannabis dispensaries pay state taxes, not federal taxes. It's technically not tax evasion because under federal law it can't be taxed.

Actually I saw that show and he's right

The interviewed operators of the dispensaries did not exactly say how much they are sending the IRS but they did say they are paying federal income taxes in the tens of thousands of dollars every year per each individual. However, just because one's income comes from an "illegal" activity does not exempt one from filing a federal return, one must still report the "illegal" income and pay taxes on it; but, unfortunately, doing so does NOT make the "illegal" activity defacto "legal".

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

one more thing

sorry i should have been more specific. what i meant to say was if a dispensary owner that has been paying taxes to the feds gets busted... he/she should be able to bring up the double jeopardy thing as a defense. this would make pot legal and the feds would hafta write an entirely new law to recriminalize it. marijuana will be legal the second a smart lawyer jumps on the double jeopardy bandwagon.


Maybe I'm confused, but how

Maybe I'm confused, but how would this be double jeopardy? A dispensary operator gets busted. Ok, does he go to court or just receive a citation or what? If he goes to court, he's tried, yadda yadda, conviction. From my reasoning, double jeopardy just means that he can't be tried again for this particular offense. If he goes back and sells more weed, isn't that a separate offense?

Please help me understand your reasoning...thanks

dear confused

I'm no lawyer man but I know a few simple things about law from followin this stupid war since I went thru d.a.r.e. Back when it was first introduced.
Double jeopardy does not pertain merely to being tried and convicted of the same offence twice. The government MAY NOT collect a tax from you knowing what was being sold to pay that tax and then arrest and prosecute you for selling the stuff that they happily collected taxes from.
Sounds really confusing which is probably why it is illegal... Not to mention the fact that it is WRONG!
I don't remember when the guy in arizona got busted but I do know that it happened a LONG time ago and pot was legal in az til they rewrote the law. Not a bad memory for one those people the government warns us about eh? Only difference here is the fact that these are the feds. And the guy in az had a license from the state... Another long story. Maybe someone here at this site can dredge up the old reports and see if this would be helpful for some of the most recent victims of a govt gone mad.

Legalize and tax it.

I don't smoke pot but think everyone should have the right too. It's to costly to enforce and punish the people who choose to smoke.

So legalize, tax and save money.


Drew B's picture

Fermented Fruit

She says "…sacrifice your standards and let anybody smoke pot." Which just goes to show that for many people this is not a matter of our country's Founding Documents and the "values" they stand for, but an illegally imposed unconstitutional religion of hate against marijuana.

For all we know there may be so many people who hate hearing how marijuana is immoral and will lead to "lower productivity" that the Hawthorne Effect will take place, and marijuana users will go in to overdrive and blow away the non-users. :-) Personally I don't doubt this is already happening, but for now folks have to "stay in the closet" about such things.

What has been the fruit of the War on Drugs? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or governments' corruption, death, and destruction?

Make a decision

As Mexican drug cartels move into quiet Atlanta neighborhoods, Senators Chambliss and Isakson tell us they'll take NO steps to legalize marijuana because "it might be bad for us".

The cartels murdered more than 6,000 people last year and more than 2,300 so far this year, while marijuana has never killed a single person in the history of man.

Our *only* protection against the cartels is to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to adults. We have a choice to make, either allow bars to legally sell marijuana to adults or watch in terror as the cartels conduct their business in our neighborhoods.

Tell your legislators what you decide.

End the Prohibition!!

She's so stupid.

She's so stupid.

Today is the last day to Vote

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