Support for Marijuana Legalization Continues to Grow in America

A new ABC poll shows that 46% of Americans favor legalizing personal use of marijuana. That's the highest number we've ever seen and, interestingly, it's doubled in only 12 years. Wow.

The idea of fixing our marijuana policy is enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity. It's particularly noteworthy when you consider how vigorously the previous administration campaigned to convince the public that marijuana is highly toxic and evil. They have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at us, and here we are, stronger than ever before.

So how does one explain such a dramatic shift in public perceptions surrounding marijuana policy?
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I think it's a combination

I think it's a combination of factors. After decades of a failed drug war people are getting more and more fed up with it, particularly the pointless war on marijuana. Reagan coming in took the fire out of the movement to legalize that had grown in the late sixties and the seventies. It took a little more than a decade for people to realize a "drug free" America was a pipe dream. Since then the old folks most opposed to legalization have been steadily dying off and the rest of the people have slowly but surely been coming to the realization that marijuana prohibition isn't working at all and it's causing all the problems alcohol prohibition caused and then some. Now government debt and the economy and the problems with the Mexican cartels are really making people think twice about the fact that marijuana is illegal and all that means. More of the media media seems to be on our side than ever too and that's not hurting us either.

Could be a perfect storm brewing. I'm excited.

Now if we could just get more politicians who see the writing on the wall to see that now is the time to win votes by being for legalization, we'd see a lot more people coming around and we just might get pot legalized sometime in the next few years. I bet being "marijuana friendly" won Obama a lot of votes, even though he doesn't seem to be as marijuana friendly as a lot of people thought. Somehow we have to convince politicians that being for legalizing marijuana will win them a lot more votes than it costs them. It will help bring them a record turnout of younger voters like it did for Obama and it wouldn't turn off too many older voters because so many are fed up with or ambivalent about marijuana prohibition.

I agree with Anonymous

Anonymous pretty much hit the nail on the head. If you look at the numbers, it's obvious to anyone with a brain that the "War on Drugs" isn't doing anything to combat the manufacture, sale, and use of dangerous drugs in this country.

Out of over a million people arrested in the US for drug offenses in 2007 alone, nearly 800,000 were arrested for simple possession of marijuana.

Arresting pot smokers does nothing to address the "real" drug problems in America. All it does it turn a bunch of decent people into convicted criminals, which severely impacts their ability to get work, obtain funds to attend college, and stigmatizes them for life just for using a drug that we all know is a thousand times safer than alcohol or tobacco.

What's more, is that alcohol and tobacco remain legal despite the government's insistence that marijuana is illegal because it's so dangerous and poses so many public health and safety issues.

Alcohol and tobacco both meet the criteria for Schedule I drugs under the Drug Control Act, but marijuana is a Schedule I drug and alcohol and tobacco remain unscheduled.

The so-called "War on Drugs" really amounts to a War on pot smokers, and I think the American people are sick of having the wool pulled over their eyes when it comes to the arbitrary prohibition of a relatively safe (compared to alcohol and tobacco, and serious drugs like heroin and cocaine) substance.

I'm shocked to see that support for legalization has increased so dramatically over the past decade. It won't be too much longer before the majority of citizens support legalization, and then the legislators will have no choice but to listen to us.

In the meantime, I urge everyone who cares about this issue to visit and send as many letters to your legislators as possible. Let them know this is an important issue. The more letters they get, the better. Let your friends and co-workers know that the time to get involved and voice our opinions is NOW!

The only thing that is needed

to push this over the top is "activist" organizations to rally the troops and physically demonstrate the scale of support in ways that politicians can't ignore. We don't have activist organizations willing to organize and incite public support so this great point in time will go by the way side and be wasted.

Another problem is that there are too damned many DEMOCRATS in the reform leadership who are discouraging people from rocking the boat of the Democratic Party majority. Dissuading activists from confronting the Democratic Party political porn star Barack Obama.

All of this great momentum is going to go nowhere.

Not only is cannabis legalization quickly gaining in favorability but it beats out the congress in favorability. In last weeks ABC News-Washington Post poll 46% favored legalization while 45% approve of the job the Democrats are doing in congress. And 30% approve of the GOP in congress.

Marijuana legalization is more favorable to Americans than the congress that prohibits pot legalization.

Earlier this year a Rassmusen poll put legalization favorability at 40% while the congress, in multiple polls of the time, got a 30-39% favorability rating.

Responsible Adult

Pot should be treated like Alcohol. Plain and simple. Kids dont have access to beer. Why would pot be different.

And BTW, alcohol is the original gateway drug. Most people's first buzz is from alcohol. Also, all of my friends that smoke have never got into hard drugs like coke. Pot is much less distructive than alcohol.

i agree

pot should be treated like alcohol because you need to be of age . kids dont have access to beer why is pot diffrint. almost 800,000 americans were arested for possesion of pot but thats not going to stop tha real drug problem. i say " make marijuana legal and continue to aresst coc and meth holders.

aint gonna happen

Obama is not going to legalize marijuana.if he tried police would assassinate him like they did Kennedy .police are going to protect their war on marijuana they are not about to give up on the money they are making .the only way Obama could change this is by bringing home our troops from Iraq and having them round up these criminal gangs who are posing as police shoot or imprison them and replace these despicable profiteers in human misery with real police officers.




Public perception is changing because you can only hide the truth for so long...

stress free

i'll tell you this, when you smoke you start to fell a since of ease and all of the days stress floats away, i feel if everyone smoke 1 joint a day then the world would not have as much violence because most people would say F*** IT!!

Drugs are great

I love drugs :)



time to grow up

There is nothing wrong with marijuaunna.The law that prohibits it is the only real crime here.I've smoked on and off for many years,20 or more.No addiction as i personally hvent smoked for quite some time tho i am socially involved with many who do and theres is no problem but the law.
Take the silly law away and theres no problem whatsoever. I'm sick of hearing these sticks up thier asses retarded old consevatives downing pot.GROW UP

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