Tom Tancredo Calls for Legalization

Former congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo is the latest prominent republican to come out in favor of ending the drug war:

DENVER -- Admitting that it may be "political suicide" former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo said its time to consider legalizing drugs.

Tancredo noted that he has never used drugs, but said the war has failed.

"I am convinced that what we are doing is not working," he said.

Tancredo told the group that the country has spent billions of dollars capturing, prosecuting and jailing drug dealers and users, but has little to show for it.

"It is now easier for a kid to get drugs at most schools in America that it is booze," he said. [ABC7]

What a simple and straightforward case he's making. This is the blueprint for how our argument can really begin to gain momentum on the right.

Unfortunately, Tancredo picked up the idea somewhere that it's "political suicide" to say stuff like this and he managed to cram that silliness into the story. Whatever. He'll continue to take more heat for his notoriously extreme position on immigration than for pointing out that the drug war sucks. And for that matter, when concerns about immigration and border security begin translating into support for drug policy reform, we're really getting somewhere.
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Mr. Tancredo

Please demand that the United States Military remove all prohibition terrorists posing as law makers and enforcers immediately.

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

It seems that the children, the children, and the children are the prohibitionists' main point at issue when it comes to rationalizing the War on Drugs. Does anyone know if stats for teen/child/underage drinking/alcoholism during alcohol prohibition are available? I'm willing to bet they're far higher than post-prohib numbers. I doubt they're available or easily relevant (the drinking age wasn't even really established then..), but they could provide some insight. It's just so dumb to think that by illegalizing something it becomes unattainable. Everything's easier to get on the black market. That's why ebay is so damn successful.

Total Legalisation

The time has come to take the wind out of criminals sails. Total legalisation makes perfect sense. If you are 21 or older, then it's yours for the asking. No more horror shows on our borders, no more violence over a street corner. As an American, I should be allowed to use any substance I choose. Of course there should also be VERY harsh punishment for those who procure for the underage or drive under the influence etc;
Thank G-d for guys like Tancredo. Finally someone who sees the light. It's so easy to pander to the uneducated and be strong on prohibition, it takes balls to stand up and shout out that the emperor has no clothes. Prohibition has been a colossal failure and should be rescinded immediately.

Alcohol Prohibition didn't work either.

It will be interesting to see which political family turns out to be really, really rich when the drug wars are over and done with. The Kennedys were the big winners in the 20s with houch running from Canada.

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