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FBI Director Gets Humiliated Trying to Defend Marijuana Prohibition

This is priceless:
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The truth is coming out.

The truth is coming out. Just because these drug warriors have been lying to the American people for years, does not mean that these 'guys' will always have a free pass. I can see it all now, the "Drug Warriors" are going to be hammered like Gitmo, Torture, Savings and Loans, GM and more. I can see a day that bashing a -- medically sick -- drug user will be as bad as Gay bashing or Neo Nazis and people like that. Eventually the FBI and DEA will be exposed as producing waste while at the same time victimizing 'sick people.' No wonder the new Czar wants to distance him self from a "WAR."

Slave owners will no longer be legal and haters will be subject to hate crimes. The marijuana smoker has been discriminated against and harmed by the state for no logical reason other than HATE. In other words the -- TRUTH -- science will prove for example how stupid the war on marijuana is. These people who are imprisoning peaceful or otherwise lawful individuals for smoking pot will be exposed for their support of the Drug War for their own financial gain.

This guy in the video that is getting this FBI guy real is the being of the end of the Drug War. The tide is turning people. The drug war will eventually be seen as nothing more than fat, for a expensive way to be lied to. This is especially true when drug reformers not only show the benign harm of pot, but that the effects on some people create a benefit. In other words, song writers, athletes, artists, scientists, business people, students, etc., can actually benefit from the altered state of consciousness of marijuana and be more creative. This is one reason people smoke pot. Like the Beatles did for instance. Then this whole thing starts getting interesting. The future favors the rights of the drug user.

One step forward without a back step

People use drugs. People have used drugs since before most other things humans do (including walking upright). Trying to stop people from using drugs is something akin to trying to get people to stop breathing. Not everyone uses the same drugs, nor do they want to. So forcing people to do drugs that you want them to use, and not use the drugs that you don't want them to use, is just as fruitless an effort as trying to stop them from using drugs entirely. In my estimation, the drug war will be over one way or another within the next decade. As it stands now we are going broke, and are becoming more and more aware of the fact that some policies that virtually no one likes, desires, or wants to continue (such as investigating, busting, trying, and imprisoning low level dealers) are among the least fruitful and most expensive of our public policies.

With schools considering dropping school days, phys ed., art, and music programs due to budgetary constraints while cops get new cruisers, SUVs, and military-grade hardware, I think it is time to re-evaluate exactly how much resistance we can afford to put into the efforts of mitigating people's drugs of choice.

The obviousness of the drug warrior's failure is virtually complete. When the director of the FBI has to rely on antiquated arguments (that not even congress buys anymore) you can be assured that the road to a rational legalized drugs market (for good and ill) is coming soon. There can simply be no other way anymore.


Sad case

He's an idiot and that's for sure. Just remember folks, if you have a clean record and haven't smoked pot in three years, you can be an FBI agent.

Milk is a gateway drug, according to their logic

What a note to end on. Love it!!!


We need to click on the (Watch it on youtube) link in order for it to be COUNTED as a hit. It only has 8,000 hits. If Susan Boyle can get 3 million hits, our COMMUNITY should be able to get in the NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT as well and SHOVE the hypocrisy down there throats, who's with me?



this video made me drool. ty, scott for this.

Wow what a dunce

He says what about a parent who has lost his child to drugs. What about me, I lost one of my parents (and so did somewhere around 450,000 others every year) to a drug: nicotine. You can buy it at any store on any corner in America. Why doesn't any one care about that? If tobacco had been illegal as long as marijuana I would still have a mom. So I will reiterate that just about every year somewhere arround half of a million Americans die from smoking cigarettes, yet through all of recorded history no one has died from using marijuana. You can't say that maybe they didn't know that it was harmful, because we know what plants are poisonous and which are not. This information has been passed down from parent to child from the begining of time. For example, the mushrooms, holly berrys and rhubarb leaves in your yard that your parents told you about when you were little. They told you not to eat them because they were poisonous and you would die. They probably also told you not to smoke cigarettes because you would get cancer and die just like your Grandmother did and whose autopsy confirmed that the emphyzema and COPD were the direct result of smoking cigarettes. They were also the direct cause of her death. In sum, why has there never been an autopsy done that confirms a direct correlation between the use of marijuana and disease or death? I know that some will say, "What about the man in the car accident whose toxicology report showed he used marijuana and also had a super high blood alcohol level?" This is often used as an argument agaisnt the use of marijuana. However, this can easily be explained simply by looking at the blood alcohol level. This alone did cause the accident, as has been proven time and time again by the number of incidents in which alcohol is the only drug consumed, and therefore the only factor in causing the accident.

