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CNBC Attacks Schwarzenegger For Endorsing Marijuana Legalization Debate

Watch CNBC's Larry Kudlow go ballistic over Gov. Schwarzenegger's recent statement in favor of debating marijuana legalization:

Here's what Schwarzenegger actually said:
"Well, I think it's not time for that, but I think it's time for a debate. I think all of those ideas of creating extra revenues [are worth considering] … I think we ought to study very carefully what other countries are doing that have legalised marijuana and other drugs. What effect did it have on those countries?"
And here's what Kudlow heard:
"I mean he basically wants to get everybody stoned and then raise taxes"
Did you even read the damn quote, Larry? It's just incredible to watch the childish hissy fits that erupt over something as sensible as suggesting we talk about marijuana laws. Anyone who doesn't want to discuss marijuana policy doesn’t have to, but if you don't think it's important, please do the rest of us a favor and just be quiet.

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shit i heard arnold wanted to be president

if arnold ran for president id vote for him cause he's made californa better


I can't believe these motherfuckers are getting away with this bullshit!

They don't realize how much money is wasted on the law enforcement, the jails, the prosecution... Not to mention the productivity potential lost by those people going to jail or having a criminal record.

This is more than just a bunch of stoners wanting to get high - It's a bunch of consenting adults choosing - of their own free will - to use a substance they enjoy. THAT SHOULD BE IT, END OF STORY - WE ARE NOT FUCKING CHILDREN - DON'T FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

Alcohol and Tobacco are destructive drugs that are perfectly legal - and yet most people have no control over their buying habits because alcoholism and tobacco is the fucking most addictive substance on the planet.

Larry Kudlow is just a conservative tool spouting from his moral high horse *pardon the pun*. Definitely one of the list toppers of people that should be Killed. (Tied to Stephen Baldwin, thrown under a bus?)

The solution is simple for assholes like Larry... control them!

Put his deadly and addictive drug of choice, alcohol, on the Control Substance List where it belongs... if things like death and mental disease is considered harmful to society?

Clearly if someone can go to prison for 5 years for a soft drug like marijuana people using harder drugs like alcohol should be in prison much longer.

I'm sure Larry would feel differently - after 5 years of prison rape - after all his assets are seized - after his professional licensed are revoked - and his family is thrown homeless into the street.

Let's put Larry and the rest of the Prohibitionists in Prison where they belong!

Kudlow supports tax breaks for the Cartels

Big props to the Terminator. Better and safer idea than what most states are doing...loosening restrictions on alcohol marketing to increase tax revenue. Of course, the refined, martini-drinking Krudlows of the world shut up on that.

Steve Baldwin

This guy is such a tool! What the hell does he have to do with anything. He keeps spouting off at the mouth about marijuana but if memory serves me correctly he stared in a movie were all they were doing was smoking pot " Bio Dome". All of these guys are reaching for straws to try and make a spin on the fact that over 60% of the country want medical marijuana legalized, and they can't come up with anything better than this crap. They really need to open up there eyes and see what is really going on around them that way they wouldn't sound so retarded every time they open there mouths. They all need to crawl back down in there little holes they came from and let the people of this nation make up there own minds.

Legalize Marijuana

I believe they should legalize Marijuana instead of talking shit about. Those who don't need it or are afraid of it are the ones against it. My husband can legally get it in Caly but not here in Az. He has a script from Caly but they will not honor it here which is wrong. They arrest doctors for writing the script for and that causes us to get it another way.Thats just wrong the way this whole thing is.

Cokehead Kudlow has some nerve...

Several people inside and outside Bear Stearns say Mr. Kudlow used cocaine. Mr. Kudlow refused to say what drug he used or to be specific about how his drug use began. He did say that he began drinking regularly in the second half of 1970's and that his drinking led to drugs.

My Guess

My guess is that someone brainwashed Baldwin with a bunch of religious crap, lies; and now he's on a mission to "redeem" himself.

Kudlow knows it's all over if there's an honest debate on weed

And a lot of other alcohol supremacists know it too. That's why they've worked so hard to suppress debate for so many years

Kudlow is an arrogant blowhard

I like to keep up with the news, but that guy's show is unwatchable- and not just because I completely disagree with his contorted interpretation of what the Governator said. The guy can have 5 financial "experts" on and he'll still try to talk above them all. Not surprising that marijuana reform is yet another topic that Kudlow thinks he knows more than anyone about and will not let anyone else speak and get their point across. But, it's the guy's job to pimp financial and industrial stocks all day, -the same people who benefited from marijuana prohibition, so what can we expect from him? Complete conflict of interest.

Just more misinformation

I would like to trade places with anyone that was on that video. Let them feel the pain I deal with every day of my life. Let them take the poisons that my doctor tells me I must take. (These medications are not nearly as effective as medical cannabis.)



