Action Alert: Stop DEA Medical Cannabis Raids

Please copy and re-distribute this announcement. Action Alert: Stop DEA Medical Cannabis Raids Is Obama a Fascist Liar or is the DEA a Rogue Agency? The Obama administration has showed its true colors on the war on cannabis patients by raiding yet another cannabis clinic in California. On March 25, Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco, a clinic known for dispensing free cannabis to indigent people one day a week, fell as the latest victim of the administration's "new" policy on medical cannabis. Barack Obama repeatedly promised to stop federal raids on medicinal cannabis clinics during his campaign for president. However, on January 22, two days after his inauguration, a clinic was raided in South Lake Tahoe, CA, followed by several other raids in California in early February. On February 25, newly-confirmed Attorney General Eric Holder promised that the DEA would stop raiding California clinics, a hopeful signal that the long war on cannabis patients might finally be over. On March 19, 2009, Holder clarified the administration's "new" policy, saying the DEA would continue raids if the clinics were suspected of violating state law in addition to federal law. Under this "new" policy, the DEA would still investigate cannabis clinics for violations of state law. If the DEA finds any state violations, that gives them the authority to step in and enforce federal laws, which do not recognize any medical use of cannabis. On March 23, U.S. District Judge George H. Wu, a federal judge in Los Angeles, asked for written clarification of this policy. Judge Wu was scheduled to sentence medical cannabis dispensary owner Charles Lynch of Morro Bay, California. In a surprise move, the judge delayed the sentencing, asking for written clarification from the Justice Department on the Obama administration's newly revised position that federal agents target marijuana distributors only if they violate state and federal law. In 2007, Lynch's house and clinic were raided by the DEA. Lynch was convicted of marijuana distribution by a jury who was not allowed to hear any evidence of the fact Lynch was running a medical cannabis dispensary completely in compliance with state law. Lynch has gained national support, and Judge Wu is being pressured to give him a lenient sentence. On March 25, 2009, the public got to see Obama's "new" policy in action for the first time when the DEA raided Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco. According to the DEA, medicine and money were confiscated, but no arrests were made. This is a continuation of DEA's long-standing "smash and grab" policy of stealing cannabis and money from cannabis therapists and patients, but not charging them with any crime. The goal of the "smash and grab" policy is to terrorize and financially cripple medicinal cannabis clinics without going through the expense of a public trial. The DEA refuses to state the specific reason for the raid on Emmalyn's Clinic, saying it is under "court seal." The DEA would only say the dispensary is suspected of violating federal and state law. Judge Wu's wise decision to ask for written clarification will only help to more quickly expose the Obama administration's lies and deception regarding medical cannabis. It's business-as-usual at the Department of Justice, and cannabis patients will continue to be the victims. Call the White House and demand that they end this federally-sanction robbery of sick and dying people. Stop the DEA medical marijuana raids!!! Call the White House and your Senators and Representatives Tell them to: 1) Stop the DEA medical marijuana raids. 2) Let the states enforce their own medical cannabis laws. The federal government should not be interfering with states' rights. 2) Shame on Obama: Keep your campaign promises to support sick and dying patients. *Toll-Free Numbers* 1-800-833-6354 Press 1 for Capitol Switchboard Press 2 for White House and ask for Comment Line 1-800-828-0498 Capitol Switchboard only *White House Comment Line Direct* (not toll free) Phone: 202-456-1111 Fax: (open weekends): 202-456-2461 *Email* [email protected] *Find your Congresspeople* ---- Please copy and re-distribute this announcement. For more information, see: Colorado 420 Coalition "Fighting over 70 years of lies and mis-information with over 10,000 years of history and fact."
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Great, just what the movement needs, more inflated, inflammatory rhetoric.

"Is Obama a Fascist Liar or is the DEA a Rogue Agency?"???? Seriously guys, WTF? This kind of rhetoric helps no-one. Anyone who will respond positively to that kind of statement is already on our side. Conversely, any well meaning, naive, uninformed fence-sitter is going to read something like that and think "Jesus, these guys are just a bunch of kooks". This kind of nonsense alienates potential allies.

Fascism has a pretty distinct meaning, and using it in situations like this makes the word weaker. It discredits arguments when one is using the word in a realistic and relevant situation.

I think we can all agree that continued DEA raids are troubling. I certainly agree that, at very minimum, the reasons behind the DEA's investigation of Evelyn's clinic need to be made public, so that we can determine whether or not this is a justified action, or just another harassment case.

Instead of this kind of reactionary nonsense, let's shoot for a measured, intelligent response. This administration is the friendliest to prohibition-repeal that we have had since the Carter adminstration (it's tragic, but it's true). Let's not make them into enemies apriori.

Critisicm and good watchdogging is helpful. This kind of nonsense is not. Next time you word a call to action, please take a minute, think over what you are trying to accomplish, and consider what is the best way to accomplish that. Otherwise you are just making our enemies stronger.

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