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DEA Agent Indicted for Framing 17 Innocent People

Over and over, the very foundations of the war on drugs are revealed to be utterly fraudulent and corrupt. These laws are harmful enough when they're enforced honestly, but moments like this really illustrate what a colossal fraud this whole thing truly is:

CLEVELAND — An agent of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was indicted today on charges that he lied repeatedly in a botched 2005 drug case that caused 17 people to be wrongly charged.

Lee Lucas, a 19-year veteran, was charged in U.S. District Court in Cleveland with perjury, making false statements, obstruction of justice and violating a person's civil rights involving a case that resulted in 26 arrests in Mansfield. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

As one might expect, all of this revolves around a lying informant who played everyone in a desperate attempt to save his own hide. Officer Lucas is accused of failing to provide proper supervision and repeatedly lying to cover up the mess.

Of course, Lucas's fellow officers have eagerly come to his defense, because there scarcely exists any form of police misconduct so shocking to the conscience as to disqualify from being treated as a martyr by their colleagues. This comment, posted on the Plain Dealer story, perfectly reveals the mentality that police aren't responsible for mistakes in the war on drugs

Lee Lucas is being a scapegoat for a convicted drug criminal named Jarrell Bray. Jerrel Bray turned on Lee because Lee would not engage in getting Jerrel off the hook for a shooting Jerrel committed.

Jerrel is afraid to return to prison as a snitch. Can you blame him? He is a weasel who is trying to save his skin on the inside.

How do you think a snitch like Jerrel would function in the big House?

Is Jerrell Bray the person you want to trust?

No, he's not, and that's exactly the problem. This shady informant's dubious allegations should never have formed the basis for criminal charges against anyone. It was Lucas and the DEA who trusted this guy and used him to serve their agenda, not anyone else. Everything these informants say is treated as gospel when it comes to getting search warrants and scoring convictions, but the second the informant turns on the cops, all you hear is that informants can never be trusted. No kidding.

If you rely on untrustworthy people to help you make drug arrests, then your drug arrests can't be trusted. It's just that simple. And if you can't (as drug cops often claim) do basic drug enforcement without relying on these people, then it follows that solid and reliable drug enforcement is truly impossible.

It's amazing to watch a disgraced drug cop comes forward and try to defend himself with no better argument than the fact that his whole job revolves around working with notorious liars to put people in jail who may or may not have done anything wrong. It sounds like Lucas stepped way out of line here, but the real fault lies with the way our drug laws are enforced in general. Can you even imagine how often this process produces gratuitous injustices without anyone but the innocent defendant paying the price?
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just sounds like the government

sounds like them pretty much they blame someone else for their wrong doings.they always refuses to admit to fault when they know of their wrong doing.the government looks for marijuana as a scapgoat for everything wrong in america which is bullshit.they tryed to use me as another one of their pot propaganda satistics to say pot causes mental illness the gateway theroy.I'm on here admitting i was a drug addict when i was 14 to 16 i was addicted to cocaine and oxys.i was diginosete with bipolar and sever pyscotous when i was tweleve and during that time when i was a kid the doctors would harras me asking me what drugs do i take and i was a kid i was offended i didnt take drugs till i was 14 and that was oxycotin. i smoked cigarettes at 15 so i became angry at my doctor now whos trying to say my use of pot is the cause of my mental illness. which is totally far off cause i started smoking pot when i was 16 cause i was trying to quit the cocaine a pill problem cause it was hurting my family and what do you know the pot help me get through the withdraw symptoms and then i no longer needed the drugs i still crave em sometimes but i'll just smoke a joint now to get that thought to pass .and that little story changes for that stupid gateway theroy pot got me off hard drugs .and im off my anti pyschodics and just smoke weed on the weekends and you know what i havent had a mental relaps in over 8 years from being off those pills to supposed while i was on them i went to the mental hosiptial every other month so i think marijuana is my savor thank you for reading my post and sorry for the horriable grammor i was kicked outta high school in the 12th grade for defending myself from a bully who the school didnt care that he picked on me but when the loser kid stood up it became in issue cause the bully was the qauterback


I would not be surprised if you did better at writing this comment than your jock adversary would. You keep improving yourself and there is no telling where you will end up! It was a very interesting story, medically speaking!

j davis

I hope prosecutors are able to get a conviction. This sociopath has deliberately ruined many lives and has caused untold suffering. What else can one expect from a totally out of control rogue government agency. Hopefully he will get a long prison sentence. I'm sure 'Bubba' and 'Tyrone' would be more than happy to introduce Lucas to the nuances of prison life.

Missing the Point

Lucas headed a DEA Drug Task Force which is comprised of DEA Agents and State and Local Officers. There is absolutely no supervision in those task forces and it's a petry dish of miconduct. The State and locals don't follow DEA rules and they're federally funded misfits.