Sounds like Treatment Center Brainwashing, I know, I have been there! They (Treatment Center Morons) REFUSE to listen to reason and when you show them Documentation that they are WRONG they then threaten to discharge you as non-compliant or they just resort to insisting it is ILLEGAL!!! PERIOD!!! Then try to change the subject, My wife tried to show the AMA and NIOH documents showing the benefits and they got pissed and sent her back to court as non-compliant and she had to do 30 days in jail, She was in there for Alcohol, What happened had NOTHING to do with weed, Was not even using at that time, But since she tested positive on her initial assessment they wanted her to sign a paper stating she would never use it again and when she would NOT they sent a letter to the Court stating that she uses DRUGS also, They did not specify weed they said DRUGS!!!! which gave the impression that she did HARD DRUGS as a vindictive measure to be SURE she went to Jail.
This is proof, If they cannot brainwash you, They just send you to Jail, Period!!!

To Steven Baldwin- Did Pauly Shore do severe brain damage during the filming when he hit you in the head with that book in Bio-Dome? He MUST HAVE!!!

The Fascist Republic of Ohio

Greed is why marijuana is illegal

They are just trying to protect their special interests, but ya they look REAL stupid doing it.

What happened to the Drug War name change blog?

Well Scott, what happened? That story had the most reader reaction, and yet it is gone today? Whats up?


Re: What happened?

I have no idea what you're talking about. Nothing has been removed.

I bet he's thinking of the Chronicle article

It's Friday, there's a whole new list of articles in the Chronicle, I'm sure last week's articles are in the archive. Right, Scott?

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

legalize it

i'm not exactly sure what we, as in all american for legalization or atleast decriminalization of marijuna, can do to convince the govenment that it really not all that bad. i wouldnt say its any worse than cigarettes. but cigarette co's put harmful chemicals in their tobacco and weed basically grows out of the ground or in hydroponis laboratories. seriously now, with all the shit that goes on, we need an escape. i was arrested for having 3g of weed, i dont sell or anything like that, its just for me to have when i want it. i really dont know what we can do, which is frustrating. all i have to say is keep fighting because if we now have obama, who i love, as our president, i'm sure we can walk down the street smoking a blunt someday soon.

Q. What's the ugliest part of your body... stevie b & larry k?

Q. 'What's the ugliest part of your body'... stevie b & larry k?
A. 'I think it's your mind' - Frank Zappa, RIP

I'm with bill maher on organized religion (which is the leading cause of cognitive dissonance disorder on the planet) that the faithful need full nuerological work-ups and evaluation prior to being released into society.

What's truely self-evident in this christian nation of consumption capitalists is: gods grace & gov't authority always trumps the guaranteed rights of the individual!
When congress hands down dictates, instead of promoting the general welfare as the law requires, based on religious belief and gov't authority you end up with the exceptionism of special interests groups not a democracy based on the rule of lawful laws!

Is there really any wonder how our great republic ended up a fraudulent christian empire... now in serious decline.

Organized Religion = Mental Masturbation for the Masses!

Stephen Baldwin is a joke.

Stephen Baldwin does not have the mental prowess required to successfully advocate the use of toilet paper. Presenting him as a legitimate champion of prohibitionists' position on the current legality of a common shrub is simply more evidence of this failed policy's ludicrousy.

Stephen Baldwin

Hear, Hear! Who in the hell appointed this idiot as a spokesman for anything. I've seen his roadshow in a couple of places and I am completely unable to understand why anyone would pay the slightest attention to what this broken-down, unsuccessful actor has to say. Hey! Welcome to America -- I'm really glad I chose to retire in Mexico.


OK, I worked in bars, guess what alcohol induces mental health problems too, its called alcohol psychosis.

Funny, they both have the same 'mental' health problems, except only one give you cancer. I've worked in bars, and we welcomed the potheads in, because they never caused problems. EVER.

I've seen glassings, beatings, fights, and people getting sent to hospital over alcohol related incidents. I personally dont drink after working in a bar.

Do I smoke yes.

and im proud of it, I have a normal job, a normal mid-class wage, and my mental health is in perfect condition. Before I was discharged from the army my corpral told me "go smoke a few cones, your young, enjoy it you've been taught its safe here, but its not legal''

Hell! Spend more money on trying to prevent the inevitable! tens of billions every year!

OR you could make a massive surplus from legalising and taxing 50 dollars to the ounce...

Alcohol has caused alot of damage to society and it is a HARD DRUG, its highly addictive, and dangerous. Take a look at Holland, kids arent attracted to pot because its 'legal' and 'boring'..... they have the lowest abuse rate of it in the world. WHY? because taking the risk out of it takes the fun out of it.

I prefer my money goes to schools rather than some mexican cartel, or worse Hezbollah. What is it? schools and government orginisations or evil groups?

Marijuana makes up 2/3rd's of drug cartels profit's, because the demand is so high.

Try to even contemplate how many people use it, in America its estimated between 10%-50% of the population HOLY SHIT!

And yet there are lower rates of hospitalisation, and medical treatment for cannabis users than compared with alcohol?

Work it out, do the math.

As for every other drug, they should remain illegal.

Soft-drugs- softer stance

Marijuana Legalization Debate

It's been 20 years since Kurt Schmoke (remember him?) made precisely the same proposal as mayor of Baltimore. What's new? I'm not likely to live for another 20 years to see the next iteration of this political ploy. Cut the crap, guys. Are we going to have this debate, or just more posturing?

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