Uh-Oh! Medical Marijuana Raid in San Francisco

Very unsettling:

Federal drug agents raided a medical marijuana facility in San Francisco Wednesday night.

The raid occurred at Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic at 1597 Howard Street. DEA spokeswoman Casey McEnry told CBS 5 the documents regarding the raid are sealed, so the DEA was not able to give many details.

"The documents relating to today's enforcement operation remain under court seal. Based on our investigation we believe there are not only violations of federal law, but state law as well." [CBS]

By claiming the case involves violations of state law, DEA is able to maintain the appearance of abiding by the attorney general's pledge to respect state medical marijuana laws. We're left to wonder if that will now become their blanket justification, to be invoked each time they elect to move in on an established medical marijuana provider. No one was arrested in today's raid, so we'll likely be waiting a while to find out what the hell happened.

The skeptical interpretation is that nothing's changed, that the feds will simply be more careful with the wording they use to describe future enforcement efforts that target medical providers. A worst-case scenario would the adoption of a policy in which the full force of federal law is brought down upon any medical marijuana provider who is accused of even a minor violation of state law. Defendants facing only federal charges would have no means to contest the grounds on which they were targeted to begin with. The practical value of Obama's purported policy shift would be negligible.

However, even if that's DEA's gameplan (which wouldn’t surprise me at all), I doubt it could withstand scrutiny. The salient question of why DEA is usurping the responsibilities of state law-enforcement won't escape notice and press coverage of these events grows increasingly competent as the issue continues to boil.

Obama's position on medical marijuana owes a great deal to pure political pressure resulting from the deep unpopularity of the raids themselves. The public simply hates this and won't be satisfied with a fictitious shell-game solution that merely reframes what DEA is actually doing.
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Attorney General

It would be nice to see the A.G. get involved in this one. Is he simply going to look the other way, while the DEA continues to write the rule book. No doubt law enforcement is keeping their fingers crossed. The Edward Byrne Grant is alive and well.


I thought that it was ironic that Obama included $3-billion in Byrne Grants in the stimulus package. The reform leadership blew it off as trivia. Exactly what would Drug Warrior Obama be stimulating in the economy with that money? More drug war. More police. And more prisons.





DEA Raids Medical Marijuana Coop San Francisco

Here we go again. It seems that whoever walks through the Oval Office door become's transformed into a selfish, greedy liar and thief. The people will not stand for this. Now is when we find out who wears the pants in the White House, President Obama or the DEA? Typically no one was arrested only detained, all records, plants and finished goods confiscated only to disrupt the lives of the caregivers and patients. What caring people we have running our government. One day my son will be telling his grandchildren about the days when Marijuana was illegal and people were imprisoned for using it. Okay Obama, now is the time you show us your true colors.

"Become" is not accurate

For a lawyer to become president is to achieve the pinnacle of being the most "selfish, greedy liar and thief" imaginable. You have proven that you are the biggest and most selfish greedy liar and thief there is in a nation controlled by cynical self-serving lawyers.

The ONLY thing that will end the pot raids and the war on drugs is masses of Americans out in the streets screaming at the politicians:





looks like history repeating itself already!!!!......

i cant believe this! its like a stab in the back to medical patients all over and i dont even live in california but i am a medicinal patient....i really hope to god that the media and pro pot politicians and acitvists alike will really press the attorney general on this raid and any others in upcoming months to show him that were not gonna give up this time its now or never with these marijuana laws!! its bad enough to deal with the prohibition which was probably the biggest failure in american history! if we cant end prohibition right now then we atleast need to legalize marijuana for medical purposes in every state like in california and stop the fuckin raids!! FUCK THE DEA!!!!!!!!!

All politicians are the

All politicians are the same. As long as they can, they will propagate the system. They will TELL us that they are different, that they will act differently, in order to get elected. Once elected, they will do as they wish, and tell us that this is the best plan FOR US. There is only one way to change this, and that is to make them extremely nervous. The only thing that makes a politician nervous is the possibility of not getting re-elected or otherwise thrown out. Impeachment is the only answer right now. Start an impeachment movement right away. Don't let this fester any more. He said he would stop the raids, he has not done so, so impeach the bastard.

Don't forget the recall petition solution

Starting recall petitions in every congressional district will have a greater effect on members of congress than a petition to impeach the president has on him, or on congress. Besides, it takes a majority in congress to actually impeach him, and they won't, no way no how; hell, they wouldn't impeach Bush, either, and he deserved it, too. After impeachment by the house, it is then required for the senate to actually try/convict him; and they wouldn't do that, either. Nope, start with the recall petitions on your members of congress, -- your "representative" and both senators from your state. They will fear that move more than a threat to not vote for them next time around, they know it doesn't matter if you don't vote for them.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


Who is running the DEA, Michelle Leonhart is too stupid,Braun took another job.Who in the DEA thinks they can ignore the the president and the AG?

The so-call Liberal Press will ignore this issue

Only when the traditional media decides to hold Pres. Obamas feet to the fire on this will we see any real change. In the last year there has at least 5 major studies done, all of them calling for legalization. These studies were not done by Drug advocates but by scholars using the real facts and being pragmatic with their conclusions. The famous British Charity, the Beckley Foundation this month submitted their study to the UN. In it, even tho upon reading the study one can see they are still steeped in old thinking, came to the conclusion that the War of Drugs is a war on the poor and has it's roots in racism. They conclude legalization is the only way to stop the violence.