I hope Lucas rolls on his DEA supervisors. They know what goes on in those Task Forces yet they encourage participation for the sake of large numbers of low level arrests. DEA reports them as arrests and no one in DC questions their validity.

I don't favor legalizing drugs as the next step. It may be a step just not the next one. Right now there's too much money funding enforcement and the model is out of date, and hopelessly corrupt.

Drug Investigations nowadays are creative writing assignments not investigation and the Drug Exaggeration Administration needs an enima.

So- called Black Market started prohibitions on plants and drugs

I don't understand how everyone misses that point. Painfully obvious that the politicians are the cartel and the police are their drug gang that support the most violent drug cartel and encourage more violent competition. It has alot to do with resource deprivation so only a wealthy and poor exist with no middle.

Police as a drug gang comment by some dude(or dudess)

Hi, I noticed first the apparent Marxism of your remark on the government and police pushing drugs in order to create a war which keeps people down and to push their own drugs. I agree with you, and for that matter with the inherent Marxism of your comment, but it is important to understand that the Drug War is multi-faceted. Admittedly much of the function of the war is to keep people down and use them as scapegoats. In college my sociology professor taught me that Big Liqour and Big Tobacco lobbied the government to criminalize in the 1930s for fear that cannabis had become cool and competitive during alcohol prohibition. When I was 20 I witnessed firsthand the very "drug gang" aspect of police operation you speak of: I had lived in Worcester for about a year, where all the cops seem to run crack and a few even run brothels and gambling dens, before being arrested for simple possession; during my several week stay in county jail waiting for senetncing I discovered that COs were running crack, heroin, and every other form of "drug" into the jail themselves and selling them out of a few middle men in every cell block; My experience was terrible in every way and despite being popular and well-liked by the inmate population--with whom I shared my food and supplies--I was beaten all day everyday by my cell mate and sexually assualted by him at least once a day. I started telling people about what happened to me(there are a lot of other unsavory details as well, but there is only so much space in comments) and even the few law enforcement people I know encouraged me to sue over the human-rights abuses I endured and to speak out about the corruption I witnessed. The dug war isn't just about keeping people down though, it provides a scapegoat for the problems of a middle and working class who suffer most under the yoke of it's oppression, you could say it isn't as much about directly keeping people down but about distracting them from the fact they are being kept down. In saying that it is worth noting that despite the stereotypes of "boyz in da hood" black gangsters and dysfunctional modern pothead-peasants all studies have demonstrated that the preponderance of people who do drugs are wealthy, white, and (oddly) single. Needless to say my entire (intelligentsia) family is pro-legalization and always has been, my father is a judge(and therefore a tool) and even he's behind this. Sorry if its a little long for a comment, lol

^^ easy for you to say...

? The DEAthugs are out of control. Prohibition is corrupt in its origins, enforcement, and effects.

Eat at House of Pizza

Why me Lord?

Hi,the drug task force is following me, the thought of someone really thinking I’m dealing in illegal drugs, was so funny at first, but now after three months it’s just a nuisance. I believe it all started when I went looking for a dog house, a local store sold there’s for $200 bucks, a friend told me that a guy build and sell the same doghouse for 50 bucks. (it wasnt the same) So, I went in a not so nice neighborhood, I wasn’t scared the Lord is always with me and I’m black right, no one will bother me. Every since then men in various dark tinted vehicles have followed me every day, even to church out of town, it’s like they know when my car moves. A guy told me that the area I went in was a major drug area and with my new dodge magnum made me a target. How did I suppose to know that? Gezzz
My husband says, "let to them waste their time, I wouldnt care"~ Maybe this harassment with the task force will be over soon.....they will soon realize that im a good person and they will leave me alone. They have me paranoid now.....Im scared they may plant something in my car.thats what people say they do, some nights I cant even sleep thinking they may try to harm me. . Why harass me and waste taxpayers money on me ......Go figure!

I have in my possession a

I have in my possession a frame job being done on me while I was at work. Caught on my security cameras which after busting threw my door 8guns I. My face handcuffed for over two hours my house tore apart wasted all of my food by pouring it out. I refused to sign a paper saying there was herion ,meth,and a gun found in my home I was took to majestrate court to be arrianed.they later never showed up to hearing and charges dismissed. They tried taking my money I had for six months I fought to get it back. It's not just the task force that are criminals but that of the prosecutor also. They get 30%of money that is confiscated. I still haven't been reinbursed for the 1300 I payed for attorney or the food or the damage to my home. Finding a lawyer to take the case is seeming impossible and the law has immunity for their wrong doing. Im forever changed now ,I now have the local cheif police deflmating me on the lies the task force told. I now have cameras on me all the time for my own safety. IM scared to leave my home for fear of this so cold mdent taskforce trying to frame me again

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