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the meth myth

there's nothing being reported as gangland killings so I just thought I'd mention what I know about this new drug.I first came across crystal meth on what was called chemical row,which was 7th ave.East in kitsalino,the heart of the hippie culture.Everyone was so worried that this Toronto ICE was the purest and most addictive thing around.Once a few people lost it and others could see the end game the whole street was vacant within a few months.Don't let anyone tell you that meth can't be kicked.I kicked it then and I had another shorter run later.Americams are being told that is this terrible drug that wi;ll destroy your mind.Of course it is.They also ,for some unknown reason are selling to people the impossibility of kicking meth.I kicked it twice and never went back.Same for cocaine.Just find something that works on heroin and I'll kick that.So far all I've gotten is a crock of 12 step bullshit.
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You might want to read up on Iboga/Ibogaine

> Just find something that works on heroin and I'll kick that.So far all I've gotten is a crock of 12 step bullshit.

Iboga/Ibogaine has a very high success rate in curing people from opiate addiction. Google it and also check out the youtube video testimonials. It is the "drug to end drugs". And it's dont replace a drug with another one. You take it once or at most a couple of times and it just lasts, without having to take it repeatedly.


[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada I'll never say no without actually knowing.This sounds very much like apomorphine,which cured William S Burroughs and had a few people swearing by it.In my case,it's not a matter of quitting anymore as I have 4 corrupted discs in my spine and can't even kill the pain with Fentanyl.For some people heroin is the first time they've been able to function as a human being.Every time I cleaned up I felt like I was in hell.It's hard to explain.There are a number of people who cannot,will not and would rather die than quit.Most reach a point where the race becomes too much and the high too impossible to attain.For the percentage that don't just want it but can't live without it,a cure is something that comes with death.I appreciate your writing and if it helps anyone,so much the better.

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