Approximately half of all Americans have smoked pot at least once. If every person that has broken the Federal Marijuana law was busted there would be not one left to run the country, fight your wars, protect your children, or even guard those prisoners. Abraham Lincoln knew prohibition went against the very core of democracy and is widely quoted saying so. We cannot be really free adults when the gov. is telling us how which medicines we can or cannot use in our own homes.

A couple of the studies looked at countries that had decriminalized or legalized drugs actually saw a reduction in use rather than increased use. Another of those myths that refuses to die is the one of Marijuana being a gateway drug. The facts just don't bear that out, but facts have never stopped a Politician from demagoguery. The other myth being flogged lately is the strength of todays marijuana is better than what grandpa smoked . For centurys all smokers knew that there were different ways to grow better pot. There is a big benefit from using the better stuff is that less is need to be inhaled, therefore causing less, if any, harm to the user.

If we want to stop the violence in Mexico and other countries the only way is to take away the source of the money they use to buy guns, pay their men and get rich off of. Until prohibition of drugs is lifted there will always be a Black Market for people to get rich from.

Barack Obama is a lawyer

And if you do not read lawyer-speak you will never understand Barack Obama.

Having grown up in the city of lawyers, Philadelphia, I am sensitive to lawyer-speak and I could see that he was bullshitting people in the campaign and I see that he is bullshitting people now.

The more things change the more they will get worse.

Obama bullshitted the reform community in order to split it and diffuse critical protests during the campaign. He succeeded.

In February he did nothing about the pot raids until he was forced to by vocal critical public comment. Then he bullshitted people with a highly parsed and nuanced policy change about respecting state laws.


And now the reform community should be able to see that Obama is BULLSHIT! He is no Martin Luther King. He only draws himself that way.

Obama needed to make a medical pot bust BEFORE the confirmation hearings for Kerlikowske in order to diffuse drug warrior criticism of the phony Obama administration policy change on medical pot. He needs to show that NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Are you people feeling fucked yet? You should.

The only thing that will achieve change in the war on drugs is massive public protests in the streets of America. Americans screaming at our elected politicians: NO MORE DRUG WAR!




Drug War Stupidity

I agree with aahpat about feeling screwed! I can't wait for 2012. Go Ron Paul!

Don't wait

That is what obama and the drug warriors want. Leave it only to electoral politics so that reform people will do little in between elections. Get organized among your friends and get out in the street in front of the offices of your members of congress and state legislature. SCREAM AT THEM:





Ron Paul has my vote

"Change We Can Believe In" = Bullshit

Drug Warrior Kerry Border Chaos Hearing

U.S. Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is going to El Paso,TX on Monday to thump his chest and look macho over the blood and chaos caused by his drug war policy. I wrote to him in his capacity at chair of the committee and I am encouraging others to write to him also. And if your senator is on the committee write to them too. Contact information for the committee is on the letter.

Drug Warrior John Kerry border Chaos Hearing

The LP's take on this

From the desk of Bill Redpath:

Dear ,

Call it “hypocrisy you can believe in.”

Less than a week after the Obama administration claimed they were ending the Bush policy of raiding state-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries, DEA agents Wednesday night burst through the doors of the Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco and seized the prescription cannabis the clinic had a lawful permit to dispense to the ill.

Agents refused to state why the clinic was being raided. The clinic states they are in full compliance with state and local laws, and it holds a permit from the city of San Francisco.

But apparently Obama, who also said he’ll fight any effort to re-legalize marijuana, doesn’t care about state laws, or the sick and suffering. He’s more than happy to continue the War on Unapproved Drugs.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to fight back.

The Libertarian Party is America’s only hope to elect public servants who will fight to protect state medicinal marijuana laws. Electing Barack Obama simply guaranteed more of the same.

For all the talk--and talk--and talk--of change, the Obama Adminstration is quickly proving itself to be the same old, same old--but just a lot more of it. Any hope of real change through the two older political parties is simply magical thinking. Events continue to prove that the only hope of real change in abjectly failed government policies is through the Libertarian Party.

With your support, we can give pro-medical marijuana candidates the resources, training and support they need to win elections, and then use their authority to stop raids that violate state’s rights and nullify the wishes of voters.

I’m absolutely outraged that the DEA would break into a lawfully-permitted clinic that dispenses legally-approved medicine to the sick, and especially just days after Obama said they wouldn’t.

The time has come to begin electing Libertarians, not Democrats who carry out anti-voter, anti-states’ rights, anti-freedom Republican policies.

The Libertarian Party is the only party that is fighting back. Obama has made it clear he not only supports the War on Medical Marijuana, but he even said in a press conference yesterday he’ll fight any effort to sensibly reform drug laws.

Help us make that happen.

Thank you for all your kind support, .
In liberty,

William Redpath
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

P.S. The DEA is continuing to raid lawfully-permitted medical marijuana clinics, just days after Obama claimed they wouldn't.

Your Libertarian Party staunchly opposes this attack on the rights of voters, patients and all Americans, and we’re leading the fight against it


I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

FED up! Armed gangs robbing lawful tax paying businesses

How is it that local law enforcement allows armed gangs of thieves to rob lawful tax paying businesses, again?

They break in the door. Take everything of value and leave. No arrests. No charges. No protection for the Citizen. Again.

If the DOJ won't protect the people should local law enforcement force a showdown? To serve and protect the patients?

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