Another Medical Marijuana Raid in California

This is interesting/disturbing:

Kern Sheriff’s deputies and agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency were searching a medical marijuana store in east Bakersfield Wednesday afternoon.

Calls to the sheriff’s department were not immediately returned. A spokesman from the DEA said that agency was there only to assist. The spokesman said the sheriff’s department was the lead agency in the case.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood said his office will not interfere with the operation of non-profit medical co-operatives run by patients for patients. But, he said, dispensaries that sell marijuana for a profit should be expected to be treated like other drug dealers. [KGET]

DEA explained that they're "only there to assist," but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of federal charges down the road. This isn’t the first time DEA has "assisted" local law enforcement during a dispensary raid. I just spoke with Caren Woodson at Americans for Safe Access and they're waiting to learn more about the situation.

I'll update as details emerge.

Update: ASA just informed me that this appears to be a DEA raid being assisted by local authorities, rather than the other way around.

Update 2: Turns out it really was a state raid, based on a state warrant. ASA got some mixed messages from the PR dept. at DEA.

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So much for campaign promises

but then, some of us knew that would be the case before the election took place.

The only way to guarantee the end of this "war on some drug users" is to elect a majority of Libertarians to state legislatures and congress, and to the presidency, too (and I'm not talking about a LINO like Bob Barr, either, we need REAL libertarians who understand and believe in the principles of liberty!).

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


That's probably their response to Governator Arnie calling for a debate on legalisation.

looks like law enforcement

looks like law enforcement is scared all the funding they have enjoyed for years for harassing people with marijuana is about to dry up, with legalization around the corner they fear they will loose money and the ability to push innocent people around. Its about time, if its not obvious that the law enforcement in California wants to decide whats legal and whats not and doesn't want to listen to the real law makers, I don't know what is. They storm around completely disrespectful to other peoples rights on the matter, and now that the state is looking into legalization they are calling the DEA in, just give it up, these are otherwise non violent law abiding tax paying citizens your locking up. If the current drug laws didn't turn so many tax payers into financial burdens for the state we would be much better of as a state right now, so law enforcement wake up, the more tax payers you throw in jail for marijuana, the less tax dollars will be available to pay your salaries, so use your heads for once.

This will serve as a call to blow up drug war sponsor pharmacies

Acts of terror against medical marijuana people such as this will only encourage angry extremism against petro-pharmacies which sponsor the drug war to cheat wall st. These terrorists posing as law enforcement are fraudulently attacking medical marijuana to raise the prices of stocks on legal drugs from Merck,Walgreen's,Rite-Aid,Pfizer,and the many other frauds who bribe the cops to to threaten law makers to keep prohibition fraud going. So i guess if the terrorist prohibitionists want to traumatize people over medical marijuana then what they will end up with is a campaign of equal and opposite violence against global drug corporation pharmacies with the destruction of all shipments of Ritalin,Marinol,Oxycontin, and all the drugs which sales go to pay for prohibition terrorism. Also the burning of all global petro-pharma cash and assets.

Because medical marijuana people are being terrorized

Pro drug war pharmacies are gonna burn to the ground. If medical marijuana does'nt have the right to exist. Then places that sell Oxycontin and other petrochemiceuticals have no right to exist or profit from selling drugs either. Maybe the terrorists posing as law enforcement will killed by moles or have their houses burned down

excuse me

will be killed by moles


The U.S. Military should kill every terrorist prohibitionist posing as law enforcement for the Wall St. drug company insider trading scam and sex slave/torture racket. The U.S. Military should eliminate every D.E.A. prohibitionist before they commit another 911 styled attack. Disgruntled Military will destroy all Terrorists posing as law enforcement and enforcing fraudulent laws. I mean the terrorists are traumatizing people over herbs! c'mon!

Medical cannabis for hemp jobs

Every food,clothing,shelter,medicine,fuel and all lumber/wood product can be made from medical cannabis hemp. These terrorists posing as law enforcement have got to be removed from power so people can get back to work. Knowing that medical cannabis/hemp cures cancer and many other afflictions while terrorist protectionists pose as government to keep it illegal illegally is proof that everyone has been hijacked and enslaved by cruel serial murderers. And why is this allowed to keep happening? Because when terrorists are in charge of law enforcement, double standards such as Oliver North compared to Freeway Ricky Ross are the way bullies do business.

I don't see Wal-Mart pharmacists getting raided.

Fucking Wal-Mart and Walgreens pharmacies are dangerous toxic poison drug dealers which profit big time from drug dealing. Should they be traumatized by the police? Oh that's right they pay politicians to pay police to keep this fraudulent drug war going to keep their price gouging scam a cruel success while poisoning patients with petrochemiceuticals. All this while cannabis cures cancer.


Is a forced religious cult

"Another Medical Marijuana Raid in California"

Of course!


Sunny California should debate the raids and the use of the DEA, the only thing missing is the SWAT teams! What the cops won't do for money. Just take a look at corrupt cop stories.

Good from the bad

Drug War Cops are just crooks, liars, and thieves, wearing a badge and pretending to be the good guys. The DEA should just be disbanded, they can't get anymore corrupt.

Every time medical marijuana people are terrorizerd

A pro war against drugs petrochemiceutical pharmacy should be destroyed!


Not terrorizerd

I hope all military will eliminate genocide,slavery,prohibition

and plunder based terrorists posing as government by huge coup

My cousin just got back from serving in Afghanistan and Iraq

He got his leg and arm blown off and saw 5 of his team die horrible deaths. He also said a commander gave unconstitutional orders to kill everyone in a market men women and children which were followed.He also has problems from uranium poisoning from tank and missile tip rounds somehow. He is messed up for life physically and mentally. Medical marijuana helps his physical and mental problems. He has a vaporizer because he does not like smoking. He got some flack by a few V.A. high ups for choosing medical marijuana but he is extremely allergic to pharmaceutical pills they tried to give him. He and his platoon mates that are still alive say that these people who raid medical marijuana clinics and even enforce any prohibition whatsoever do not belong in any country on earth ,especially America. These fake police that keep forcing fraud and terror on people because of some plants or drugs are gonna bring a whole world of hurt on themselves and their families if they dont stop terrorizing people. Prohibition was proven unconstitutional years ago. I thank you all for your service and time. Please keep up the good work.

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