Increased Marijuana Potency is an Argument for Legalization, Not Against it

Here we go again:

The average potency of marijuana, which has risen steadily for three decades, has exceeded 10 percent for the first time, the U.S. government will report on Thursday.

The stronger marijuana is of particular concern because high concentrations of THC have the opposite effect of low concentrations, officials say. [CNN]

Who the f#$k said that? My god, is it really necessary to explain that stronger marijuana has the exact same effect, except more of it? This is basic, basic stuff here. The argument that good pot makes people feels unpleasant is just a non-starter, and I couldn’t be less surprised not to find a name attached to it.

Marijuana has gotten stronger under marijuana prohibition, just like alcohol got stronger during alcohol prohibition. Suppliers are incentivized to maximize the potency of their product to achieve the highest profit while reducing risk. Harsh laws also encourage consumers to obtain the strongest product since penalties are determined by weight, not potency.

In a regulated market, there would be high demand for lower potency marijuana, just as light beer and light cigarettes are extremely popular. A flavorful strain with mild effects and a low price could become a big seller, but nobody in their right mind would ever try to grow something like that right now. Why risk jail over a crop that's half as profitable? Prohibition is shaping the marijuana market, yet drug warriors ironically turn around and cite potent pot as an argument for keeping the policy that made things the way they are.

There's really nothing bad about higher potency pot, since it's completely non-toxic and easy to consume in controlled doses, but to whatever extent anyone is concerned about it, the obvious solution is regulation. Test it. Label it. Put age restrictions on it. Then watch in amazement as marijuana users become even healthier and happier than they already are.
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Knowing exactly what you're

Knowing exactly what you're buying and what you're consuming would actually do great benefit to the mental health of consumers. It's not just about % of thc, it's about the ratio of thc to cbd and other cannabinoids. If you have way too much thc with too little cbd you are more likely to get paranoia. There are actually some very potent strains that do not cause paranoia because they have a good balance of thc and other cannabinoids. Plus, no matter what specific effect you're looking for in your weed, your hash, your edibles, or what have you (whether it's a specific medicinal effect, a specific type of high, if you're looking more for a body high, a more psychedelic, more energetic, less energetic, helping you sleep, or whatever exactly you happen to be looking for), you're better off buying a product that has been tested and which you can know the specific percentages of cbd, thc, and other cannabinoids. If you happen to have a psychological condition and marijuana is worsening it (which is the only real argument in the world against marijuana), you probably shouldn't be smoking it, but if you do, knowing what you're buying can make a gigantic difference in your mental well being. Plus, needless to say, a person with a psychological condition does not benefit from secrecy, alienation, and having to hide from police.

an incredibly awesome video

an incredibly awesome video that illustrates very well how significant the differences can be between different strains of cannabis with different ratios of thc to cbd, and the importance of people knowing what they're buying. Everyone should know how cannabis affects them personally, but more than that, they should be able to know how different strains affect them differently, and be able to make informed decisions about exactly what they smoke. Legalization is the only way to do that, and it can be extremely important if you happen to be susceptible to mental illness.

That means marijuana was made illegal illegally

Fraud cannot be implemented to make a law . Manufactured consent to unfair double standards will provoke angry extremist retribution.

And these delusional druggies have the audacity to fuck with me!

Good thing the drug alcohol only comes in one strength. Could you imagine if the alcohol abusers (more than 3 standard drinks a day or 4 standard drinks a week) were permitted to choose something stronger than wine or beer when getting high.

Before you know it there would be all these "Gone Wild and Having Bad Disfunctional Sex on Alcohol" videos! But, our drugged-up, alcohol abusing friends are usually a great source of entertainment... stumbling, mumbling, vomitting, and sometimes shitting themselves... these typically christian drug abusers provide endless entertainment.

And these delusional druggies have the audacity to fuck with me!

As far as I'm concerned if stevie b and larry k are caught in an alcohol drug den, called a bar, they should be immediately arrested and imprisoned, under the law of hypocracy and relativism, for consuming drugs more harmful than marijuana.

Marijuana Prohibition... is Illegal.... and VOID!

Marijuana remains legal throughout the republic because the rule of law was subverted in favor of special interests and the endless supply of pork that all wars generate for politicians to dole out for personal and political gain.

Always remember the 2 standard operating procedures for this christian nation: 'the end justifies the means' and 'all is fair in love (of god) and war (real or not)'!

I believe most constitutional scholars believe the drug war, especially marijuana prohibition, is illegal and grossly violates the supreme law of the land and other founding principles like 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness' from the Declaration of Independence.

By bending the rules and/or granting special rights that don't exist to special groups of individuals, like organized religion, you create a false and dangerous byproduct called 'Exceptionism'.

Exceptionism leads to great misleading falsehoods like 'Drugs and Alcohol' instead of the harsh truthes 'Drugs especially Alcohol... lead to addiction, death, and mental disease!'