Drugs come in Waves - BUT the DRUG ALCOHOL is Constant

Drugs come in Waves - BUT the DRUG ALCOHOL is Constant - as are the lies and deceipts.

Great job by rep. cohen on not letting this fbi shitslinger walk away unfowled! You'd think that "lying under the oath of your office" would be a crime or something by now?

Why do we have to convene grand juries to incarcerate liars... don't they take an oath to tell the truth before testilying before congress?

Lying to congress is a crime...

...and we do have some "drug war" criminals to prosecute, going back 40 years or so.

We'll definitely need more prisons for prohibitionists...

Sounds like a great new slogan: 'Prison for Prohibitionists'.

Even after letting out the tens of thousands of non-violent offenders being illegally detained by uncle scam and the prison-industrial complex we'll still need to build more prisons to hold all the criminal prohibitionists and profiteers addicted to the drug war!

I'm also a strong advocate of letting those that used violence to protect their liberties out first - who better to send after those that don't report quietly to their cells.

Don't bother running you prohibitionist assholes and profiteers - you'll only die tired - which is just fine with me!

Perjuring Congress

Not only did he try to couch the Gateway Theory in heart-wrenching terms, trying to get Congress to swallow it, via "associative" reasoning, he flat out LIED to Congress.

As far as I know, lying to Congress is a SERIOUS OFFENSE!

Mueller perjured himself when he told Congress that "… anybody who looks at this problem considers it [legalization]. And ultimately when you look at it [legalization], rejects it.”

Surely he knows MANY people have, for DECADES, called for marijuana to be legalized!

Throw these "Senator McCarthy's" out of power and replace them with deserving public servants!

Read a slightly longer critique here: FBI Director Mueller Perjures Congress, "Everybody Rejects It [Legalization of Marijuana]."


what about the kids

Their are also cases of parents losing children over pot smoking, now thats a crime that need to stop.


Pot laws have to be similar to alcohol!

Do you know how many parents and children lost or suffered to alcohol? How about crashed Corvettes? How about Doughnut Huts?

People like you need to understand that cannabis is no more dangerous to the public then alcohol. I think marijuana is illegal because the government knows how powerful this plant and drug are to human evolution. Maybe without it, we fail somehow? I think "they" are afraid of how powerful people would become if they could legally use safe, medical grade cannabis.

Your children are at more of a risk to using and abusing marijuana if it remains illegal. Despite the government calling marijuana a "controlled substance," quite the contrary the control is with the criminal producers. These people have no laws or medical standards, and they don't "card" anybody. At least if pot was legal it would be purchased by Camel cigarettes for instance, under quality control with labels about strengths and ingredients. States could put a 18 year old adult permit/law into effect. There would have to be harsh penalties for selling marijuana to minors.

In a legal world your child is acting pre-mature using dope, and it is not cool. Cool when you reach age. Now, since it is illegal and a crime, children are afraid to talk, even to their parents.

The truth for better policing our children from drugs is openness and good communication. The drug WAR is a battle zone.

I think you misunderstood her

My interpretation of her post was that she feels taking children from parents merely because of pot use is an atrocity and an abuse of the system, and I totally agree with her if that was the intent of her remark.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I guarantee the drug alcohol continues to destroy more...

I guarantee the drug alcohol continues to destroy more families than marijuana does.

Ask an honest cop what drug is most commonly associated with the vast majority of violent domestic crimes in america and they'll tell you it's alcohol NOT marijuana. In the information age only a deliberate fool could believe otherwise.

So, how much longer are we gonna suffer these fools and their tools?

Me's thinks you all are smoking something

Me's thinks y'all are smoking something to think this guy perjured himself. Stop getting high and get a life.

Me thinks you need to smoke something... if it makes u think...

Me understands that lying is not a crime, or even a deadly sin, in our christian dominated society?

What me don't understand is the bizarre behavior behind not enforcing the tenth, and most important commandment, against 'bearing false witness' as the christian god advises!

If the fbi's talking head tried to give that testimony at trial he would have been shut down.

Hell, you can clearly see this fbi guy is a bad liar. Look at his body language and down turned eyes... not even he believes the b.s. he was reading of that piece of paper... probably written in the mid 70's?

Thankfully a congressman finally did his job and didn't give this kind of rhetoric another pass.

