Christian Science Monitor Advocates Teaching Kids to Support the Drug War

Pete Guither patiently sifted through all the nonsense in this epic anti-marijuana-legalization rant at Christian Science Monitor, so I'll just mention one quote from the article:

Maybe parents thought they left peer pressure behind when they graduated from high school. But the push to legalize marijuana is like the peer pressure of the schoolyard. The arguments are perhaps timely, but they don't stand up, and parents must now stand up to them.

They must let lawmakers know that legalization is not OK, and they must carry this message to their children, too.

That's right kids! The drug war is your best friend. If it wasn't for the drug war, that nice lady at school who collects your pee samples would be out of a job.

Of course, urging parents to warn their children against the horrors of legalization may sound utterly ridiculous, but it's actually perfectly ok with me. Go ahead, seriously. Tell them these laws are controversial. The sooner they learn to think critically about drug policy, the better.
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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

Regulation is A OK

It's what protects kids from schoolyard drug dealers. It's what keeps little kids from becoming schoolyard drug dealers, like the several hundred thousand that exist today.

Furthermore, we are coming upon three months of summer vacation "party season" for high school students where schools will not be able to have any drug testing impact. So parents are shit shape if they are relying only on schools and police to keep their kids off marijuana.

Information should be free, even for kids

I think children deserve to know what their (for lack of a better term) elders are legislating these days. Legalizing marijuana is like a siren call for drug pushers and addicts alike; and children deserve to know the truth and be forewarned.


When Weed is legalized, "drug pushers" will have the same status as your pushers A.K.A. bartenders who peddal booze to suffering alcohol addicts

One of my Jr. high school

One of my Jr. high school teachers was nearly fired because she told us that some people think that drugs should be legalized because it would actually reduce violence and crime. She had to give a big apology the next day and assert that the people who believed these things were very wrong.

At 17 I was caught with pot and the prosecutor explained to me quite clearly that if I thought weed should be legalized, I would need to be severely punished, but if I quickly adopted the stance that what I had done was very shameful and very wrong he'd go easy on me. (I lied and admitted the horrible shame of my deeds, and never paid the fine).

I guess my point is, the way they try to instill this ideology in kids has the opposite effect in many cases. They honestly have no fucking clue what they're doing. Let them be idiots, they are the ones who will truly bring their own undoing.
Legalize Cannabis!

P.S. for a fun time find a Red Bull Cola, read the ingredient list, then read the Schedule II controlled substances list on, and then THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!!!!

When the Jesus Addicts Are Ready For Reason...

When the Jesus Addicts Are Ready For Reason... then we'll be ready to give a shit what these delusional dipshits think!

Remember, in Christianity blind ignorance, and a willingness to kill or incarcerate those that disagree with your delusion are virtues. And, despite the rule of law, their gods grace will always trump our democracy.

Religion, especially when inflicted upon the children, is nothing more than the coercion of conscience & free will - not to mention free thought - and is the leading contributor to the mental disease know as cognitive dissonance disorder.


It's Neither

As it s publication clearly demonstrates, 'Christian Science' is neither Christian nor Science.

That last commenter confuses Christianity -- based upon the Bible with its Book of Genesis -- with Romish Masonry with its criminal mercantilism for cigarette market protection (see the masonic imagery in the cigarette logos about halfway through the following link):

The last comment doesn't sound confusing...

The last comment doesn't sound confusing... he correctly recognises the dangers of placing the faith in authority over the rule of law... as described in the constitution and declaration of independence.

Christianity can best be admired for what it started out as: a struggle for freedom... from the oppression of pagans, catholics, jews... and muslims to a much lessor extent.

The new testament was assembled long after jesus died (and not resurrected) and has little to do with his real teachings based on individual spirituality, tolerance, and yes... love of all thy brothers... no matter how imperfect!

Q. So how did modern christianity get so mangled... so few ask?
A. Through the deliberate avoidance of examining 'cause and effect' - effectively shunning enlightenment - in fear of the light it would shine upon their many theories and questionably moral actions.... assuming murder isn't as obvious as it tends to be.

Authority, whether religious or governmental, should never be blindly accepted... and must always be monitored for accuracy and compliance with the rule of law.

Funny how 'christian leaders' love to claim this is a christian nation with all of the great virtues that jesus brings to the party, but, then miraculously fails to acknowledge all the death and destruction that follows in the path of a righteous god.

If 80% of americans are christians then who did all the killing throughout american history... the atheists?

