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Mexican Jailbreak Proves the Cartels Can Do Whatever They Want

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Prohibition has made the drug lords so powerful that the jails won't hold them:

Mexico City - A convoy of cars carrying more than two dozen suspected drug cartel members disguised as Mexican police officers arrives at the Zacatécas state prison before dawn. Their helicopter hovers overhead. Minutes later, the men help more than 50 inmates – many of them suspected drug traffickers – flee the prison. A countrywide manhunt ensues.

No, this is not a script for a B movie. It's just another day in Mexico's high-stakes war on drug trafficking – Saturday, in fact. [Christian Science Monitor]

Nothing works in the Mexican drug war. Nothing at all. Anyone who thinks we're on pace towards addressing any dimension of this problem will be proven wrong over and over again.

Calderon and Obama think their bloody war sends a message to the cartels, but the drug lords are just laughing their asses off:

Rather than hiding in remote mountain redoubts, Mexico's most wanted traffickers — some with prices of 30 million pesos ($2.1 million) on their heads — are partying openly. In April, police arrested the alleged top recruiter of another cartel, La Familia, at another baptism party held by capos at a resort in the western state of Michoacan.

"This indicates, along with another famous wedding that happened, that they don't have any fear at all of the authorities, none at all," said Samuel Gonzalez, Mexico's former top anti-drug prosecutor. "They are sending a message that they aren't afraid." [AP]

Maybe the reason they aren't afraid of getting caught is that they can just break out of jail anytime they want.
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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

Making otherwise common street criminals rich!

That's the big public safety payoff of the war on drugs.

What about U.S. drug war prisoners?

When will marijaunitos free the thousands incarcerated in the U.S.? Might as well pray for that considering the U.S. government is still locking up puffers every day.

No wonder "drug trafficers" and those who liberate them are viewed as popular heroes all across Mexico. We are not very far from that in the U.S.

Official government policy will become a self-fulfilling prophecy when citizens finally have enough of a corrupt government and their venal thugs terrorizing friends and family.

In a way I am surprised you use such prejudiced language as "drug lord" and "drug cartel" when referring to events south of the border while objecting to the same when used regarding the United States.

But perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at all.

Cartels New and Improved Mafia!

Prohibition v2.0 has brought us a potential new batch of movie scripts for Hollywood. I would like to star in it as a "Fredo Corleone" type character who gets "stepped over" in favor of a younger brother who CAN run the Cartel under the influence of pot. I'll get the Oscar "Cabrones hijos de su rechingada madrina!". I've grow up Bi-cultural. Drug Smugglers have their own music genres than glorify their accomplishments (corridos). Godfather move over its time for the Kingpin Capos rises to notoriety! J. Velasco Brownsville Texas

The prohibitionists

are cartel

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