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Standing tall and true on my soapbox 2! In my small world filled with vast cultural views, I share a sacrament from our Creator. The Almighty Controller of Nature! Myself and my diverse groups of friends sumbit to that omni-perfect power of the unknown! YOU SHOULD KNOW What has been known for tens of thousands of years by our species is that something physical here controls our spirits through our minds and something spiritual there (where ever/ who ever) controls our souls in kind. In 2009 with Religions battling Races and Nations, pitting Human against Humanity on every corner of the Earth, I find myself with more power and greater strength to Speak out against Government Hypocrisy. So help me God I will use your name in every campaign! I shall use every artifact, evidence and document that exists in record to fight the oppression of evil doers and the supposed "State". I will speak to every race and every nation. I will travel to distant lands and cross many oceans, deserts and mountains to spread my messages of Acceptance, Tolerance, and Compassion. You must admit a personal offense is simply a personal insecurity. If that Gay man offends you, it's because you are insecure! If that couple who is kissing and practically doing it in front of you upsets you, it's because of your own fears. When we accept and tolerate others we show compassion. It takes very little effort to achieve a justifiable solution to a very horrific world problem, and more importantly pressing issue that's not even debatable in Congress. This shit is so important, it's beyond comprehension! We are surrounded by wimp ass hypocritical greed fed pansies. OBAMA " Change We Can Believe In" It's early, but times a wasting. Disban the DEA. Tranfer the lil bastards to the M.A.T.F.! Do what is right for humanity and Nature. Do what Jesus would do! Obama, do it for Humanities sake. LOL Besides, my side hurts from laughing so damn long. I haven't stopped smoking pot since I began! I was nine! I suffer severe migraine headaches and my Mom figured it couldn't hurt! Well it sure has hell never hurt me, until recently! Now I'm a convicted criminal. I lost my housing assistance, the county fined me $ 539.00, the state revolked my driving priviledges for 6 months ( I did have the option to purchase insurance to obtain an occupational permit during that time)and now I'm posted online for every future employer or rentor to discriminate against me, This isn't irony, it's hypocrisy. If the Government continues to oppress natural rites and freedoms, they will continue to destroy humanity! What you should understand clearly is that without a human population, there is no need for a government!! People this is what you need to protect...You need to protect Nature. We need to take care of our families and communities. When our communities our connected we all our connected. Here's a puzzle we can piece together. Plants existed before us.We will die before that "Controller" of all that is and ever will be what we know ceases to exist. We have no power to control or oppress Nature. We have no right to deny any human being of their Born Rites. Air, Water, Food, Cover from the Elements of the Earth and Love . This one plant! This very one plant has more power than any Government in the World! It holds more affection than any Religion or Nation. It gives to humanity more than Humanity could ever give to itself! Believe it. With Gods love and Guidence I accept and believe in You! All People, All Nations, One Earth, by One Creation! Passionately, Compassionate
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