How soon we forget that southern christian baptist exceptionism was the root of american human bondage and the civil war... as ordained by THEIR GOD!

Today their are still 300 special interest christian tribes in this country willing to forcibly impose their ridiculous opinions & will upon you by any means possible... including something as politically easy as violating the rule of law.

Christians continue to put their gods grace before our democracy! Yet they remain confused about why our republic, turned christian empire, is crumbling around us!

Don't Know What to Say!

I have mixed feelings about the legalization of pot. I guess it would become safer but I wonder if it would stop the sale of maybe getting it cheaper from another country and maybe laced with cocaine or some other toxic substance. I think the kids want it more because it is illegal at this time. Who knows? Somehow with the way the world is going I do expect pot to be legalized, for heaven's sake look at what is on TV now, it certainly isn't Leave It To Beaver or Andy Griffith.

Anybody who thinks that the

Anybody who thinks that the really good smoke is laced is already high, and shouldn't be smoking it. It isn't for everyone, believe me. Marijuana is an herbal supplement, and shouldn't be considered illegal. Remember Vioxx? Chemicals that are altered, and fabricated should be considered a drug. Cocaine does not grow from the ground in a white powder, or fishscale rock. It has to be created from a natural plant, but it is not in its natural form from there.
By the same logic, coffee should be illegal. Caffein in large doses can kill a person. It alters the mind, the central nervous system, and your cardio system. Why is that legal?
The real reason marijuana is not legal, is because they haven't found a way to regulate it, because anybody can grow it here. But if people would stop worrying about the money they lose, and think of the money they will have because they didn't keep supressing it from the people, the country has found it's new export! green fuel! the strongest natural fibers known! god knows how many new meds will come from it, because, just like stem cells, they refuse to acknowledge its benefits.
THIS IS NOT 1875!! Come on people! Let's wake the heck up and take our government back!

Two comments

1) Do we know from the gov't report what the MEDIAN potency of evaluated cannabis is? The mean can be sensitive to a small number of large THC percentages, in which case the median will give a better picture of the type of cannabis a typical consumer is likely to encounter.

2) It's not ironic that drug warriors "turn around and cite potent pot as an argument for keeping the policy that made things the way they are". Irony is when something turns out differently than you expected.


The FDA allows the medical sale of Marinol, which is 100% THC, so clearly they don't genuinely care about the high potency of Marijuana. Nice try though.


marinol is 100% lab created thc, SUSPENDED in sesame oil. most of that red pill is oil. mmm tasty gel coating!

I would love a lower potency market

Although THC is non toxic, high amounts can be unpleasant, especially when unexpected. For example, a few months ago I had smoked a joint and it sent me into a panic attack. Normally I could smoke a joint to myself and be completely fine. I could see how higher potency can lead to very undesirable effects, but again, it isn't dangerous and I'm perfectly fine and I smoke occasionally again from people I know have the perfect cannabis for me. In a regulated market, the panic attack would've never happened and I wouldn't have to go to all the trouble to find quality cannabis that I can trust.

Politicians just don't

Politicians just don't understand such arguments.

Method to Their Madness

The targeted audience for the pot potency scam are people who know nothing about smoking cannabis.  The ONDCP propaganda appeals to a common idea that concentrated forms of many types of drugs are more dangerous than diluted forms.  An analogy would be the concentration issues that result between chewing coca leaves and snorting cocaine.

Problem is that marijuana has nowhere near the potency of something like coke.  Coke can kill you, pot can’t.  And if high potency cannabis was the drug of choice, we would see pollen hash on the market instead of pot because of hash’s greater strength and smaller, more concealable size that makes it easier to smuggle.

Whether people make the analogy or not, experienced pot smokers know they smoke to reach a preferred plateau of effect or pleasure.  It’s the same effect achieved by sipping a scotch.  Most people don’t sip scotch in a binge until they pass out or fall over dead. Like cannabis users, they shoot for the level of buzz they know and love.  Pot potency just gets a person there faster or slower, in lesser or greater amounts, depending on preferences.

So it doesn’t matter to the ONDCP that their propaganda only appeals to non-smokers and the chemically uninitiated.  With their passion play on pot potency, the warriors create the illusion of a clear conscience for those who must prosecute the drug war.  If the drug war is to survive and prosper, the politicians, police, prosecutors, judges and jailers, and especially all those concerned parents out there, must be made to feel that the ONDCP/DEA is the only thing standing between them and Drug Armageddon.


Herbal supplement form would also gain popularity

Legal marijuana would also mean the possibility of the development of an herbal supplement form, like ginseng or kava capsules. Some enterprising person would likely develop that, if given the proper profit incentive and a guarantee of no jail time. It would be healthier than inhaling smoke, if harder to regulate dosage (which means, like kava, the dose could be kept very low and manageable).


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