FBI Director

In a real world courtroom setting, deliberately misstating something is considered perjury. He was under oath, and he knew full well that the medical community has debunked the "gateway" nonsense, completely.

In every age, in every society, there are substances that are allowed, and substances that are not allowed.

Most are not allowed for economic reason. I would suggest that you reread what people had to say, and see if you can respond sans the juvenile attitude. I have to say, anonymous posting really is cowardly, for all. Own your words.

Here they go again!

Here they go again trying to put marijuana in with all other nasty drugs. Forgive them for they know what they do. It is not like heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines. You made marijuana illegal so the people who go to the drug dealer for marijuana will have to go into the criminal world were these other poisonous drugs are dealt. If you say marijuana is a gateway drug then shut down the gateway by making it legal and that will get the common man (marijuana smoker) away from the illegal drug trade were hard drugs can be found. You don’t give up your dealer! This is the only reason that marijuana is a so called gateway drug. It is the divide and conquers strategy that will help curb the diet for harmful drugs. The problem is “prohibition” of marijuana. But we have the blind leading the blind. Obama, what a joke! He is just a continuation of the same old same old. Just legalize it and get the common man on the side of Law Enforcement and we will be able to fight the hard drug problem in this country. We are making Law Enforcement job a lot harder by keeping this plant illegal!

Cannabis is not a gateway drug, TOBACCO is!

I lost a parent, an uncle, an aunt, another uncle, a grandmother to TOBACCO!

When is the FBI going to care about those deaths?

ah shit

He is rite about the waves of drug use... 60s LSD 70s MaryJ 80s Cocaine 90s Herion 00s MaryJ

Marijuana As A Red Herring For The Oil Companies

The demonization of marijuana began in the 1930's and was fomented by oil robber baron Andrew Melon, and publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst.

Their conspiracy to demonize marijuana and make it illegal, was done, not because marijuana is dangerous (something which has never really been proved), but because the hemp plant from which it's derived, offers a viable alternative for producing fuel and petrochemical products such as plastics, which the oil companies have greatly profitted by as a result of the industrial age.

As a co-conspirator in the smear campaign against hemp, Andrew Melon eventually managed to get himself appointed as Secretary Of The U.S. Treasury. His first act was to create the bureau of narcotics, which he then used to make the purchase of marijuana illegal.

First came the marijuana tax act of 1937, then it later became a crime to grow, purchase, or even use marijuana.

At the same time that this was happening, Melon had convinced William Randolph Hearst, that the hemp plant could be used to produce paper, and thus damage the value of the thousands of acres of trees which he used to manufacture the paper used for his publishing empire.

Hearst's response was to use his chain of newspapers in which to demonize marijuana, while creating the film "Reefer Madness" in which to further smear marijuana with the public.

Ironically enough, this corny movie would later become a cult classic with the marijuana lobby.

In reality, medical marijuana has been proven to be very helpful in relieving nausea experienced by cancer patients, while stimulating their appetites.

And in all probability, it's far less dangerous (provided that its not laced with something like PCP or pesticides) than tobacco or alcohol.

In reality, the fear of marijuana has far more to do with the public's being brainwashed through the propaganda campaign promulgated by Melon and Hearst, than it does with the cannibas itself.

Such smear campaigns have been used to demonize any person or thing which threatens the House of Rothschilds' criminal status quo in the United States,
gven that it's the Rothschilds who've secretly controlled this country through their Federal Reserve System Communist central bank, since 1913.



Hey the black guy next to the guy in glasses is the guy who was worries that an island might tip over when you populate one side of it too much isn' t it?

This guy is stupid

he says weed crack heron then coke and then some other things and then oxy cotton does this idiot not know that oc's are given to people as medicine lol omg this guy is soo fucking stupid  he said something from milk to beer to bourbon to whiskey he clearly has no idea what he is talking about

weed is as harmful as mcdonalds

I got busted with the lowest possession charge in nj and paraphernalia. I face up to 12 months jail 12 months loss of drivers license, 2000 in fines and who knows what kind of probation. I grew the stuff myself first harvest for me so I'm not supporting any gangs. Now where is the danger behind it? I'm not pregnant I'm a dude single no kids 24 years old never done any other illegal drug. I'm an electrician, former pizza guy been unemployed 5 weeks out of the past 6 years for vacation between jobs. That rules out every single danger the gov can come up with for mj, other than driving stoned which I don't do, I come home from work blaze and watch youtube or play videogames before sleep. Fuck these fuckers.

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