There are Many Different Kinds of Marijuana, But They're All Illegal

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Mark Kleiman, who we've often criticized for generally supporting drug prohibition, deserves credit for his recent discussion of the merits of a "grow-your-own" marijuana policy. Kleiman's main concern with legalization is that a legitimate marijuana industry will be incentivized to market their products and work to sustain high usage levels within the population. His solution is to let people form co-ops and grow their own pot.

In response, Pete Guither has an ingenious post noting that marijuana genetics are remarkably diverse, thus creating inevitable consumer demand for a variety of options. Indeed, the war on marijuana and the exhausting, often redundant debate surrounding it have largely obscured the fascinating psychopharmacological diversity of the plant itself.

Experienced marijuana consumers delight in exploring the unique psychoactive properties of particular strains and individual users often develop preferences for certain varieties when they're available. This is especially true with regards to medical use, wherein it's widely understood that some strains are better for specific symptoms than others. Potency is just one of many factors that impact the popularity of a given strain. Sativa strains, for example, are known for being more energetic and stimulating, while indicas are typically more relaxing.

Explaining all of this to people who hate marijuana will surely just freak them out even more, but it still bothers me that the discussion of marijuana tends to present the drug as a one-dimensional substance when, in fact, it is anything but. There are many things worth knowing about this plant that won't fully be revealed and understood until we end the vicious war against it.
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I have always said with my fight to end the war on drugs. Let the little guy reap the benefits form cannabis the small grower. Do not let our government allow the manor drug pushers (legal) control the growth and sales of cannabis. If ever we end the tyranny called the war on drugs.

And the title is incorrect Marinol is legal. Thanks for letting the big boys in the back door again (our lawmakers). Marinol is a legal synthetic microscopic clone to THC the ingredient in weed that gives it its kick. Our lawmakers made this legal and you can buy a supply for about $600.00. For some reason they do not want it made legal for you to grow cannabis, but they cloned it and push it as a weed replacement.

Sorry, you are incorrect!

Sorry, but your evaluation is not correct. Marinol is a chemical, made synthetically and cannabis is a plant. It contains many more cannabinoids than the Marinol (dronabinol--"delta-9-THC"), which has only one. Commonly, cannabis is referred to as MJ. But, Marinol NEVER HAS been referred to as that.

It should be obvious why, the pharm company likes it, at the cost you quoted! That is highway robbery!

But, Cannabis is legal by state law, just as other medications. It is treated like all other controlled medication (Xanax, pain pills, phenobarbital, etc.) So, I guess it is not factually correct either way. But all MJ is illegal according to federal law.


Since, no one has ever died fro a cannabis overdose, I would say that it is much less harmful than alcohol, like 100 times less! Otherwise, the most harm from cannabis comes from its prohibition. Even, Jimmy Carter knew that, way back in the stone ages, when he was president!

PS no body needs your little ads (wedding favors) at the end of your comments. Leave the spam, elsewhere. I have already gotten a bunch of spam emails for looking at one of those links! I did not appreciated it! It would make one think that the only reason you comment is to get business to your link! You don't even care about the subject of this forum!

weed is very good 4 u

there is nothing wrong with it seed dirt and water come tell me whats the deal with that i have been smoking it for 7 years and going on alot more :P so been busted 3 times in vegas and utah still smoking and dont plane on stoping..

Weed Is my friend

Smoking weed is really not hamful...You never heard of anybody triipin out on weed like crack heads or other fiens. I think weed is illegal because the "government" can not tax the weed sellers that's making money off of it. No matter what they say Ima keep smokin my weed til its all gone and then Ima re-up lol



weed is very good i dnt care

weed is very good i dnt care wat people say bt cannabis cant kill you gorvenment dont wana it to be legalized cause they cant make the drug dealers pay taxes im been smokin since i was in 6th grade now im 28 and noin have happen to me...

weed....... grass........maryjane........cannabiss

smoke weed everydayyyy

smoke weed everydayyyy

i heart weed (:

i need weed to feed the need.

kidding (:

but really, i dont think its a big deal.

whats wrong with it?
cigs are even worse for people, and there addictive...
but those are legal.

kay-thx-bye (:

weed doesnt do shit to you

weed doesnt do shit to you its not like smoking tar and poison like you do in a legal cig

There are three things to be

There are three things to be concerned with regarding cannabis use: the fact that it is usually smoked, driving while impaired and use by pregnant women. At 54 years old I have now been studying the chemical makeup of cannabis and its effects on the human body for nearly 30 years. In all that time and study the above three factors are the only ones I have found that could be considered harmful effects. It may surpise some of you to know that I am not a cannabis user.

The effects of cannabis smoke can be greatly tempered with the use of vaporizers. Also, moderate use of cannabis (smoking) is something the human body actually tolerates quite well, surprisingly enough. In fact, there are verified studies that suggest the smoking of marijuana can even be beneficial in some regards, the suppression of lung cancer develpment being an important one. Beyond that, it is a personal choice regardless, the same as cigarette smoking, drinking, jumping from a bridge into a river, skydiving and so forth.

I live in Canada where the use of cannabis is not as strongly opposed as the U.S. The governments of both countries, however, have followed a ridiculous course in the implementation of drug laws, failing miserably to reach their nonsensical goals, particularly regarding cannabis. Old myths about marijuana are still widely believed by many people, particularly in America (where I have family members.) It goes on and on.

The benefits of cannabis legalization are many; even a full decriminalization would reap huge rewards for any country willing to take that step. When I ask a cannabis-opposer why he or she feels marijuana should not be legalized they invariably cite old beliefs that have been disproved for decades. The public's lack of education on this subject is astounding given the fact that, much of what we know now has been known for decades. It's not entirely their fault, however, governments have been reinforcing these beliefs even though they know very well they are untrue.

My suggestion is for every single one of us who supports the legalization of cannabis to begin educating people. You don't need to stand on a podium and scream into the streets. Setting family members and acquaintences straight is enough. The word will spread. It is doing so now, in fact, but at a very slow pace. It is up to all of us to help 'pick up the pace.' This is not just about making cannabis available for users in a legal manner, the financial benefits alone are tremendous, not to mention so many other factors.

I ask everyone to do their part. Perhaps someday in the not too distant future we will have leaders who are willing to do what is really best for the people, instead of what is best for getting re-elected.

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