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Out of the silence

I don't know if anyone ever reads this stuff but you may have noticed I haven't posted in a while.After the arrests of the Bacon brothers and several UN gang members and the crew that worked my area,they were brutal,the news has reported no gang shootings that I've been aware of.There have been reported killings but only those that were not gang related.I was feeling very sheepish,having called Mr Plecas an idiot for predicting the end of gang struggle.Now it turns out the deaths have continued at the same pace but it looks like the local media was co operating with Ihit and not making front page or even an issue out of the gang hits.They now stand at 36 since January.I believe the number was being reported at 19 but that I had personally counted 23.That makes13 since the arrests and not a peep from TV,radio or the print media.The number(36) appeared last night on an evening news report on one of the local stations.We are voting in BC today so I suppose you could write it off as being due to election coverage but the police here seem to have cowed the media by arresting reporters and seizing equipment when they feel they're being watched.There's no way to tell who is being hit or what's going on but if events are following the usual pattern,there should be several groups vying for the leadership positions vacated by the dead and the incarcerated.Perhaps now that the cat is out of the bag the media will once again begin reporting the deaths and from there it's easy to figure out who's killing who.No one wants to admit just how bad things are as that would give credence to those of us who have been claiming all along that the drug war's existence is the sole reason for the violence and it's demise the only way to end the killing.Gang violence is also up in Alberta,Winnipeg and Toronto.The police do admit that it's a shortage of cocaine caused by the war in Mexico, that has gang members defending their turf so viciously.Who knows,they might just have that one right?
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