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Ethan Nadelmann vs. Steve Colbert, Round 3

Ethan's really getting the hang of this. I thought this face-off with Colbert was his best yet:

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Ethan Nadelmann
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Audience Support

I didn't see pt 1 or 2.

But good job in saying ~ "I bet your audience…" that brought the house down. You're there for the audience too, good job in "talking" to them and getting them to show their support.

poor ethan

The problem is he's really trying to promote legalization. You can't do that on colbert's show and do it successfully. The most effective people i've seen on his show always go with the flow and realize, it's just for fun.

Name Something After Him

I agree with the gist of what you say, you can't win against a mocker who is trying to skewer you because s/he will change vantage points on a whim, just to get some wisecracks in.

I understand the show is comedy, and while I've never had cable, I am under the impression he does mock-serious interviews like this.

This is why I said it can be good to "go over his head" to the audience because even if the host works hard to keep a poker-face during the "interview," the audience is ready (and there) to cheer what they like.

I would add that ultimately this also makes people like Colbert happy even though he feigns disappointment, like you say he's trying to entertain.

Ethan, next time tell him you're going to name something after him, that may make him openly take your side. :-) Tell him you won't denigrate him like NASA naming a treadmill after him.

Ethan Nadelmann

DANG I MISSED ALL OF THESE..!!!??? please show them again...

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