It's also critical to know that many of americas greatest thinkers and leaders were not christians... they were deists... rejecting the scriptures... and the theory of an all seeing and all knowing god.

Abraham Lincoln bitterly rejected the scriptures and couldn't be elected today knowing all we do about his fervent rejection of christianity. Thomas Jefferson, a deist, rewrote the new testament minus the mumbo-jumbo super-naturalism contained within. George Washington, a deist, hated the ignorance christianity wrought upon otherwise rational men. Benjamin Franklin, a deist, more than anyone rejected christianity and the limits it placed in minds of men.

History is a Battlefield & Hell on the Christian Theory of Things!

Get back on the subject!

It is about the teaching of the drug war to "Christian Scientists". As noted in one of the responses above, they are neither Christians or scientists! I recognize the hate!

Only if u recognise the truth... of 'christian' prohibition

I don't care about your perceptions. I'll take hateful words by atheists over hateful actions by christians anyday.

Facts hurt and my previous statement stands. Christian institutions were and remain a huge / majority part of the prohibition problem.

Staying on subject/target is what I'm doing... identifying known enemies to the rule of law... which is why you and i are labelled criminals... criminals that just haven't been caught yet... but criminals just the same... according to the majority of christian organizations.

The "christian scientists" at issue may not be 'as christian' or scientific as 'other' christians or scientists... but i'm not interested in 'degrees of christianity'. Fact is 'christian scientists', especially astronomers, have existed throughout history and they still exist today... even in the vatican city!

Besides whats the difference? How many self-proclaimed christians are 'real' christians anyway...not many! Imagine the entertainment value of a reality show at the pearly gates... when idiots like pat roberts try to get in... REJECTED!

I wonder what level of hell pat wil end up on? Probably levels 5 or 6!


YOU Will never stop the drug war with present laws

Medical Cannabis

I would like any of these people who are blind followers of anything that CANNABIS has been proven to not be the dangerous drug it was made out to be. If it was so why has the government been supplying 300 pre-rolled Cannabis Joints every 25 days to 5 people for FREE they pay absolutely nothing for their MEDICATION and it has been successfully working for the last 30 years. and you can also see the study of these people and the long term uses of smoking cannabis. You can vew the information at and you can also view video testimonies at

Why Does Uncle Scam Own Marijuana Patent # 6,630,507?

Most folks are aware that the U.S. Government continues to maintain the old drug war refrain that marijuana has no accepted medical value... yet the same U.S. Governmet holds the patent for... are you ready for this... "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants".

That's right kiddies, your criminal government currently holds U.S. Patent # 6,630,507, since 2003, claiming: "Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties... cannabinoids are found to have particular applications as neuroprotectants... limiting neurological damage following... stroke and trauma... or in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases... such as Alzheimer's... Parkinson's... and HIV dementia..."!

Please, someone, tell me how a christian nation & gov't can kill or incarcerates those that dare to disagree while claiming one thing then positions itself to profit from the exact opposite can be legal or moral... even in this scoundrel ridden christian nation and gov't.

It's not the THC that scares the crap out of uncle scam... it's the BSB's... the 'Bullshit Blockers'!

CSM is usually unbiased

I remember reading (or at least attempting) this article and thinking, "I thought the CSM was accurate and didn't propagate myth." Perhaps I was wrong or maybe this was in the opinion page or something. It was ranked in the top five on their website though, so obviously people were reading it.

What is interesting to me is that the public is right on this issue, the drug war is unjust, insane, and highly immoral. What is even more striking is the younger generation will eventually re-legalize marijuana barring some unforeseen circumstance. It appears the old people cannot come to terms with their general lack of knowledge on the subject and an entire life spent under prohibition. They can't understand they were wrong... for decades they are wrong! And as long as they are living they will continue the campaign of misinformation in an erroneous attempt to uphold prohibition and the status quo.

With the help of the American Public, the Prohibitionists will eventually fail!

They MUST mantain the faith in the their fallacy(s)...

They MUST mantain the faith of their fallacy(s)... because acknowledging the truth... would be a confession of hate crimes!

Unfortunately you are probably right... we may have to wait for these religiously inspired racists, bigots, and criminals to die before there is a return to lawful laws.

The alternative is unfortunately unpalatable to most potheads and reformers despite the historical value of violence in war... wars real and imagined. The 1st drug war, against alcohol circa 1920-1933, would never have ended without copious amounts of violence by the organized crime families uncle scam infamously created.

But don't worry... Uncle Scam - Like God... Loves you.
HeHeHe HaHaHa What a bunch of CaCa!

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