Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty Wants to Send Dying Cancer Patients to Jail

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We knew Gov. Pawlenty was likely to veto medical marijuana legislation due to pressure from law enforcement, but then the bill was changed so that only terminally ill patients would qualify. Surely, the governor would at least agree not to arrest people who are dying, right? Wrong:

He announced his intention to veto the medical marijuana bill at his news conference today. Then, amazingly, he went on to wax rhapsodic about how “The sky is blue, the sun is out. The minds of Minnesotans are turning to Memorial Day, summer, fishing.”

Tell that to Joni Whiting, whose daughter Stephanie gained some comfort and the ability to eat from medical marijuana during the last months of her doomed struggle with melanoma. Pawlenty thinks it’s just fine to treat Joni, Stephanie, and others in that dreadful situation as common criminals. [MPP]

There's no middle ground here. You either think it's ok to arrest dying patients for using doctor recommended medicine, or you don't. If Pawlenty vetoes this bill, he firmly rejects even the vague appearance of compassion for dying patients.

Send him a polite note here.
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I'm not capable of sending Pawlenty a polite note

In my opinion the guy is a monster. A pathetic joke. A walking definition of sadist, like the Minnesota cops who just can't face the fact that the drug they unjustly hate is also a powerful herbal medicine. Such virulent alcohol supremacists that they treat dying and pain wracked patients as nothing more than pawns in a game, and eagerly deny them their medicine as a way of expressing their hatred for recreational cannabis users. History will treat these jokers with the same contempt they are treating science and medicine, and compassion.

“The sky is blue, the sun is out. The minds of Minnesotans are turning to Memorial Day, summer, fishing.” And enjoying their drug alcohol as part of the fun. But Jesus hated hypocrisy and so does the real America, and too many good people will be rotting in jail this Memorial Day. Shame on America for defecating on their solemn pledge of allegiance.

This is Unbelieveable

From the Minnesota Independent:

"An amendment by Rep. Karla Bingham, DFL-Cottage Grove, eliminated the provision that Greater Minnesota patients be able to grow their own, and another by Rep. Joe Atkins said that only terminally ill patients could take advantage of medical marijuana.

But those restrictions did not calm the fears of Republicans. Emmer offered an amendment that would change every instance of “marijuana” in the bill to the word “pot.”

“We are not talking about medicine. We are not talking about marijuana. Let’s call it what it is: ‘pot,’” Emmer said.

Last time I checked, it's actually called "cannabis." Hell, I'd rather them call it radioactive Satan juice than "pot," because at least it's more descriptive.

In addition to the drug war, the language war on our society must be stopped--by changing it to "pot," he's presenting the foregone conclusion that the "patients" are synonymous with "users," "addicts," or "criminals." But at least he can't label them "ignorant."

just so u know

they should go to jail if their smoking pot cause the pots what gave them cancer most likely so im proud of him vetoing it marijuana is bad theres more safe and reliable medicine out there than pot and it's fda government and law enforcement approved! marijuana kills and ruines lives STOP SMOKING

no, just so u know, you all stop drinking first

cause that's way more deadly and dangerous. I'm guessing you're being serious, but it's just a guess.

Regarding "just so u know"

You misunderstand. Cannabis (aka marijuana, pot) does not kill or maim or cause addiction. You have cannabis confused with tobacco cigarettes.

Why shouldn't people decide how to treat themselves? It is quite a personal decision don't you think? What business does government have snooping around in someone's medicine cabinet. People got to be free. End prohibition now.

Military and civilian joint coup against prohibition terrorists.

24/7 Bombard all communications to remove all prohibition terrorists from power over others. No relent! Clog all forms of communication. Make the United States Military the peoples military instead of the prohibition terrorists military. Do it now!

pawlenty deserves the death penalty or life in prison

along with all the other prohibition terrorist cartel.

I do not recognize the authority of prohibition terrorists

or their fraudulent occupation

My email to Goveneor Pawlenty


Given that yet more information was published days ago proving that marijuana cures cancer, you should reconsider vetoing reform cannabis legislation.

That would truly be nothing short of evil. Cannabis hemp-oil cures cancer quickly, there is video of a farmer going around in Canada curing people with it.

Your veto would be a crime against humanity, and if we're really in a Drug War then you would be war criminal with the deaths you would cause.

Amazed and Disgusted,

Mark Godfrey
St Louis, MO


'Run from the cure': Rick Simpson Youtoube;medical marijuana

We know what scum are behind prohibition!

And this idiot plans on being the new face of republicans...

And this idiot plans on being the new face of the republican party... like sarah palin this would be a gift to the democrats... not that I find democrats any less delusional with their theory of mythmatics... ie. 3 taxpaying workers can support 8 non-taxpaying retirees.

We better SAVE the Children NOW because we'll need their Slaver Labor LATER!

Just doin our job...

"...law enforcement concerns about the bill...)

Next time some cop shrugs and says something like, "I just enforce the laws they give us..." while he or she is busily shitting on my so-called Constitutional Rights I am gonna do something drastic. Police Union power is one of the frightening facets of the WOD.

As for Pawlenty, what can you say about someone who wants to pick up where Bush/Cheney left off? He is an Enemy of The People!

Minnesota's anti-christ

I am not sure Pawlenty had done a damn thing to help anyone who needs it. The guy's a loser in every sense of the word. He is the most aweful man I have ever known - and yes - Hitler may have had better qualities. What blows my mind is that alcohol has caused more problems than all the other drugs put together and hmmmm I heard he drinks.

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